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Nemesis author Brendan ReicE on Earth leaves little room for two troubled teens Yet on her sixteenth birthday as she cowers in her bedroom hoping not to die for the fifth time Min has had enough She vows to discover what is happening in Fire Lake and uncovers a lifetime of lies a vast conspiracy involving the sixty four students of her sopho class one that may be even sinister than the murde. I thoroughly enjoyed Nemesis really fast read thrilling and engaging if with somewhat of a convoluted plot but for me in a good waySo poor Min gets murdered every other year on her birthday Then POPS awake again unharmed as if nothing has happened An asteroid is hurtling towards the earth and strange weather is everywhere the locals are acting strangely and well that town is just plain weird Then Brendan Reichs takes you on a journey towards certain understanding although as this is part one its really just a set up for what promises to be a great part two and as a reader you barely get to draw breath There are elements of everything I enjoy in a good YA tale here in Nemesis the author kind of mashes things up the romance is low level which frankly I prefer too much gazing into each others eyes rather than dealing with the issues can get wearing and Nemesis starts off as one thing and ends up as uite another I loved main protagonist Min who dealt with things reasonably logically we have a few bad guys lurking around of various types Min's friend who just can't keep his mouth shut and made me laugh then Noah Well ok Noah drove me crazy good Lord man get a grip his constant insular whining was perhaps the only thing that brought this down a notch but you can't love everyoneI liked the premise which was layered well the reasons behind all the shenanigans well imagined again in a kind of mash up type way that works really well I imagine that book 2 will have a different level to it and I'm looking forward to finding outOverall a high octane high energy rush of a read that I fully immersed into

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E else But he’s not Nightmares of murder and death plague him though he does his best to hide the signs But when the world around him begins to spiral toward panic and destruction Noah discovers that people have been lying to him his whole life Everything changes in an eye blinkFor the planet has a bigger problem The Anvil an enormous asteroid threatening all lif. WHATHOWHUHYESNOWOWOKAYSOURMWORDSFEELINGSANSWERSSHOCKCONFUSIONANGERRAGEFURYSURPRISEHow do work sentences Words not working Brain broken

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Nemesis author Brendan Reichs Free read æ 109 ✓ He killed me He killed me not He killed meIt’s been happening since Min was eight Every two years on her birthday a strange man finds her and murders her in cold blood But hours later she wakes up in a clearing just outside her tiny Idaho hometown—alone unhurt and with all evidence He killed me He killed me not He killed meIt’s been happening since Min was eight Every two years on her birthday a strange man finds her and murders her in cold blood But hours later she wakes up in a clearing just outside her tiny Idaho hometown alone unhurt and with all evidence of the horrifying crime erasedAcross the valley Noah just wants to be like everyon. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum the surface this book had everything going for it an original premise a tantalizing mystery a very promising plot By all accounts I should be extremely pleased with it so why then can I not seem to shake this vague sense of discontent Perhaps it is precisely because this book had so much potential and knowing that it could have been even better is the source of my disappointment Had the author carried out his ideas effectively—and not tried to do too much all at once—the story might not have started fraying at the seams as it didNemesis introduces us to two main POVs the first of which belongs to Melinda “Min” Wilder a teenage girl who has been experiencing a frightening occurrence every two years ever since she was eight years old Every other year and always on her birthday a strange man in a suit with glasses finds her alone and kills her Whether it’s throwing her off a cliff or bashing her skull in with rock he never fails to show up and do the job And as if that isn’t horrifying enough what happens next is even disturbing—after dying Min always finds herself waking up again alive and whole in the same spot in the middle of the woods of her small rural Idaho town The first time it happened she walked home to find that only a few hours have passed since her death During that time all evidence of her killing had been erased The second time it happened on Min’s tenth birthday the town psychiatrist diagnosed her with a dissociative disorder Min was prescribed medication that she has been taking every day for the last six years but without fail the mysterious suited man still always shows up on her even numbered birthdays and kills herOur second POV character is Noah and though he doesn’t get to chime in until later we first get to meet him through Min’s eyes As the son of the richest man in town Noah appears to have it all money good looks and popularity However the truth is a lot complicated Despite being surrounded by friends Noah is often emotionally aloof uiet and generally unassertive—pretty much the complete opposite of Min and her best friend Tack Publically Noah puts on a stoic face but privately he is haunted by nightmares of violence and death For almost all his life his father has been telling him what a weakling he is for not being able to overcome the hallucinations and bad thoughts in his head After so long Noah has even started to believe that he is useless and weak When his jerk friends start bullying Min and Tack all he can do is stand silently by and watch too timid to speak out against Ethan the leader of the popular kidsBy the way in the middle of all this the rest of the world at large is facing bigger issues At the beginning of the book we’re made aware that earth is in danger of being in the direct path of a huge asteroid hurtling through space The Anvil is deemed a planet killer and as the story opens the whole world is holding its breath for a press conference in which NASA will announce whether or not the asteroid will make impact Scientists are putting the odds at 5050With all this going on how could I not think Nemesis would be great And indeed at least in the first half the book lived up to the potential promised by its synopsis The suspense was bolstered by the intrigue and all the uestions of which there were plenty such as just what the hell is going on with Min Assuming she is right in her convictions and that none of this is all in her head how is what’s happening to her even possible Is there a significance in the fact that she and Noah share the same birthday And what does all this have to do with the giant asteroid threatening to end all life on earthThe good news is we get the answers to all these uestions by the end of the book The bad news though is that explanations seldom live up to the hype generated by the mystery in these sorts of situations and this can’t be true in the case of Nemesis I also didn’t really enjoy how the story took a turn in a completely different direction around the halfway point when we abandoned the mystery and things sudden devolved into a Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games fiasco It felt like an attempt to make this book conform even further to YA conventions which of course never makes things interestingThat said though overall Nemesis was an enjoyable entertaining book I liked that about it But somewhere along the way I also felt the story lost sight of its goal to be different and uniue and exceptional reverting back to the usual tropes to order get in on the teen dystopian boom To be fair I rarely take issue with the tropes themselves which can be fun But a lot of books seem to fall into this trap and uite frankly I’m really starting to get tired of it I also felt somewhat let down by the ending which offered an explanation for everything but had holes than a slice of Swiss cheese After all the buildup and anticipation I honestly expected and the scenario we got struck me as absurd and not well thought outAll told Nemesis could have been great but halfway through I felt it started to become a different book The premise was also fantastic but for all the intriguing uestions it raised the answers offered at the end made me think Reichs might have bit off than he could handle Still I’m not closing any doors to the possibility that I’ll read the seuel Like I said this book was overall fun and entertaining and I think there’s also a good chance the next one can turn things around and bring us back to the suspense and mystery we first saw in the intro so I’ll be keeping an eye out for it