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FREE EBOOK ↠ EPUB Falcondance é 9780385731942 ´ AMELIA ATWATER-RHODES ☆ Nicias has never felt completely at home among the avians and serpiente in Wyvern's Court despite his loyalty to Oliza Shardae Cobriana the heir to both thrones He is a falcon the son of two exiles from Anhmik and imUnd magic it could destroy him In a place where everyone is a pawn only one other woman has the potential to save Nicias But she holds the keys to a dangerous power struggle that will force Nicias to choose between his duty and his desti Sometimes it seemed that time dragged and others it seemed that it was moving uickly That's how I felt reading this bookFalcondance is the third book in The Kiesha'ra series and itdefinitely exists I don't know how to even properly express how I feel about it because for 70% of the book I was bored nearly to death It had its ups and downs but mostly it was exactly as described in one of my updates Reading Falcondance was like reading the outline to a book instead of an actual bookWe follow Nicias Silvermead Kel and Rei's son to the Falcon island of Ahnmik There he is to either have his magic bound or remain forever and possibly lose himself to the EclThis sounds pretty interesting And I was excited to finally see Ahnmik after allllll the talk about it in Snakecharm that led to absolutely nothing But like its predecessor this failed to deliver the goods The Good • I love the Kiesha’ra world I always will Even if the world building is mostly through telling and we see little of it the universe and shapeshifters are all so intriguing This universe is obviously well thought out and intricate Just not presented to the reader in an interesting fashion• This book is readable as always I didn’t get through it as uickly as the others but the prose is simple and easy to follow along Falcondance is short and fast Unfortunately that’s also a failing which I'll get into later• Hai and Darien I'm justin love I'm in love with all of these characters actually I love how all their stories are woven together and the connections between them They're all so tragic too my poor heart• The Ecl is cool if not explained as well as I would have wanted it to be It's basically limbo from Inception The Bad • The weaknesses of the previous book in the series are present in this one as well and probably even noticeable Snakecharm had some weird pacing and a meandering plot which I hoped would be a fluke It was not It’s a little better in Falcondance and started off stronger with the appearance of Nicias’ magic and it picked up near the end but for most of the book it was incredibly slow Surprising since not much was gone into detail • I've started to realize that AAR seriously struggles with description especially when it comes to characters Every author has their weaknesses and that’s fine but it’s so noticeable in this book that half the time I didn’t even know where the characters were The chapter where Lily and Nicias arrive to the Ahnmik all it says is that they landed on a “marble terrace” Where Is it a castle Are they high up What does it look like Too bad you're gonna have to guess And that’s only with the scenery For characters we get hair color and eye color at most We sometimes get skin color if we’re lucky When we do a lot of the characters are coded as white which is very strange when this universe and all the shapeshifters have their roots in Egyptian myth Plus with the all powerful falcons being white justidk man doesn't sit well with me• Speaking of characters they all had the same voices They talked in the same way and had no real discernible personalities I think only Darien and Hai really stood out Darien in her desire for vengeance and Hai in her bitterness They were interesting characters And while Nicias was the MCidk I didn't dislike him but he was so simple His defining trait is his loyalty and there doesn't seem to be much else to him I didn't see him have any character development because he always seemed the type to sacrifice himself for the greater good and he was the same by the end• The telling is mainly why this book turned into a slog Here is the plot structure of FalcondanceCharacter I'm sure you have a lot of uestionsNicias Asks all those uestionsCharacter Answers with long in depth explanationThat's it That's most of the book I get the necessity of it because the information has to be delivered somehow but there are things that were only described through dialogue that would have been cool to see actually written out Like the streets I have a serious love for sentient cities especially malevolent ones so the street trickery would have been great to see of• Falcondance started to pick up at the end but it soon turned into an anticlimax and a confusing one at that view spoilerThey all seem to realize together that Syfka was orchestrating her own coup which I mean it should have been obvious considering how she rallied for Araceli's heirs to be exiled So they turn on her and she dies maybe Not sure But everything is swell after that Araceli is apparently not out for Cjarsa's throne any even though I thought this scene would turn into some kind of usurping and instead she kisses Nicias' forehead and is all sweet She even tells him Stop by any time What Wasn't she vying for him to be his heir I would have liked to see her stop at nothing to secure him as heir even if that meant keeping him by force And she was planning to usurp Cjarsa anyway so why would she care that the Empress wanted him to return to the Wyvern's Court I don't even understand what happened there Even Syfka's plots being revealed felt so brushed over hide spoiler

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Island have always haunted his dreams But when Nicias's visions become like reality his parents have no choice but to send him back to the homeland and a royal falcon they've tried their best to forgetIf Araceli won't bind Nicias's newfo I'm sorry but this one do not desrive than 3 stars I loved the first two books and didn't want to believe that this was not as good but unfortunately it is trueThis is the story of Nicias the son of the two renegade falcons of the first two books and his struggle with his awakening magicHe's forced to go to Anhmik or die On Anhmik he's faced with his grandmother who is plotting to make him stay and become her heir since she failed to coerce his father but others those locked in a kind of asylum for crazy falcons are trying to help him The story is not as interesting as that of the previous books it draggs and has made me yawn a few times I was not so interested in what happens to Nicias even if he seemed like a nice guy When the end came I was like OK it has ended and nothing

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FalcondanceNicias has never felt completely at home among the avians and serpiente in Wyvern's Court despite his loyalty to Oliza Shardae Cobriana the heir to both thrones He is a falcon the son of two exiles from Anhmik and images of this distant The truth is I didn't remember the first 2 books in this series at all And by the way there is no romance in this book there is uite a lot of fantasy and magic And many women in powerWhat is it about Well of shapeshifting breeds that live in permanent conflict snake and avians with mistrust and prejudice for thousands of years The reason seems to be generated in a split of the races by magic and the conflict has been helped by the falcons ueen Oliza's wyverns court appears to be on the brink of a new conflict even though her parents have done their best to reconcile them despite being of two different races pressuring her to choose a mate and neither wants that the would be king of the other race that they do not favorThis book focuses on Nicias faithful guard of the princess protector of the royal family He is a friend of Oliza because they both share the conflict of being different although in his case he leads him to live a life in which he mistrusts all Wyvern for being a full blooded falcon His parents fled the royal falcon court preferring to lose their magic and true form to get out of there But now Nicias is awakened by his magic and this is deadly with no one to teach him how to handle it and the only ones who can help him are those of the royal falcon court of which he is the heir by bloodMuch of the story is a big one Who is telling the truth The unexplained fear of her parents who do not give the image of very good parents the people of the Wyvern court Lily Araceli The Emperatress Cjarsa Darien Those from the falcon court Did anyone here ever work under pure motives or was it all a facade layers upon layers of deception We are Ahnmik's chosen and Ahnmik is god of control and power and the mind These games are the way of our realm The center of everything seems to be who can we trust In our memories In what everyone tells us is the truth and how things should be Do prejudices have a reason for being On the other hand Nicias is not a very heroic character that of being tied by the oath to Oliza makes him uite 'suare' he is not interested in anything else he has no vision of the future in how everything he learns can affect the population in the future And the cold way as it speaks of stripping someone of their magic as if that would not affect them at all Nicias as royal guard he is uite closed and with no future in view of all the decisions he is makingThe book ends with the idea that Hai will now influence upcoming eventsThe madness of Eel and the magical ¿deities that they dispute is rather confusing But I would like to know what happens next La verdad es ue no recordaba para nada los primeros 2 libros de esta serie Y de paso no hay romance en este libro hay bastante fantasia y magia Y varias mujeres muy poderosas¿De ué se trata Pues de razas de cambiaformas ue viven en permanente conflicto serpiente y avians con desconfianza y prejuicio por miles de años La razón se genera al parecer en una escision de las razas por magia y el conflicto ha sido ayudado por los halconesLa corte de Wyverns de la reina Oliza parece encontrarse al borde de un nuevo conflicto pese a ue sus padres han hecho lo posible por reconciliarlos a pesar de ser de dos razas diferentes la presionan para elegir un esposo y ninguno de los dos uiere ue el futuro rey sea de la otra raza ue no favorecenEste libro se centra en Nicias fiel guardia de la princesa protector de la familia real Es amigo de Oliza porue ambos comparten el conflicto de ser diferentes aunue es su caso le lleva a vivir una vida en ue sufre la desconfianza de todos los Wyvern por ser de sangre pura falcon Sus padre huyeron de la corte real falcon prefiriendo perder su magia y su forma verdadera para salir de alli Pero ahora Nicias sufre un despertar de su magia y esto es mortal sin nadie ue le enseñe como manejarla y los unicos ue pueden ayudarlo son los de la corte real de falcon de la ue él es el heredero por sangreGran parte de la historia es un gran ¿uién esta diciendo la verdad El temor poco explicado de sus padres uienes no dan la imagen de muy buenos padres la gente de la corte Wyvern ¿Lily ¿Araceli ¿Darien ¿La Emperatriz Cjarsa ¿Los de la corte falconEl centro de todo parece ser en uien podemos confiar en nuestros recuerdos en lo ue todos nos dicen ue es la verdad y como deben ser las cosas tienen los prejuicios una razon de ser Por otra parte Nicias no es un personaje muy heroico eso de estar atado por el juramento a Oliza lo hace verbastante cuadrado no le interesa nada más no tiene vision de futuro en como todo lo ue aprende puede afectar a la poblacion en el futuro Y la forma tan fria como habla de despojar a alguien de su magia como si eso no fuera a afectarlos en nada Para ser un guardia real es bastante cerrado y sin miras de futuro por todas las decisiones ue esta tomandoEl libro termina con la idea de ue Hai ahora influirá en los próximos eventosLa locura de Eel y las mágicas deidades ue disputan es bastante confuso Pero me gustaria saber ue pasa despues