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Free download  Reclaimed (Hostage Rescue Team #10) 102 ì Sometimes love isn’t enough Summer Blackwell has endured her own private hell and fought her way through to the other side She’s lost so much and her marriage has crumbled but she refuses to give up hope Just as she thinks there might be a chance to reconcile with Sometimes love isn’t enough Summer Blackwell has endured her own private hell and fought her way through to the other side She’s lost so much and her marriage has crumbled but she refuses to give up hope Just as she thinks there might be a chance to reconcile with her husband things go terribly wrong during a job in Jordan when she and her team are captured by the enemy Now with every passing hour she’s one step closer to a horrific d. Adam and Summer have been a mystery so far in this series We’ve only gotten snippets of them here and there and Summer has never socialized with the other wivesgirlfriends and Adam hasn’t really been a main player in any of the recent ops We knew their marriage was in trouble but that’s about it I was so ready to get the details that I dove into this right after Betrayed This opens with Summer and Adam in Jordan she for work and him for a protection detail They meet briefly plan a dinner date for that evening but then Summer and her boss and co worker get ambushed and are taken hostage by a terrorist group From here on it gets wild with three separate story lines going on Through a series of flashbacks we see a timeline of Summer and Adam’s first meeting and heartbreaking events that led to the deterioration of their marriage; Summer and her time in captivity the weakest part of the story and I had a few eye rolling moments and then the Team in a race against the clock to complete the rescue This was hold your breath edge of your seat action and Adams desperation to save her was front and center I loved this and I believe this is my favorite of the series 5 stars

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Mount a desperate campaign to save their broken marriage but agrees to join his team for a one off protective detail assignment in Amman When the unthinkable happens and Summer is taken hostage by the most ruthless terrorist organization in the region Adam and his teammates will stop at nothing to save her But every day without a solid lead means the hope of rescuing her is dwindling and now it’s a race to find her before the clock runs o. Amazing emotional fabulous wrap up to the HRT series I was anxious to get this one I was so intrigued by the small snippets of this couple in the previous books I doubt I can do it justice but suffice it to say Kaylea Cross is awesome I totally felt the emotions of everything this couple had been through It was so accurate in portraying the feelings of a married couple dealing with disappointment depression tragedy and the helplessness when you want to make it all better for the person you love but you just don't know how I personally have experienced a miscarriage and clinical depression and was wowed by how close this mirrored some of my thoughts and feelings Summer and Adam fight FOR each other and their marriage They do not just give up or cheat or try to solve the issues with drinking They are real Summer has been through the wringer and goes through than anyone should have too The journey is tough but so worth it I HIGHLY recommend this book I highlighted way to many things to put here but I will include a few samples Their last date had been nearly a month ago and it had been one of the best nights of his life He couldn’t remember the last time they’d had that much fun together and he knew she’d enjoyed herself too The only downside was that they’d both returned home to their separate places with a raging case of sexual frustration But the counselor had warned them not to rush back into having sex so he’d put on the brakes that night and held firm his only consolation that they were both suffering eually In spite of all the emotional damage she was struggling to overcome she still wanted him That had to mean something“I still love you you know” he told her As little as two months ago he would never have said it aloud because it made him feel too vulnerable but over the past few weeks he’d realized that if he wanted her back he had to lay it all out there and risk it all If it all blew up in his face well at least he’d given it his best shot and gone down fighting At his words the uncertainty in her eyes disappeared and a tremulous smile curved her mouth “I still love you too” But sometimes love isn’t enough The thought echoed in his head and he immediately banished it He was done with the whole sullen nursing his wounded pride routine The only thing that mattered was them She was his and he was hers period He took his marriage vows seriously and he’d be damned if he was going to walk away from what they’d built together over the last decade He wouldn’t let her leave here without another reminder Adam rubbed his thumb across her chin “We’re gonna make it Summer If we keep fighting for each other then we’ll make it”“Summer Where is she Did you see her” The guy grimaced both hands covered in blood as he pressed them to his belly He managed a shaky nod “T took her” Panic roared through him He sueezed harder gave him a shake “Who took her Where” “D dunno” the man managed face contorting in pain “Ithappened t too fast” Eff Adam released him and surged to his feet refusing to accept that she’d been taken Tuck and DeLuca jogged over faces grim “She’s not here” Adam shook his head his jaw so tight he could barely speak “Attackers took her” he managed to choke out feeling sick Panic gripped him constricting the muscles in his throat Gone She’s gone and I have to find her have to get her back“I swore to her I’d never let her down like that again I promised I’d always be there for her after that” And now when she needed him than ever and was facing the unthinkable at the hands of those animals he wasn’t there He Wasn’t There He shook his head refusing to accept it “I’ve gotta find her I can’t lose her or I’ll—” His throat closed up Tuck got up and came over to lay a hand on his shoulder his big hand gripping tight “We’ll find her And we’ll bring her home safe and sound” On the verge of losing it Adam dropped his face into his hands and sent out a silent prayer A vow he’d die trying to uphold I wasn’t there for you before And it’s true that I don’t know what you went through back then But I love you and I’m not giving up So wherever you are right now Summer please hold on I won’t stop searching until I find youShe’d already overcome so much She had to get through this and find her way back to Adam somehow It made her think of his surprising reaction one day after a counseling session a few months ago back when everything had looked hopeless I’m not letting you go he’d told her fiercely holding both her shoulders as he stared into her eyes Ever I’ll fight for you no matter how long it takes I won’t ever give upBut now she realized he had fought for her the whole time at least in his own way He’d stuck by her giving her space to find herself again and he’d gone to counseling both alone and with her He’d hung in there while she struggled and scraped and battled to drag herself out of the bottomless pit she was in and for the longest time hadn’t seen a way out ofAs the scalding hot water pounded down on his bent head and neck he stood there with his hands planted against the slick fiberglass walls and fought to clear his head But all he could think of was Summer That night at the drive in he’d wanted so badly to take her upstairs to her apartment and finish what they’d started But he hadn’t Back then he’d thought they’d have plenty of time to get around to that; that the buildup and anticipation would pay off for them in the long run Now it just seemed like a huge effing wasted opportunity Maybe his last to make love to the woman who meant everything to him Aside from view spoiler the stillbirth hide spoiler

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Reclaimed Hostage Rescue Team #10Eath at the hands of the radical terror group she was working to destroy Escape is impossible Unless her husband’s team finds her before the deadline hits it will be too late And sometimes it’s everything Special Agent Adam Blackwell is going to win his wife back no matter what it takes In spite of everything they’ve gone through he’s never stopped loving her and can’t imagine his life without her He’s been on personal leave to. Series Hostage Rescue Team #10Rating 4 stars really enjoyable Please note this book includes freuent references to fertility complications multiple miscarriages and also includes an on page scene of the Heroine experiencing a stillbirth and dealing with the subseuent depression One Sentence Summary Summer and Adam's marriage has been struggling but they've finally started to mend the broken parts when Summer a Defense Intelligence Agent is kidnapped by a dangerous terrorist Reclaimed finally brings us Summer and Adam's story and it was definitely an emotional one Up to this point we haven't really known why these two were struggling in their marriage only that Adam is still very much in love with Summer and wants to save his marriage What's interesting in this book is that it's not really the story of a developing relationship it's not really even about Summer and Adam falling in love with each other again Instead it's about two people who still love each other and will do anything for a second chance after Summer is kidnapped In fact Summer and Adam spend about 90% of the present day parts of the book apart though freuent flashbacks show us how they met fell in love and started to fall apartBecause of this I feel like the majority of my rating is for the absolutely nail biting can't put this book down suspense I binged this book in one sitting staying up until 2am to read because I had to know what would happen next I've always loved the way Kaylea Cross writes the suspense in her books and this was no exception I was completely ensnared I still loved Adam and Summer and their story was emotional heartbreaking and beautiful in the way they never gave up on each other but it didn't feel like other romances because the love was already there That's not a complaint by the way just a statement of my feelingsEither way this was certainly a fantastic way to end the series and with the introduction of Brody Colebrook I'm excited to jump into the Colebrook Siblings TrilogyReader Safety References to and on page scenes of a stillbirth and the subseuent depression Graphic scene of torturedeath by fire