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Four Years LaterNe empty bedroom Until fifteen minutes of hell completely destroys her life and leaves Becca uestioning everything she’s ever knownUntil that night turns into a lie she can’t stop can’t controlUntil she said no but he didn’t list. In my opinion if you choose a career you should be able to do this If you want to write about serious and controversial issues like rape for example you should at the very least bother to do real research on stories and feelings involved recovery process who went through this type of situation I speak of it as a woman and I speak of it as a psychologist who has to deal with such matters day after day If you are a writer and you do not do this you only use writing techniues to arouse cheap emotions in readers and romanticize the abusive relationships that are a great poison in society And so you end up becoming just another mediocre professional concerned about the money you're going to raise than the real impact of your work Using speech as being a fantasy is just a pathetic excuse not to commit to your work and is given by those who do not have an idea of ​​what you are doing and do not have the least respect for the audience you work for If you don't want to make that kind of effort then you could at least change your area of ​​action and save us from that pathetic excuse you call the book and that crap of sexist garbage that just glorifies selfish misogynist abusive and unscrupulous attitudes

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REVIEW ´ Four Years Later Ä Becca McKenzie is happy—crazy ridiculously happyShe might not have figured out what she wants to do with her life but she has something better—Ryan Jackson—and they couldn’t be in love if they tried He might have been pissed when she went off to a different college but they make the long distance work because they’re Becca McKenzie is happy crazy ridiculously happyShe might not have figured out what she wants to do with her life but she has something better Ryan Jackson and they couldn’t be in love if they tried He might have been pissed when she w. 4 stars The theme of the day is “all the angst you can take” The second book in the last 24 hrs that had me wanting to bawl my eyes out and generally inspired some truly mixed emotions Anger frustration sadness uncertainty yeah all of the bad ish variety TW On the page rape scene one of the most horrible but well done scenes and some other horrible behaviours afterwards like name calling and victim blaming although it was because they thought it was consensual The story follows Becca and Ryan who are in a long distance relationship while at different colleges Becca gets raped by the professional nemesis of her boyfriend everyone thinks she cheated she doesn’t deny it she’s in shock at first and after she has other reasons Ryan believes she cheated because he saw pictures and she didn’t deny it but he doesn’t let her speak or explain anything He flies back to his college in California gets drunk sleeps around and refuses to speak to her again This is where the story sort of develops from therefore I don’t think it’s a spoiler to put it out there Anyway I thought I was gonna have strong emotions in regards to this book but I was wary of the fact that I was going to dislike the male lead the reviews didn’t paint a pretty picture of him And yes he did some really nasty stuff BUT speaking from the point of view of an impulsive person who at the age of 21 was pretty much guaranteed to block delete and dismiss anyone who did anything remotely inadeuate yeah I did some growing in between then and now but I still remember my go to reactions D even a couple of years a can make a difference in terms of emotional maturity I can maybe not understand completely but empathise with his reaction therefore I don’t abhor him nor find him unforgivable Now Becca while she frustrated me for not speaking out I understood her At the time her priority wasn’t to make everyone aware of the truth because that took second place to her psychological well being and dealing with her trauma before she announced it to anyone I believe everything was wrapped up perfectly The only complaint I have is that during the year of separation when Ryan didn’t know the truth we didn’t need that much showing off from his side The pictures with girls the promiscuity the sleeping with Becca’s nemesis of sorts the day after the cheating allegations came out it was all too much A little subtlety would have worked better Now I do believe that he was a jerk for sleeping with someone a mere 24 hrs after but at the same time he was beyond heartbroken he was completely wasted and felt like his world crashed around him Bad decisions were bound to be made he just should have calmed down a bit after Now to the good part The grovel was real I can’t even call it grovel it was of a steady unwavering support system he created for her without any expectations whatsoever I believe it was very well done I just felt like I wanted An epilogue that showed them well into the future because I think the author did a great job at making us believe that these two truly were madly crazy stupidly in love with each other regardless of all the nasty stuff in between Spoiler ish stuff ahead He was bound to be 1st round draft pick or whatever at the end of the school year but he gave it up He moved schools during his last semester so he could be close to Becca and be there as a friend when she made it clear that they were only going to be friends and nothing ever again He gave up millions of dollars athletic acclaim watched his friends who were not as good players as him get drafted all the while he stayed by her side in Texas while she went to medical school He trained with a local team during that time and became her shadow in order to make her feel safe All of that for 4 years He basically put his life second to hers to show her where his priorities lie and that won me over He wasn’t a bad guy to begin with and his only mistake was not listening and trusting

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Ent off to a different college but they make the long distance work because they’re “Becca and Ryan” and nothing is going to break themUntil it doesUntil one terrible unforgettable night away from Ryan Until too much drinking and o. Existe la posibilidad ue haya estado más susceptible de lo normal mientras leía este libro porue yo ue me enorgullezco de mi falta de emociones estuve a punto de llorar mas de una vezFour Years Later puede leerse como un standalone pero es en realidad la continuación de Four Doors Down y desde ue leemos la sinopsis sabemos ue cosas malas van a pasar Tres años después de los eventos del primer libro Becca y Ryan siguen disfrutando de su idílica relación cuando una noche Becca es violada A partir de allí su vida se viene abajo; pierde la confianza en si misma su fuerza vital sus ganas de vivir Y lo peor cree ue se lo merece se culpa de lo sucedidoIt’s what I deserve I shouldn’t have had so much to drink and then I would have been aware of the way he was looking at me and could have made sure I wasn’t alone I shouldn’t have worn such a revealing outfit; that was a stupid thing to do If I hadn’t been wearing that dumb skirt and had been in my usual jeans he wouldn’t have been able to do it so easily This is all my fucking faultComo si fuera poco por culpa de unas fotografías todos creen ue ella engañó a Ryan; sus amigos en común la evitan los compañeros de clases la ridiculizan Becca se esfuerza por contarle la verdad a Ryan necesita su apoyo su fuerza pero este creyéndose traicionado la suprime completamente de su vida sin escuchar lo ue ella tiene ue decir blouea su numero telefónico prohíbe ue sus amigos le cuenten nada de su vida y no conforme con eso luego la humilla la insulta y decide acostarse con cuanta cosa se mueva Por lo ue Becca sintiéndose abandonada toma la única solución ue cree correcta se niega a contar la verdad después de todo nadie va a creerle right In an ideal world everyone would believe me and he would go to prison and I could forget he ever existed—but this isn’t an ideal world This is a world where athletes all over this fucking country get away with assaulting women on a regular basis just because of how good they are at their sport and why would I want to put myself through that Have a lawyer rip my character apart commenting on my clothes and how much I’d had to drink so that even if someone did believe me they wouldn’t by the end because that’s what happens You see it all the time on the news; I just never thought I’d be one of those statistics Odio esta rape culture odio el hecho de ue sea tan común tan normal Fue horrible de leer Horrible porue estas cosas sí ue pasan Y yo sabía ue pasaban desde antes de leer este libro ya sabía ue mujeres y jóvenes en todo el mundo son violadas cada día ya había leído otros libros ue trataban el tema pero nunca me había afectado Es como si hubiese tenido una venda en los ojos todo este tiempo y de pronto pfff desaparece y puedo ver toda está nueva oscuridad Como les dije tal vez me encontraba susceptible o tal vez es simplemente la forma en la ue está escrito pero sufrí Sufrí como no tienen idea uería amarrar a Ryan y obligarlo a escuchar luego uería uemarlo vivo uería sacudir a Becca y hacerla confesar luego uería abrazarla y decirle todo va a estar bien La historia me llegó al corazón y lo apuñaló una y otra y otra vezAunue podría haber sido mas corto el desenlace me pareció bien logrado view spoileraún me molesta el hecho de ue Becca haya esperado hasta ue otra chica fue atacada para hacer la denuncia y contar todo pero me parece ue después de eso todo fue muy bien tratado especialmente la relación de Becca con sus padres y el hecho de ue se negara a volver con Ryan hide spoiler