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Japan at War An Oral HistoryThis deeply moving book Studs Terkel portrays the Japanese experience of WWII This oral history is the first book to capture in either Japanese or English the experience of ordinary Japanese during the war In a sweeping panorama Haruko Taya Cook Theodore F Cook go from the Japanese attacks on China in the '30s to the Japanese home front during the inhuman raids on Tokyo Hiroshima Nagasaki offering the first glimpses of how the 20th century's most deadly conflict affected the lives of the population The book seeks out the true feelings of the wartime generation illuminates the contradictions between the official views of the war living testimony Yomiuri Shimbun Japan AcknowledgmentsIntroduction to a lost war1 An undeclared war Battle lines in China A village boy goes to war Nohara Teishin Pictures of an expedition Tanida Isamu ualifying as a leader Tominaga Shōzō Gas soldier Tanisuga Shizuo; Toward a new order War means jobs for machinists Kumagaya Tokuichi I wanted to build a greater East Asia Nogi Harumichi Manchurian days Fukushima Yoshie Dancing into the night Hara Kiyoshi Bringing the liberals to heel Hatanaka Shigeo2 Have faith in victory 12841 My blood boiled at the news Itabashi Kōshū I heard it on the radio Yoshia Toshio On Admiral Yamamoto's flagship Noda Mitsuharu In a fighter cockpit on the Soviet border Mogami Sadao Sailing south Masu. I think I’m not a fan of oral history; the accounts are inconsistent in uality there’s too much readjusting to new voices it suffers from a lack of thesis or unifying vision So given that I still thought this was tedious; cherry picking resulting in a shorter work would have been better DNFed at 100 pages

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Summary ✓ Japan at War An Oral History Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ This deeply moving book Studs Terkel portrays the Japanese experience of WWII This oral history is the first book to capture in either Japanese or English the experience of ordinary Japanese during theTa Yutaka Human torpedo Kōzu Naoji Bride of a kamikaze Araki Shigeko Reuiem Nishihara Wakana5 One hundred million die together The burning skies Hiroko died because of me Funato Kazuyo At the telephone exchange Tomizawa Kimi Kobayashi Hiroyasu; The war comes home to Okinawa Student nurses of the Lily Corps Miyagi Kikuko Now they call it group suicide Kinjō Shigeaki Straggler Ōta Masahide; In the enemy's hands White flag Kojima Kiyofumi; A new terrible weapon 800 meters from the hypocenter Yamaoka Michiko A Korean in Hiroshima Shin Bok Su 5 photographs of Aug 6 Matsushige Yoshito Forgetting is a blessing Kimura Yasuko6 The unresolved war Reversals of fortune Flight Fukushima Yoshi From Bandung to Starvation Island Iitoyo Shōgo The army's been a good life Tanida Isamu; Crimes punishments death row at Changi Prison Abe Hiroshi The didn't tell me Fujii Shizue; The long shadow of death The Emperor's retreat Yamane Masako My boy never came home Imai Shike; Reflections Teaching war Ienaga Saburō Meeting at Yasukuni Shrine Kiyama Terumichi Lessons Mogami Sadao A uest for meaning Ōta Masahide; Endings Homecoming Tominaga Shōzo The face of the enemy Sasaki Naokata Imperial gifts for the war dead Kawashima Eiko Royalties Yokoyama Ryūichi I learned about the war from Grandma Miyagi Harumi The occupiers Kawachi Uichirō Back to the beginning Hayashi Shige. I originally read this book for a course on memories of WW2 in America and Japan I picked it up again to read while my car was being fixed I soon found myself openly crying at Peet's Coffee reading the account of the woman who married a kamikaze pilot on the night before his suicide mission A staggering heartbreaking panorama of the horrors committed and inflicted on Japan in the 1930s and 40s there is some real darkness in here such as the man who literally became addicted to beheading but mainly ordinary people trying to carry on with their lives who believed what they were doing was necessary I would give this book 6 stars if possible and highly recommend it to all

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Da Reiji A failure of diplomacy Kase Toshikazu; Greater East Asia Cartoons for the war Yokoyama Ryūichi Building the Burma Siam Railroad Abe Hiroshi Keeping order in the Indies Nogi Harumichi Korean guard Kasayama Yoshikichi; The Emperor's warriors Maker of soldiers Debun Shigenobu As long as I don't fight I'll make it home Suzuki Murio Zero ace Sakai Saburō; Demons from the East Army doctor Yuasa Ken Spies bandits Uno Shintarō Unit 731 Tamura Yoshio3 Homeland Life goes on The end of a bake shop Arakawa Hiroyo Burdens of a village bride Tanaka Toki Dressmaker Koshino Ayako; War work Making balloon bombs Tanaka Tetsuko Forced labor Ahn Juretsu Poison gas island Nakajima Yoshimi; Wielding pen camera Filming the news Asai Tatsuzō War correspondent Hata Shōryū Reporting from Imperial General Headuarters Kawachi Uichirō; Against the tide Thought criminal Hatanaka Shigeo Isn't my brother one of the 'war dead' Kiga Sumi; Childhood Playing at war Satō Hideo; Art entertainment I loved American movies Hirosawa Ei Star at the Moulin Rouge Sugai Toshiko We wouldn't paint war art Maruki Iri Maruki Toshi4 Lost battles The slaughter of an army The green desert of New Guinea Ogawa Masatsugu Soldiers' deaths Ogawa Tamotsu Honorable death on Saipan Yamauchi Takeo; Sunken fleet Lifeboat Matsunaga Ichirō Transport war Masuda Reiji; Special attack Volunteer Yoko. An exceptional account of the people which was pretty much everyone in Japan engulfed in this horrendous war Most people are uite familiar with the basic parties dates and events of WWII in the Pacific theater but these amazing and at times heart wrenching first person narratives give much clearer glimpses and interesting perspectives by the Japanese themselves into what it really felt like to almost die watch people die suffer starve and lose loved ones I'm not going to hesitate to throw in the old cliche If you're going to read one book about the Pacific War then make sure it's this one Definitely worth your time