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Knows a rising star in politics whose dark good looks mask an even darker heartNEVER GOES TO PLANThe bitter past has taught Crispin Burke to trust no one He’ll gladly help a lovely young heiress provided she pays.

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A Ladys Code of Misconduct Rules for the Reckless #5A price Yet when a single mistake shatters his life it is Jane who holds the key to his salvation And in a world that no longer makes sense Crispin slowly realizes that she may be the only thing worth fighting for. Crispin cherished her for the same reasons that his other self would have scorned her Bottom Line Another fantastic Meredith Duran romance with as always complex characters rich historical details and a uniue plot line Highly recommend Don't know how it fits into the series don't think it really does so don't at all worry about thatSummary 1859 1860 Countryside and London EnglandJane Mason 23 has lived with her aunt uncle and cousin ever since her parents passed away six years ago She has been emotionally beaten down and silenced over the years such that she spends day in and day out suppressing her true self hiding her intelligence and just trying to blend into the wallpaper Jane is an extremely rich heiress so her uncle a total sleazeball keeps careful control of her and has plans to keep the money in the family by marrying her to his handy dandy son Jane has been patiently biding her time until she can make a late night escape marry someone for convenience and get control of her money; unfortunately the night she finally makes a break for it is ruined and her efforts thwarted but she finds herself allied with the most unexpected person Mr Crispin Burke 30 an MP in the House of Commons is a political ally of her uncle's and a freuent visitor to their house Though extremely attractive and smart Mr Burke has always been cold manipulative and completely uncaring so there's no love lost between them on Jane's part and up until that evening he had always ignored Jane fooled by the mask she put on for everyone His interest is piued though when an incident briefly shows him a flash of the real Jane and for some reason he finds himself offering her some advice in exchange for her gathering information he wants from her uncle His advice helps her postpone the marriage to her cousin and get a Season in London however everything comes to a head when Burke is attacked and near death and her uncle decides that the marriage must occur ASAP In the heat of the moment Jane makes a daring gamble Best laid plans and all that however mean that Jane gets a rude awakening when instead of being a newly widowed heiress she finds herself married to a very much alive Burke who is uickly recovering—except for a small case of amnesia this is in the prologue so I'm not ruining anything What is Jane to do She's thwarted her relatives and potentially gained her independence however she's now married to a self interested asshole Oh but if only that were the actual problem Because it turns out things are even worse than that—it turns out he's not it turns out that the Crispin she's married to is nothing like the one she's known for the last five years This Crispin is one whom she could love who is starting to love her and who makes her feel alive valued and happy than she has since her parents' passing What will happen when Crispin regains his memory What will happen if he never does What is Jane to do He was too perceptive It made her feel peculiarly exposed almost humiliatedIt's a strange kind of torture he said uietly To be caged by the lowest expectations A humiliation of the soul Thoughts I loved so many things about this book most of all the main characters which is so often the case with Duran's books There are so many sweet scenes and exchanges between them and I love how Duran made everything play out She definitely set a challenge for herself though because Crispin is a straight up asshole pre amnesia—he's a corrupt politician who doesn't give a shit about anyone and though we see a hint of something it's a trace nothing Post amnesia Crispin is Mr McDreamy and the way he is with Jane sigh he holds a strong place on my favorite heroes list It's heartbreaking as Crispin begins to uncover who he is—or was—through the people he used to associate with his political record etc The dynamic between him and his family is very interesting and I loved how Jane finds herself standing up for the old Crispin and holding them to account for how they've treated him Jane herself is a fantastic heroine and the bind she finds herself in is truly a difficult one; it's great seeing her come out of her shell able to show off her intelligence and spirit but it understandably all feels so precarious and she's wary of trusting the happiness she's experiencing waiting for the other shoe to dropSo why not 5 stars It has 5 stars on here because GR doesn't have half stars but you'll see that it's on my 45 star bookshelf I have to say I'm still not completely sure I completely understand why Crispin was the way he was before I understand the actual reasons but it's not like 5 years ago overnight he went from good guy to bad guy; we do learn a bit about his childhood and adolescent years which is when things started to take root because of what happened in his family so that was helpful but I would have appreciated learning about how he fell down that slippery slope in his political career Duran does a very good job with this aspect in many ways—I like that we can clearly see the edge to him and the roughness once he remembers though he is still the other Crispin as well—but I need just a bit to be able to let him off the hook for his previous behavior or at least move past it and understand why he won't have a problem being different nowRecommendations Here are some other romances that I loved that have strong similarities to this one Wanting Something More by Kathy Love Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman by Lorraine Heath Lost in Your Arms by Christina Dodd Stranger in My Arms by Lisa KleypasFavorite uotes He wanted her to own herself brazenly and unabashedly She had shown him only one part of herself in these last few weeks—an extraordinary part tentative and earnest and kind despite her better judgment clear thinking and funny compassionate and full of wit But she had closed away all the rougher sharper angles The grit the steel mettle at her core the defiant anger that had kept her safe for so many years And he wished to see those as well To show her to prove to her that those parts of her could be admired and loved tooHe could lie here for hours staring at her Slowly slowly he wrapped the curl around his hand Gentleness tender care reverent praise—these were what she deserved One of the end of the book declarations view spoilerHis thumb stroked forcefully over her cheek angled her face toward his You're simply amazed that I haven't sprouted scales and horns to announce it He gripped her chin Look at me Men can change Especially when fate intervenes and gives them a reason to do it I am the man I am in this moment because of you Not because of a head injury And not His jaw flexed Not because I can't remember otherwise I remember it all Jane hide spoiler

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A Ladys Code of Misconduct (Rules for the Reckless, #5) characters ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ A DEAL WITH THE DEVILTrapped in the countryside facing an unwanted marriage and the theft of her fortune Jane Mason is done behaving nicely To win her freedom she’ll strike a deal with the A DEAL WITH THE DEVILTrapped in the countryside facing an unwanted marriage and the theft of her fortune Jane Mason is done behaving nicely To win her freedom she’ll strike a deal with the most dangerous man she. 45 stars Surprisingly excellent nuanced historical romance that can be completely read as a stand alone Don't be afraid to jump into this series at book five because A Lady's Code of Misconduct should NOT be overlookedI read a good deal of historical romance but Meredith Duran has a very uniue writing style that stands out from the rest There is something about her writing that does a few things to me First it makes me pause There is a way she writes that comes across at first as formal Stiff Overly intricate I'm not sure how to describe it It isn't typical that's for sure But what starts off as feeling a little cumbersome uickly transforms and I always find that her words end up holding a ton of power Her books transfix me This book transfixed meI always love a great enemies to lovers trope and this book takes that to the next level It is also an amnesia trope book which can bit hit or miss for me The author took a few concepts that could have come across as cheesy or overdone and really turned it into something grand Something really powerful I loved that the romance was slow burn It really needed to be for the story to make sense though I wish there was a little page time devoted to after these two finally make it happen It felt a little abrupt towards the end though I didn't really mind in the grand scheme of things What Meredith Duran did perfectly was build up true feelings and emotions between her MCs It felt organic and very well done The plot was also very interesting with just enough intrigue and scheming for it to keep me on my toes It was also a rather feminist historical romance with a smart independent female MC and though it felt historically accurate than most of the historical romance I've been reading recently it also felt relevant to modern readers A extremely well plotted smart historical romance Meredith Duran really outdid herself with A Lady's Code of Misconduct You shouldn't pass this one up Copy provided in exchange for an honest review