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REVIEW æ History Is All You Left Me ↠ OCD afflicted Griffin has just lost his first love Theo in a drowning accident In an attempt to hold onto every piece of the past he forges a friendship with Theo's last boyfriend Jackson When Jackson begins to exhibit signs of guilt Griffin suspects he's hiding something and will stop at nothing to get to Eath But as the grieving pair grows closer readers will uestion Griffin's own version of the truth both in terms of what he's willing to hide and what true love means. This is the moment of the end This is where we give up hope on reversing time where we abandon finding a cure to death where we live in this Theo less universe where we say goodbye I never thought I’d say something like this about an Adam Silvera book ever but here’s the ugly truth I struggled to finish History Is All You Left MeReally really struggledIt’s not that it isn’t lyrically written like More Happy Than Not because it truly is—and The writing is excellent as is the main character Griffin He constantly reminded me of Aaron Soto from Silvera’s previous novelWhich is not a bad thing in itself since I adore tranuil trust worthy open to love heroes struggling with personal matters and trying to find their way coming of age styleThere is no actual problem I can pinpoint about this novel though I did feel rather unsatisfied about the way Silvera explored the ‘‘mental illness—OCD’’ themeI will admit that I have no close family or friends with a mental illness similar to this one so it’s safe to say that I can only imagine what it must be like and not fully understand it to the core of its definition but I couldn’t help but feel that something sounded unauthentic about Griffin’s OCDPlus I think that with the theme of death and love and grief and coming of age and friendship it was a little over the top to also try to develop a mental illness theme into the plot Because the author really does try to develop it—it’s not just that Griffin has OCD but it really affects his life and the plot itselfAside from that I found Griffin’s first love interest yes there are multiple ones Theo rather unoriginal I understood how he made Griffin feel special but so many other people can do that if they’re willing so Theo looked just like one of many other guys to my eyes The secondary characters also left me feeling like I should see something in them—something different—but I couldn’tOn the bright side History Is All You Left Me is realistic enough to send waves of emotions through the reader during heartbreaking scenes but lyricism isn’t enough I’ll just say it this isn’t a very original story and little about it surprised meBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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OCD afflicted Griffin has just lost his first love Theo in a drowning accident In an attempt to hold onto every piece of the past he forges a friendship with Theo's l. People are complicated puzzles always trying to piece together a complete picture but sometimes we get it wrong and sometimes we’re left unfinished Sometimes that’s for the best I stayed up late last night to finish this book and I confess I had chills down my spine as I came to the final page History Is All You Left Me is a deeply sad book perfectly in tune with human nature and yet never manipulative as it explores love friendship and grief between four boysPerhaps Silvera is just fantastic at putting himself into other people's minds but I got the sense that this was a very personal story told from someone who knows a lot about love and loss The book is driven by its characters Griffin Theo Wade and Jackson jumping back and forth between the loss of Theo in the present and their intertwining histories The story or history is revealed by Griffin as he comes to term with the death of his best friend and first love Theo We soon learn that there is a complex web of relationships at play here as we are introduced to Theo's new boyfriend from California Jackson and the third member of their friendship group Wade Theo was the group's anchor and they all find themselves confused and helpless without him Griffin is especially torn between his dislike for Jackson and the feeling that he can relate to him most of allThe small simple observations on people and relationships cut really deep for me The author manages to rip your heart out without seeming like he ever tries to It's in the little ways he reveals that past relationships are not uite over not really It's in the inexplicable sadness of moving on It's in all the things the characters don't say It's in the pretending you're fine when you're not; you're really not He broke me in a way everyone should be lucky to be cracked open at least once And yet though this sounds so bleak it's also balanced by its warmth humour nerdy references and Griffin's numerous uirks For LGBT readers tired of gay romances being horror stories about homophobia this one isn't about that at all it's full of supportive parents and friends; positive representation of gay AND bisexual boys; teens having sex without shame and with protectionSuch a smart emotional read There is something so intrinsically sad about not saying what you want to say and pretending you're fine pretending you're over someone and watching them move on without you It's even sadder because there is no judgement there are no villains here just four teenage boys doing their bestBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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History Is All You Left MeAst boyfriend Jackson When Jackson begins to exhibit signs of guilt Griffin suspects he's hiding something and will stop at nothing to get to the truth about Theo's d. Just because someone is forgiving it doesn't make asking for forgiveness easy History Is All You Left Me is Adam Silvera's second novel and it may be even better than his debut More Happy Than Not Silvera tells a story of love friendship and mourning in face of lossPlotGriffin loses his first love best friend and ex boyfriend Theo in an accident Left behind and feeling lost and lonely in his grief he recounts their history their relationship first times happy times and not so happy timesWe also see Griffin coping with Theo's loss and all he left behind friends families and a similarly broken boyfriendPersonally I loved Griffin's and Theo's story and the relationship they shared There was sweet parts sad parts and incredibly funny parts But slowly and steadily the novel took a darker and heavier turn secrets came out and even though Griffin tried to mend his brokenness I didn't like the outcomeCharactersGriffin the protagonist is a passionate Potterhead suffers from OCD and totally in love with his best friendTheo is his smart eually geeky and a lovely best friend Definitely my favourite characterWade is the third boy in their suad half grudgingly accepting his best friends' relationship under the promise that nothing would change if they ever broke upJackson Theo's second boyfriend is haunted by his past and turns to Griffin after the accidentWritingAdam Silvera's writing does many things to my poor heart He is an amazing author who can pull off unbearably funny at least as well as bittersweet and heartbreaking He is definitely one of the most talented new voices in YA He is able to give his readers everything they want feelings on a silver platter topped with countless pop culture references as well as diverse and multi dimensional characters His stories are original and hard to predict though sometimes a tiny bit too heavy for my tasteIn a nutshell Adam is a brilliant author which probably makes me overly critical History Is All You Left Me is a breathtaking novel about love and friendship teaching that letting go of someone doesn't always mean losing them Many thanks to Soho Press for providing this ARCFind of my books on Instagram