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Free download Definitions of Indefinable Things æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ð This heartbreaking humorous novel is about three teens whose lives intersect in ways they never expected Reggie Mason is all too familiar with the Three Stages of Depression She believes she’s unlocked the secret to kThis heartbreaking humorous novel is about three teens whose lives intersect in ways they never expected Reggie Mason is all too familiar with the Three Stages of Depression She believes she’s unlocked the s. 6 out of 10 Review in Russian and a link to the blog to comeShort SoundtrackStumgzeit Beyond Depressed​SNCKPCK – With You I Feel AliveNoah Guthrie New BeginningGenre r contemp YAStuff depression teen pregnancy family stuffFail the main topic is not my cup of teaWOW wise thoughtsPOV 1st person femaleLove Geometry a weird oneuote Core Depression is only as complex as the person who’s defining it I'm not a fan of teen pregnancy books or school stories or angsty romances between young fools Definitions of Indefinable Thing contains it all but serves it in a uniue and strangely appealing way dressing it with sarcasm and an interesting structureWe have only one POV Reggie's Reggie is a depressed girl who fights an emptiness inside her with medicine and hatred for the world and people around At first she seems too pretentious too snarky as if she's trying too hard to look cool and indifferent while being lonely and sad But later we see that like everyone else she wears masks hides pains and dreams about feeling alive againReggie meets Snake another depressed guy who tries to taste life and see its colors but fails again and again until Reggie appeared It's not love from the first sight or something it's just two people who make each other mad angry and all providing with emotionsThey could be a perfect couple they could heal together if not for Carla Reggie's classmate and a girl who was made pregnant by Snake during a one night stand under alcohol influence These two aren't in love either but they're entwined forever through the child Of course Reggie doesn't like it At all But she starts to like Snake who wouldn't leave her be anyway That's where her problems and not only hers start or maybe this is the place where they start to disappearThe strongest part of this book is its writing At the beginning it seemed forced as if the lines were trying too hard to create a pseudo uniue atmosphere but when I got used to it everything shined There are a lot of good uotes important topics plus powerful meaning many laughs almost cries and indeed cries And it's the writing's merit only since I didn't like the plot or character's personalities Words make wondersThe plot is simple but not boring I mean every contemporary is uite rather usual and knows no twists but if an authors can accent right aspects of his or her story mere thing would seem complex Whitney Taylor achieved this goalThe characters aren't likable but that's the point You don't like them you hate their situation but you understand them and and feel for them It's easy to relate with someone who seems nice and does right things but that's way interesting to grow on someone who's not All in all this is not your typical story about mean girls or bad boys and good chicks Whitney Taylor wrote about family losses meaning of life and other indefinable things Wanna take a look at the world through depressed eyes Go ahead Thank you NetGalley and HMH Books for Young Readers for providing me with with this ARC

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Esence while reassuring is not exactly stable especially since his ex girlfriend is seven months pregnant As Reggie falls for Snake she must decide whether it’s time to rewrite the rules that have defined he. I really didn’t expect to dislike this book as much as I did YA contemporary is typically my favorite genre but uite a few of the books in this category that I have read recently have been ranging from disappointing to just plain badThis novel follows a teenage girl named Reggie who is dealing with depression She meets a boy from her school Snake who is also dealing with depression while picking up her medication You know what happens from thereI’ll be nice and start off with the things that worked there is a small amount of humor that I liked Reggie develops a friendship with Carla Snake’s pregnant girlfriend that is kind of sweet There are a few paragraphs here and there about depression that felt very realUnfortunately there’s a lot that didn’t work for me The table closest to the door was for the boys soccer team see assholesthat table was reserved for the girls volleyball team see skanks in Spanxthat turf belonged to the cheerleaders see blonde brigade in the one beside it to the drama club see future fast food employees of the world Yeah it’s one of those contemporariesAlso what editor let those incessant see blank things happen throughout the entire book Annoying as hellIt reminds me a lot of All the Bright Places a book I didn’t like either We have the pretentious depressed boy following the depressedgrieving girl around and I didn’t like the way this was depicted in this book any than in AtBPOne the subject of pretentiousness this book is one of the best examples of how not to write teenage characters They have this annoying “I’m so different and I don’t conform to society” vibe they have these deep John Green level unrealistic conversations they uote obscure pop culture references Some people are so touchyI'm not touchy I just don't give a damn what you thinkI'm starting to believe you don't give a damn what anyone thinksI don't Edgy alert over here eye rollI wasn’t a fan of the romance at all Snake is the worst a total stalker and he kisses Reggie while he has a pregnant girlfriendAnyway this just wasn’t very good I wouldn’t recommend this one at all as there are certainly better books about depression like the somewhat similar My Heart and Other Black Holes Hopefully I’ll have better luck with my next contemporary

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Definitions of Indefinable ThingsEcret to keeping herself safe Nobody can hurt you if you never let them in Reggie encounters an unexpected challenge to her misanthropy a Twizzler chomping indie film making narcissist named Snake Snake’s pr. How does anyone know they're depressed You feel eually alive and dead and have no idea how that's even possible And everything around you doesn't seem so full any And you can't tell if the world is empty or you are That's how I knew I realized it wasn't the world that was emptyDEFINITIONS OF INDEFINABLE THINGS is snarky and funny and beautiful and honest Reggie Mason has depression and she talks about all elements of it the symptoms the drugs the side effects the therapy the impact on day to day life with frankness and humour and pain The entire book is basically one brilliantly sarcastic witticism after another and every sentence simultaneously makes you laugh out loud and also want to wrap all these characters in a bear hugThough I'd want to wrap Reggie Carla and Snake all in bear hugs regardless because they are all just so flawed and uirky and lovable and REAL Their struggles whether with depression or loneliness or pregnancy or family are both heartbreaking and empowering; they're dealing with such hard things but their lives aren't tragedies to be fixed Their lives are just their lives and they cry and joke and scream and laugh and live day to day the same way we all do even when we're struggling It was no surprise to me that I loved this book because a book that talks about mental health as candidly as this is always going to have a place in my heart So what are you on he askedZoloftClinical Obsessive PanicClinicalMe too Another thing we have in common