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TrashyWarning This standalone MFM novel is the trashy romance you’ve been waiting forVickieTurning eighteen was supposed to mean escaping the trailer park and the shadow of her mom’s job the world’s oldest profession But then her mother gives Vickie an ultimatum work on her back or live on the streets Suddenly Vickie is out of optionsBuckBeers and babes The two b’s are all Buck needs to be happy That is until he and his roommate save the Momma’s Review of Trashy by Penny LamMomma’s Rating 4 Hot Menage StarsWhat a hot story I got New author smoldering kindle a raw gritty real life like characters with an intriguing story to be told These characters feel real almost like they could live in the trailer next doorBuck and Shep add some of Vickie and what you have is very well written this story that begins on page one and continues with you turning the pages the story is so hot that you feel a bit Trashy for liking what you’re reading and wanting to be Vickie at least once or twice in this story The story gives us hot sexy scenes but it also gives us a plot worthy of reading I won’t spoil this story for anyone If you enjoy a dirty sexy menage then you surely will love this story This author is now on my watch list for anything newReceived an ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest reviewReviewed for Hellmouth’s Bookblog Reviews

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Trashy author Penny LPrettiest little thing in the park inviting her into their trailer and their beds Now Buck’s wondering if the two things he needs to be happy are the people he could lose all too easilyShepIn a park with nosy neighbors and a long memory Shep can’t outrun his reputation Bitter and jaded he relies on Buck’s friendship hoping soon he'll get the hell out of Dodge That is until little Vickie and Buck show him that there’s love in even the tras Everyone knows the stereotypes that come with trailer parks right? They are full of poor trashy people whores and wife beaters This story doesn't even try to discredit them In fact it embraces them and celebrates them Buck and Shep have been best friends for a very long time They only have each other as family and are extremely loyal to each other Buck is the fun time guy with a dominant streak Shep is the serious one who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders When they save their sexy barely legal neighbor from being attacked everything clicks into place She moves in and the three of them take care of each other both in the bedroom and out of it Not only do both men fall in love with Vickie she is the thing that makes the two men able to explore and embrace the love they have for each other as well They have to battle small town minds and gossip at every turn and there are people out to get them You have Vickie's mom's boyfriendpimp trying to turn her into one of his working girls angry coworkers and a dangerous man intent on taking what he thinks belongs to him All of this keeps the tension level just rightThe sex scenes were written extremely well Often with mmf romance things can get a little jumbled trying to picture the scene that is being described but I had no trouble picturing who's hands mouth andor other parts where where The physical relationship between the two men also flowed very well I only wish we could have seen it progress even This was my first book by this author but it will definitely not be my last If you want a good and uniue way to pass the afternoon then this is the book for you

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kindle Ø Trashy author Penny Lam Ï Kindle Edition à penny lam à TrashyWarning This standalone MFM novel is the trashy romance you’ve been waiting forVickieTurning eighteen was supposed to mean escaping the trailer park and the shadow of her mom’s job the world’s oldest profession But then hHiest corners of the earth His reputation though threatens to unravel everything Just as they start to build their family a murder in the park turns everything upside down Vickie's troubles Buck's faith and Shep's dark past collide testing their love and their trio Can their unconventional relationship help them survive the fallout in a town where unearthed secrets can get you killed?Author's note This is a full length standalone novel with a HEA I received this for a honest review Warning this is a MFM book Me personally I loved it It was truly hot and steamy Vickie Sampson has had a very hard life Her mother was pure trash Her mother whore herself out for money and expected that Vickie do the same now that she was 18 It was not only her mother that wanted to use her but her mother’s boyfriend as well You have to wonder what ever happen to a mother’s love The mother’s need to protect her child There was none of that in this case Vickie had a crush on these two hot guys at the trailer park she lived in Shep and Buck were every girl’s wet dream Problem was these guys were in their 30s They seemed to show no interested in her well at least that is what Vickie first thought Ever girl needs a knight in shining armor to come save her from time to time Well Vickie did not have one knight but she had two Buck and Shep were best friends and were not going to stand by and let Vickie be forced into something she did not want Shep had some baggage Everyone in the small town thought Shep had killed his parents This is a dark cloud that was over his head It appeared that even his best friend was thinking the same thing This had to cut deep well only if Ship did not do the crime he is being accused off Sorry you will need to read the book to find out What I love about Buck is he did not care Buck’s love ran deep with Shep He had waited so long to show any type of emotion he was feeling toward Shep scared of how it would hurt their friendship With Vickie in the picture it seems that Buck has the opportunity to adventure unto uncharted territory How is Shep going to react to Buck’s hands and lips on him? Only time will tell There are some really hot steamy parts in the book It is a book I read at work and now I am wondering if I should waited till I was home where I would of had toys or a cold shower waitingLOL