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Ain from the tyrannical left side Can he use his outside the box thinking to save his father’s life?Brainwalker is a young adult sci fi fantasy novel that turns the world of neuroscience on its head If you like incredible fantasy worlds fast paced entertainment and the human mind then you’ll love Robyn Mundell and Stephan Lacast’s amazing journey inside the brain Buy Brainwalker to help the mind survive toda I was sent this book for review It is about a boy named Bernard who aspires to be a scientist His mother died in a experiment and his father has ceased to be creative ever since Bernard gets into a lot of trouble at school and on one ocasion that he gets suspended his dad takes him to work with him to a science lab Upon exploring the facilities Bernard gets sucked into his fathers brain via a wormhole He discovers an alternate universe that needs his help to restore itself and his fathers life depends on it I really really enjoyed this book because it’s concept was so original and nothing like I’ve read before Bernard was a very normal character and a lot of things in this book really made me think about who we are as people and what controls us The adventure that was lives in this book was extremely enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy and wants to read something original

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BrainwalkerOne teen’s incredible journey may just blow his father’s mindFourteen year old Bernard thinks outside the box The only problem is that neither his school nor his ultra rational physicist father appreciate his uniue ideas When he reacts to a stressful situation at school by mooning the class his suspension sends him straight to his father’s workplace After his frustrated father leaves him unattended Bernard d Isn’t that what it means to be a scientist? To push the boundaries of the unknown? To bravely actively explore the enormity of our universe ?” 14 year old Bernard always seems to be the black sheep wherever he goes He's a creative and free thinker living in a world full of people who mainly use logic and cold hard facts to live by Raised by scientists he aspires to become one too but how can he when he can't even think up a proper science fair project? All of his ideas seem to be too farfetched and unrealistic to be taken seriously Not only does that put a strain on his school life but on his home life too Bernard's father has an important job at a particle accelerator AKA an Atom smasher and Bernard's dreams of seeing it finally come true All his life Bernard saw his father as the most put together person he knew but his perspective changes during the unexpected trip to his work place His father was always a stickler for the rules but it seems he's become even so after his wife passed 6 months ago His father's drive to be as precise as possible seems to have put a block on his creative thinking His lack of new ideas has put him at a serious risk of losing his jobThat's when Bernard's out of the box thinking really kicks in He comes up with a totally rash and very dangerous idea to not only help his father but to hopefully prove to the world that he may be on to something great with his crazy theory With out giving much thought to how badly things could end up he runs through ALICE the atom smasher and ends up falling through a rabbit wormhole just as his father is about to stop him So where does he end up? Bernard finds himself in a place called the Brainiverse populated by alien like people called Holons that are split into two groups the Intuit's and the Reezon's This entire world is alive and runs on a sustenance called Energeia but whats even interesting is that the Brainiverse exists in his father's head When he befriends a couple of Intuit's he discovers that their source of life is being depleted and soon the Intuit's will become extinct and the part of his father's brain they live in will shut down completely He knows he has to help his new friends find Energeia to save their universe and ultimately his father's brain but what could he possibly do to help? Brainwalker by Robyn Mundell and Stephan Lacast is a sci fi story geared towards middle grade and YA readers with a love for science and an interest in the human brain This book is perfect for young readers who might be interested in learning about the human brain in an exciting and adventurous way These authors blend fact with fiction so well they'll have you uestioning whether it's possible if parallel universes really do exist even if they might be in someone else's head and what it might be like to travel to them The world building is so uniue and imaginative and I really loved the illustrations that helped bring this story to life even The writing is easy to follow and no matter how crazy one of the chracters' ideas may have been I was able to keep up This book also has tons of comedic parts that made me laugh and I loved the refrences to Alice in Wonderland tooI really liked Bernard as a character Despite always feeling like an outsider he stayed true to himself and never really let the critics in his life discourage him from what he loves most Balisides Adhista and Philemone were another few of my favories but I wish they along with some other secondary characters were built up just a little The villains in this book kept things interesting and created some intense moments but I would have liked a better understanding of them too However I know often than not younger readers want a book that gets straight to the point rather than having to spend multiple pages reading about character build up So I think these might be minor problems because you do learn just enough about them to care One other problem that I had was I felt there wasn't enough emotion during certain parts For example Bernad's mother had just passed away 6 months ago but he and his father talk about it as if it happened years before this story takes place And yes he does mention that he and his father miss her but you don't really feel it There were another couple of situations where something big happened to other characters and the MC's would talk about being upset by it and they would show their anger but they never really mourned or grieved For a 14 year old he goes through a lot of emotional stuff and I would have liked to see how he felt rather than being told about it This book doesn't leave off on a cliffhanger but it does leave you wondering about the future How has this changed Bernard and his father in their workschool and home life? What will happen to the holons in the Brainiverse? Will Bernard keep experimenting with wormholes and will he visit the Brainiverse or any other universes? I think there's plenty of opportunity for a second book and if that happens I would be happy to read it Overall this is a great sci fi story for young readers It's filled with exciting adventures and action scientific experiments parallel universes and character growth I think Brainwalker sends a few important messages to young readers which is great This book is currently on KU so grab it for free while you still can Thank you to Booktasters for introducing me to the authors of this book and thank you to Robyn Mundell and Stephan Lacast for letting me read and review your work

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Brainwalker kindle Õ eBook µ reflectionslisburnltd Ö One teen’s incredible journey may just blow his father’s mindFourteen year old Bernard thinks outside the box The only problem is that neither his school nor his ultra rational physicist father appreciate his uniue ideas When he reacts to a stressful situation Oes what any teen would do wander into the particle accelerator and accidentally get transported through a wormhole It doesn’t take long for Bernard to realize he’s in deep trouble Not only did the wormhole drop him in the middle of a civil war over a depleted resource but the battle is actually taking place inside his father’s brain Bernard has one chance to save the dying side of his father’s creative br I must admit that I was a little surprised at how much I enjoyed this book It was like Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets science fiction Bernard is the son of two scientists but following his mother's accidental science related death everything seems to be going wrong His dad is now afraid of creativity and emotion and Bernard himself is struggling at school A chance trip to his dad's office finds Bernard sucked into a 'wormhole' and somehow ending up inside his dad's brain It's here that he begins to understand why his dad has lost his creative spirit It's a wonderful little book I would think aimed at children but definitely a fun read for adults too It's educational in terms of science and best of all makes science both easy to understand and interesting at the same time For someone me whose never really had an interest in science that's a biggie The writing is very imaginative and the scenes and characters in the 'brainiverse' are cleverly created and easy to picture I think this book is ideal for anyone who is interested in biology and science fiction as well But importantly I think everyone who has children should buy this to give them a fun way of learning about the human brain Thank you to brainwalkerfans on twitter for my free copy in exchange for an honest review