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Snakecharm doc ✓ ï amelia atwater-rhodes ï Zane Cobriana cobra shapeshifter thanks the gods every day for Danica his hawk pair bond and the peace their union has brought to the avian and serpiente Soon Danica will have a child to carry on their royal line But what should be a happy time is riddled with doubtSyfka an ancient Just as appalled as Syfka is by the thought of a mixed blood child becoming heir to the throneIs Syfka's lost falcon just a ruse to stir up controversy among them The truth lies somewhere in their tangled pasts and the search will redefine Zane and Danica's fragile futu Charming charming charming NOT Let me start off by saying I had high hopes for this book Hawksong its predecessor was a light exhilarating read With Snakecharm however you feel that it is too fast paced and too rushed For example view spoiler Danica only named Zane as her Alistair a a year ago and barely able to trust him In Snakecharm she's pregnant How absurd The character development changed immensely in ONE YEAR enough to have a child hide spoiler

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Zane Cobriana cobra shapeshifter thanks the gods every day for Danica his hawk pair bond and the peace their union has brought to the avian and serpiente Soon Danica will have a child to carry on their royal line But what should be a happy time is riddled with doubtSyfk After Hawksong I was immediately filled with a desire to know about Zane Danica and their tumultuous world Thankfully I had Snakecharm on hand and began it almost at once Yet this seuel leaves much to be desired While Danica is expecting a child which puts both herself and Zane in the difficult situation of figuring out how to rear their heir the haughty falcons have come into their world to search for missing falcons who have hidden among Danica's warriors Although these two plot threads converged rather cleverly Snakecharm as a whole never felt as cohesive as Hawksong It had a heavy focus both on politics as well as character but neither was given the depth it needed Atwater Rhodes uite simply put writes her books too short For epic fantasy a certain degree of length needs to be persistent in order to convey the scope of the novel that is being told While these books are excellent especially for those wary of thicker and heavier fantasy novels I feel as a series this may leave many readers disappointed I for one will not be continuing simply because the next three novels are connected and though Falcondance had received strong reviews the last two books have not I'd rather leave this series on a good note Nevertheless I cannot recommend Hawksong enough It works brilliantly as a stand alone and is likely to become a favorite of many

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SnakecharmA an ancient falcon has arrived from Ahnmik claiming that one of her people is hidden in their midst The falcons are powerful than the avians and serpiente combined and Syfka shows nothing but contempt for Zane and Danica's alliance To Zane's horror his own people seem The war is over What nowThe story continues in this book The peace has been made Tentative moves are also made to unite the avians and the serpientes Some are successful some are notBut the royal couple is expecting a heir and it is dubious that the races will accept a mix blood as future ruler Who will raise the child serpiente or avians But the child of a cobra and a hawk is a less certain euation The serpiente don't mind having a hawk as Naga so long as their Diente is pure cobra — the Naga's power is always second to her mate's But they aren't fond of the idea of a feathered Diente They are even less fond of the idea that any half avian child could choose an avian mate leaving the serpiente throne ruled entirely by birds They might tolerate a mixed child as your heir if he or she is raised serpiente and if they are assured that its mate will also be serpiente but She trailed off not needing to say what the other side of the problem was Danica's court would feel the same way They would want a daughter to be given an alistair — an avian alistair Even if the child was male avian tradition would demand that he be betrothed to a suitable avian girl within his first few years of lifeSerpiente are passionate while the avians are reserved; one are hot and the other strive to be cold Danica do you know what you are asking of me Giving up my child to the Keep to be raised by strangers to sleep in lonely silence to be taught to be ashamed of what she feels and what she is and to be betrothed before she can even speak before she can possibly understand loveAnother heir in the future could solve the problems one ruler for the avians one ruler for the serpiente and peace mainained by sibling holding the thrones But the problems get complicated when an attack insures that this will be the only heir Danica will not have other children Poor woman This is just one problem Falcons appearence is another Their threats are serious and disrupt the already complicated situationRei is uncovered as heir to Falcon throne and Kel is also a falcon in disguise Their love is not apparent until the end but it is bitter sweet as she's ready to sacrifice herself just to be with him even in deathSome lore is explained here by Valene and at the end the solution to the main problem is found in founding a new court Wyvern's Court where avians and serpiente will live mixed together and where the mixed blood child will be accepted as rulerWe'll see in the next books how that will work D