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With such an appealing heroine conjuring up a world so nearly forgotten a realm of lavish wealth and secrets of the sort that have engaged Americans from the era of Edith Wharton to the recent days of Truman Capote and Vanity FairNew York journalist Meryl Gordon has interviewed not only the elite of Brooke Astor’s social circle but also the large staff who cosseted and cared for Mrs Astor during her declining years The result is the be. The title is telling Mrs Astor Regrets is not so much about her fascinating life of people power and position as it is about greed and money substituting for loveHer ability to dispense millions made her powerful and popular and it also made her preyBrooke Astor's son from her first marriage Tony Marshall is a man to be pitied Brooke never wanted him from the start and he was always a reminder to her of her wretched first marriage She could not separate the two And there is poor Tony at eighty three years old still trying desperately to make the world and himself believe that his mother loved himSo in the end he substitutes money for love and tries to make off with millions of his mother's money His third wife Charlene is a detriment to his character and seems to provoke him to unseemly behaviorI found the book fascinating but you must understand; the title clearly tells you that this book will be about 'hidden betrayals of a family beyond reproach not the life of Brooke Astor the socialite though there is some of that as well It is a great picture of how easy it is to always want just a little bit

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Mrs Astor Regrets The Hidden Betrayals of a Family Beyond ReproachHind the headlines story of the Astor empire’s unraveling filled with never before reported scenes This powerful poignant saga takes the reader inside the gilded gates of an American dynasty to tell of three generations’ worth of longing and missed opportunities Even in this territory of privilege no riches can put things right once they’ve been torn asunder Here is an American epic of the bonds of money morality and social positio. This is a classic example of money not being able to protect you from predators Brooke Astor lived a very long and storied life She had funds but that didn't help her escape the things that so many women face Her first husband beat her her second husband whom she referred to as the love of her life died suddenly and she married her final husband Vincent Astor because as she stated plainly he could protect her financially After Vincent Astor's death Brooke Astor blossomed She worked with the Astor Foundation and philanthropy was a full time and well executed occupation for her She had friends she loved her staff and though she could at times be mercurial and downright difficult in general she was loved Then comes her diagnosis of Alzheimer's her difficult relationship with her son Tony from her first abusive marriage and his third wife Charlene and the easy touch she becomes due to her dementia Seeing her growing closeness with her grandsons who are his own sons Tony and Charlene make inroads into Brooke's estate and personal life that even in the best light can only be described as not looking uite right and in the worst light they were worthy of jail time This stuff happens all the time to the elderly and not just to the rich elderly My own paternal grandmother was manipulated beyond belief when she was too out of it to be able to understand the situation I know of countless other older people who have had the same thing happen to themIt's disgusting frankly and the behavior exhibited here is something that makes me want to have a shower after only reading about it Thankfully there were other people who were trying to keep Mrs Astor's best interests at heart and her final months were mostly peaceful It also appears that she was unaware of the legal wrangling going on around her and for that I'm grateful

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Mrs. Astor Regrets: The Hidden Betrayals of a Family Beyond Reproach Free read æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç A riveting look behind the gates of the house of Astor as a famous family falls apart in publicThe fate of Brooke Astor the endearing phiA riveting look behind the gates of the house of Astor as a famous family falls apart in publicThe fate of Brooke Astor the endearing philanthropist with the storied name has generated worldwide headlines since her grandson Philip sued his father in 2006 alleging mistreatment of Brooke And shortly after her death in 2007 Anthony Marshall Mrs Astor’s only child was indicted on charges of looting her estate Rarely has there been a story. Fresh on the heels of reading about Huguette Clark and her many millions and even eccentricities in Empty Mansions I decided to read Mrs Astor Regrets I guess I was on a New York society heiresspossible elder abuse kick This reader regrets that Mrs Astor Regrets was actually a bit of a slog I think the problem aside from the fact that Meryl Gordon is a clunky writer is also that she relied too much on the newsworthiness of her subjects and forgot occasionally to tell an interesting story Or maybe this story just isn't that interesting Yes Brooke Astor was among New York's most famous philanthropists and yes she had a fair number of famous friends Barbara Walters Annette de la Renta various Rockefellers But when the book devolves into a he saidshe said about whether or not one of her dachshunds really did or did not urinate on a particular blue couch you know you're bored The people may be famous but the details themselves are often profoundly tedious The other problem is that Meryl Gordon is reverential about the Astor family just because they were rich often seeming to condemn the publicity hungry journalists and members of the public who wanted to infiltrate their supposedly sacrosanct privacy But of course Gordon herself is part of this problem And for all that she tells us there is no great moral to this story unless perhaps it's don't fire most of your 105 year old Alzheimer's stricken mother's staff and pressure her into modifying her will so she'll leave you millions than she was going to in the first place No mostly this is just high society gossip but Gordon treats it as something much profound An that's just silly Finally for all the reverence with which most people talked about Brooke Astor and for all that she clearly did for the Met and the NYPL she actually sounded pretty awful on a personal level