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Beyond Ecstasy Beyond #8The next to last book in the bestselling BEYOND series The O’Kanes have a reputation for working hard and playing harder except for Hawk He joined the gang with one goal to ensure his family’s survival through the impending war with Eden It’s been years since he had the luxury of wanting anything for himself Now he wants Jeni From the. BEYOND ECSTASY is Hawk and Jeni’s books Hawk is much like the others in the way that he is a fighter who has joined the O’Kanes In this book we venture out a little bit and explore the sector which he’s from There we’ll meet his mother and learn about who Hawk is All this is important because when Hawk proposes to collar Jeni she turns him away because they don’t really know each other well So in an effort to start building that connection Hawk shows Jeni exactly who he isI liked Jeni While I thought she was just going to be another dancer another Trix she turned out to be a little uniue I loved the fact that she turned Hawk away in the beginning because now the sex they will have will mean something That being said this book feels a lot emotional than the others It also feels a little tamer to me Although we have these badass men Hawk seems very nice for lack of a better word He’s very considerate and is always looking out for Jeni Out of all the heroes so far I think he has the gentlest heart so it makes sense that his book follows that patternAgain we see a lot from the other characters in the series War is brewing and we’re getting to see the O’Kanes work as a team We also get to see of the other sectors but to be honest they don’t really differ much from one another too much I think I liked learning about the people who live in those sectors as opposed to sectors themselvesIf you enjoyed the previous books in the series then you’ll enjoy this one I am however hoping that something occurs in the next book I feel like we’ve been anticipating war for too long now The next book is the last book in the series so something needs to happen soon

Free download Beyond Ecstasy (Beyond, #8)

Free download Beyond Ecstasy (Beyond, #8) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub à The next to last book in the bestselling BEYOND series The O’Kanes have a reputation for working hard and playing harder—except for Hawk He joined the gang with one goal to ensure his family’s survival through the impending war with Eden??s a reckless gamble but Jeni can’t resist the chance to slip under Hawk’s armor The only thing shocking than the dark dangerous pleasure they discover is how right it feels But falling in love is even reckless when forever is far from guaranteed Because they aren’t just at war they’re out of time and every breath could be their las. This is the penultimate episode and as such the action is stepping up and things are getting desperate in the sectors it's about a month since they went dark and it's having a negative effect on everyone The O'Kane's are patrolling and trying to keep it together but the waiting game is hardThis book like the rest is a mixture of sex and surviving Hawk is a tortured soul who takes far too much on his shoulders he carries every mistake heavily and back in six life was hard with no time for romance or love which is why even though he's wanted Jeni from the first moment he saw her he's held back because he wants her not just for one wild night but for foreverJeni also wants Hawk but she's almost given up on him when he finally makes his moveWhile these two grow closer war is on the horizon but everyone is waiting for Eden to make its moveThis is another hot entertaining read and the end of the book left me desperately waiting for the next and last one

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First moment he saw her he’s been obsessed with making her his Not for a night forever Jeni’s been lusting after the former smuggler for months but he keeps shutting her down She’s almost given up on getting him in her bed when he offers her the last thing she ever expected a collar Accepting it means belonging to him body and soul It?. First things first this is not a stand alone novel The Beyond series should be read from the first book onward So do not start with this book or you will be lost Ok now moving onIf you've read this series then you'll know that war is coming Eden has decided that the Sectors are gathering a little too much power and they cannot abide that They've sent assassins in to remove certain powerful individuals and to try to divide loyalties And Sector Two was left in ruins So going into Beyond Ecstasy the remaining sectors are gearing up for war And they know it won't be pretty or easy but it will be worth it to finally be out from under Eden's thumbThe couple that is featured in Beyond Ecstasy is Hawk and Jeni They've been circling each other for what seems like forever And when they finally collide I thought my Kindle was going to overheatHawk is a touch old fashioned It was cute and charming and so damn sweet He's also a very durty boy He's been watching Jeni since she arrived in Four and he was half in love with her before they ever spoke a word to one another Hawk was raised out on the farms where romance isn't really practiced Couples marry and have children because they are needed to work the farms Not that they don't love each other it's just a different way of life So Hawk is a bit stunted when it comes to matters of love and romance All he really knows is that he wants Jeni and not just for a night but forever When he looks at her the rest of the world ceases to existBefore now Hawk always felt like his darker dominant urges made him like his abusive father And he has trouble seeing the difference His father was a brutal man Hawk though isn't He wants needs willing submission and to be able to deal out pain and pleasure that his partner needs and wants He never ever ever wants to really hurt his partner Not ever And before becoming an O'Kane and seeing that his urges could be used responsibly and before Jeni he was lostAnd Jeni like all the O'Kane women is fiercely independent and not too keen on jumping head first into something without thinking it through just a bit She wants Hawk but she doesn't think she can have him and she's not thinking a forever kind of thing It isn't that she doesn't want forever she's just never let herself have that dream Especially now when their world could litterally end in a blink of an eye Jeni lives life on her terms and though she wants and needs to relinuish control in the bedroom she isn't a damsel in distress and she doesn't need a man to make her feel whole But she wants him all the same What I loved about Jeni was that she was smart and driven She has an amazing memory for things she's seen and read and she uses that skill to help other people wherever she can That skill is both a boon and a huge responsibility and one that I'm sure Eden would love to have But Jeni is an O'Kane and neither the ink nor the oath are temporaryMan oh man how I love this series Things aren't just heating up between the Sectors and Eden they are poised to explode Food supplies are low and so is morale for those that think there is no hope of survival The O'Kanes are pulling their resources together in determination to not just survive the coming war but to win it And everyone has a job to do and all their skills are put to use And when it comes it comes fast and people do lose their lives But hope does live onI love what Sector Four stands for I love that the O'Kane's are really what a family should be I love that the women are fierce and that the men celebrate that fierceness They work hard and play hard and when they love they do it rightSo Beyond Ecstasy is where things come to a head They are at war A war that I assume will conclude in the next and last book in this series And I've loved every moment of this journey so far Beyond Ecstasy does a fantastic job of setting up the last novel as well as the spinoff series that is upcoming I cannot wait to see where the story leads Review copy of Beyond Ecstasy was generously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review