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The Fated Sky Summary Õ 7 ç Librarian note Older cover of B01FKY8EBMOne man's fight against fate shapes the destiny of an entire world Caer's breath hissed between his teeth For some reason he had assumed that offworlders would be frail with weak puny bodies From all he had heard they were feeble using machines they had invented to do the work of their muEd“Well if he lives perhaps we shall find out what kind of fighter he is this man from the stars”Temsevar is an insignificant Periphery world on the very fringes of galactic civilisation Settled long before the rise of faster than light technologies and left isolated for hundreds of years its population have degenerated into the barbarism of a medieval culture This primitive world has nothing the wealthy planets of the Coalition could want until it becomes unwitting host to one of their most dangerous enemies Avilon RevidFrom the moment he wakes up in the caravan of the merchant princess Alexa the Fair Avilon has to fight simply to survive in a world where he is seen as alien and dangerous It is a battle to obtain his freedomthat pushes his skills and resources to the limitso he can find a way o. The Fated Sky is an intelligent and wonderfully convoluted fantasy novel enchanting the reader on a well built far away world through the thoughts emotions and memories of two triangles of characters The settings are extensive enough to create a plausible world and background for the story There is an inherent complexity in the characters’ interactions as none of them is entirely good or bad and there are many hidden implications that the reader is incensed to discoverWe start with a triangle that figuresAlexa the Fair an intelligent and beautiful woman and a Caravan's leader struggling to survive in a man’s world by trying to be tougher than mostCaer a young Zoukai considered too inexperienced to be a Caravan’s captainAvilon the kashlihk whose spaceship crashed on the planet Captured and enslaved he tries to find his way to libertyWith the flow of action we move into the second triangleAvilon againDurban Chola the riddle inside a mystery the character that the reader must try hard to understand and whose actions will still be shrouded in mystery at the end of the bookJari a knight with a grudge a certain blunt cynicism a uestioning of his own sense of self and shade of romantic behavior learning what friendship can beOver all rule abal a warlord bent on dominating the world cruel and ruthless but having an interesting mind a subtle politicianThe Fated Sky is a well written mix of fantasy and science fiction a parable with a high degree of uncertainty and hidden connotations that subtly absorbs the reader in a long journey

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Librarian note Older cover of B01FKY8EBMOne man's fight against fate shapes the destiny of an entire world Caer's breath hissed between his teeth For some reason he had assumed that offworlders would be frail with weak puny bodies From all he had heard they were feeble using machines they had invented to do the work of their muscles But this one was strong and his body was built like any ordinary man His flesh carried several old scars and his muscles were clean and compact beneath the skin The thought struck him that this man would fetch a fortune in the Alfor slave pens The castellans would be scrambling over each other to purchase something so rare and exotic as a genuine offworlder “See he is a fighter Captain This and this they were made by blades” Zarul said pointing at the scars Caer nodd. Note Dec 3 2016 I've just edited this to correct a couple of minor typosAt present none of the books of my Goodreads friend E M Swift Hook's Transgressor Trilogy are available in paper format though the author's intention is that they eventually will be Ordinarily I don't read e books; but I got this one when it was temporarily offered for free on Kindle an offer that's since expired in the hopes of liking it enough to support a friend's work with a review and to put it on my list of books to eventually buy as a paper copy As my review indicates those hopes were abundantly fulfilledThis tale is set in a far future human colonized galaxy dominated but not universally occupied and ruled by a self serving oligarchic empire the Coalition The immediate setting is Temsevar a backward non Coalition world circling a red sun settled millennia ago by colonists before the days of FTL space travel who've had little contact with the rest of the galaxy since then and have regressed technologically and socially to a medieval like culture with a stratified slavery based socio economic system not much high technology and an ingrained might makes right dog eat dog ethos Swift Hook uses a variety of viewpoint characters to tell her story and those she starts off with won't actually be the main characters though I'm guessing they'll play important roles in later books of the trilogy Our protagonist I think is Avilon Revid a high officer in the armed resistance movement against the Coalition whose spaceship damaged in battle crashes on Temsevar; he's the only survivor When he's found by the locals injured and helpless he's promptly enslaved But intrigue is afoot in this world where a brutal warlord who uses mass murder as an instrument of policy has set out to conuer a continent; and Avilon doesn't intend to give up on finding his way off world and re joining his revolutionSome of the basic premises here have been used before in the genre; but Swift Hook essentially re vitalizes them and makes them her own There are affinities to Edgar Rice Burrough's Barsoom novels; but the author's prose stylistic skills are a considerable cut above his and her world building both vastly detailed and vastly plausible Her characterizations are top notch vivid three dimensional and believable While she doesn't offer incessant action there's a fair amount of it and she handles those scenes well SF of this type incorporating action and with space opera characteristics is readily dismissed by snob critics as shallow and lacking in really serious thought content Like other tales of its ilk though it doesn't truly lack serious thought content; it just thinks seriously about topics snob critics prefer to ignore kindness vs cruelty loyalty vs treachery concern for others vs sole concern for self honor vs self serving expediency And the look at a very unhealthy kind of society necessarily prompts readers to think about what a healthy one would look like and what kinds of attitudes would engender one Plotting and pacing here are also very good; this is a compulsive page turner The nearly two and a half months I took to read it was solely do to the format which doesn't lend itself to reading on the stationary bike where I do my main regular reading In paper format I'd have blazed through it pretty uicklyWhile the major characters Avilon nobleman Jari Zarengor and secretive information broker Durban Chola are well drawn and complex and evoked genuine interest in their well being and safety on my part I can't actually say I liked any one of them All three are flawed to one degree or another; though they also have very real good

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The Fated SkyFf planet before his enemies in the Coalition track him downBut Temsevar has its own brutal conflicts being played out against the backdrop of its harsh and unforgiving climate The society is dominated by a ruthless Warlord intent on subduing the entire continent to his will and whose brilliant general Jari Zarengor has earned a reputation for callous bloodshed And then there is the enigmatic Durban Chola trading information to whoever pays him for it while playing his own highly dangerous game with fateThe Fated Sky is the first volume in a new series of character driven books which combine the action and space opera of science fiction classics with the intrigue and political duplicity of the fantasy and historical genres If 'Game of Thrones' met 'Star Wars' this is what their progeny might look li. When at its start a story needs only who and what to submerge a reader into the immediacy of its world a powerful writer has you in her gripThe Fated Sky introduces a novelist whose storytelling skills at once masterful and wondrous create a world of magnificent scope and vivid imagery Avilon Revid has crash landed on a human world centuries behind the FTL civilization hunting him Now he must reach the planet's other side to its only spaceport if he hopes to escape And the adventure beginsMs Swift Hook invites you to travel across this world in the company of the trade caravans criss crossing it You will be a party to their internal rivalries and machinations as they vie for power and status And when the caravans arrive in the grand city of Alfor she places you not just in the midst of its reality but at the heart of the factional maneuvering sharpening the coming conflictsAll the while Avilon captured by one caravan as a slave destined for the gladiatorial arena must use every bit of guile and cunning he can muster to pick his way through this alien minefield A task made difficult when the author in another twist that keeps the plot unpredictable places him within the clutches of the Black VavasorIndeed Ms Swift Hook's storytelling brings surprise dismay frustration anxiety anticipation anger satisfaction rage She binds you within emotional chains that permit no escape And that is to her creditAnd yet The Fated Sky is not a flawless novel Not the flaws of structure scene and character Ms Swift Hook's instincts and natural skills have those well in hand But the faults of style expected of any first time novelist While not impeding clarity flow or the sharp detailed scenery she paints for the mind's eye it does not have the depth and maturity awaiting this very talented writerNonetheless it is a singular read that displays a coming novelist's grand vision and sets the stage for the two successive stories serving as coda I deducted a star for the reasons stated above and did so without doubt or reservation 5 star wonders will form Ms Swift Hook's future The Fated Sky is not just the story of a galactic warrior but the unveiling of a phenomenal novelist