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Batman Arkham characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¿ Dr Kirk Langstrom was a respected biologist with a specialty in the Family Chiroptera aka bats In an attempt to cure his deafness Langstrom devised a serum to duplicate bats’ system of echolocation in humans He tested it on himself and while his deafness was cured the seDr Kirk Langstrom was a respected biologist with a specialty in the Family Chiroptera aka bats In an attempt to cure his deafness Langstrom devised a serum to duplicate bats’ system of echolocation in humans He tested it on himself and while his deafness was cured the serum also transformed his body into a monstrous humanb. Who knew Man Bat had so many solo comics Unfortunately the collection tells Man Bat's origin 3 different times The stories aren't nearly as good as the art The Dan Didio JG Jones and Frank Tieri Scott Eaton stories are probably the best Also contains art by the legendary Neil Adams Steve Ditko along with Alcatena providing top notch pencils Sadly Flint Henry draws almost half the book and his art makes everyone look like they are melting

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At hybridEach time Batman faces the Man Bat he doesn’t know if he is battling a crazed flying monster or a man stuck in an eternal nightmare What makes matters even worse is that Francine Langstrom Kirk’s wife has also been transformed into a humanbat hybrid and now the uestion remains have Langstrom’s passed their cur. Batman Arkham Man Bat is a compilation of some of the best representative of Man Bat stories over the years centering one of the animistic foes in the Batman Rouges This collection features Man Bat in all his many incarnations throughout the yearsThis trade paperback collects Man Bat 1975 #1–2 Man Bat 1966 # 1–3 Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #5 Detective Comics #400 402 407 Detective Comics #234 Secret Origins #39 Showcase '94 #11 and Batman Black and White #2Robert Kirkland Kirk Langstrom as Man Bat is a fictional super villain created by Frank Robbins and Neal Adams in collaboration with editor Julius Schwartz he first appeared in Detective Comics #400 June 1970 The character is a zoologist who specialized in the study of chiropterology developed an extract intended to give humans a bat's sonar sense and tested the formula on himself The extract worked but it had a horrible side effect – it transformed him into a hideous man bat hybrid took away his intelligence and having him rely on animistic instinctsAs a whole Batman Arkham Man Bat is a rather well collected anthology of Man Bat stories Story selection must have been difficult to say the least Man Bat has a long and varied history and has been featured or cameos in many stories over many titles and it is no easy feat to pick out the best or favorite from the massesThe thing is those measuring sticks are subjective and will never reach perfect consensus Actually we all can agree that in a collection like this we could all agree on one story Detective Comics #400 – the first appearance of Man Bat – the rest is debatable This anthology served its purpose – giving the reader a nice overview of Man BatRegardless I think the editors picked a somewhat nice selection would I swapped some stories out for others – sure I have my favorites but it is difficult if not impossible to please everyone since everyone is different Overall I was happy of which stories were presentedAll in all I think Batman Arkham Man Bat is a somewhat well selection of stories that gives a nice glimpse into the psyche of one of the most animistic villain in Batman's Rouge Gallery – Man Bat It is a good anthology for both the avid and subdued fan alike However for the newly initiated I would recommend a collection that is substantial and cohesive

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Batman ArkhamSe on to their childrenBATMAN ARKHAM MAN BAT collects some of the villain's greatest stories by some of the industry's greatest creators including Neal Adams GREEN LANTERNGREEN ARROW Steve Ditko Spider Man J G Jones WONDER WOMAN Gerry Conway JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA Chuck Dixon NIGHTWING Flint Henry DETECTIVE COMICS and man. Man Bat is arguably one of the most underrated villains in The Dark Knight's rogues gallery He is a powerful symbol of addiction with him having an unhealthy obsession with the serum that turns him into such a frightening monster thus severely damaging his mental health This particular graphic novel is a compilation of his most memorable stories and they strengthen his character development And although it suffers from one weak tale it is still put together well enough that it can be enjoyed by comic book fans Negatives Man Bat's first solo series is devoid of life and is almost incomprehensible due to random characters and poor pacing Positives There are many great stories in this book to be discovered They all do a great job exemplifying why Man Bat is a very relatable villain The art in the stories is top notch with some of the best pencils coming from uiue Alcatena Flint Henry Scott Eaton and JG Jones The stories span Man Bats entire history in Comics which is a fantastic showcase of the characters evolution There is a bonus profile at the end which informs the reader about Man Bat The Man Bat out of Hell Story is entirely in Black and white which offers a different perspective at comic book art The Last story is part of DC's New 52 Art with great pencils by Scott Eaton and Lush Colors by Jeromy Cox