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Characters ☆ 24690 Author A.A. Dark Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ì Buried deep below the everyday life of our society lives an underground world of nightmares—of violence and murder no one dares speak about Contracts and laws weave the web of our culture together Our Masters Se To stand any chance of survival I must give my life as collateral to the highest bidder Soul for Sale slave 24690 WARNING This book contains EXTREMELY disturbing situations explicit sexual content and very graphic language This book EXCEEDS the dark genre and has been classified as PITCH BLACK May contain triggers for some Read at your own risk. Whitlock A sexual pleasure oasis for the super rich and famous that exists somewhere in the underbelly of mainstream America Though the actual location is a closely guarded secret for those who know it's location and are members it's a place where any andor all forms of deviant perverted sexual practices can be openly practiced No laws are ever broken as Whitlock exists outside the jurisdiction of any government Owner and Main Master Bram Whitlock the only judge jury and if necessary executioner Abducted at age 10 Slave Vicolette was brought to Whitlock and sold to a Master who has kept her for the past 14 years catering to his every sexual need When the unexpected happens and her Master dies Vicolette finds herself stripped of her status and readied to be re sold as slave 24690 by Whitlock's owner Main Master Bram Whitlock No longer a virgin 24690 realizes her future is indeed grim until she catches the eye of Master Bram and his closest friend and confident West Having either of these two men as her next Master could be a blessing or a curse as one has the potential to be her savior while the other her deepest darkest nightmare in the flesh Either way 24690 has little control over her destiny or does she Warning This is a dark erotica suspense thriller fantasy read that includes graphic erotic scenes that are highly disturbing It contains BDSM sadism dub non consent blood violence death and WILL be a trigger for those who are sensitive to non con sadomasochism scenes sex trade trafficking Safe words are never used or addressed It is written and intended to be enjoyed as a dark fantasy story so only those who can appreciate dark erotica should read this story Oh and it ends with a major cliffhanger Consider yourself warned Not often I read a book that leaves me so conflicted How can I enjoy a story that glorifies extreme deviant sexual practices without taking up the protest to tar and feather the author I mean seriously this story goes deep Deep into the bowels of hell where anything and everything is on the table for those who are card carrying members of Whitlock I don't want to spoil the reading experience for any potential reader so I'm really not going to cite examples Just know that you better heed the warning labels for this one and know what you're getting into because no amount of bleach is ever gonna be able to clean your brain after reading this story Told from alternating POV chapters the clusterfck going on will defy any rational brain to make sense of the evolving story up to the pivotal cliffhanger ending I'm tempted to seek out the author and threaten her with a bit of what the slaves of Whitlock were getting if the follow up isn't released sooner than later And AA Dark can't escape behind her other pen name Alaska Angelini as I'm onto her too In other words if you've read anything by A Angelini you have a hint of her writing style already In this case she's gone much darker with thrillerhorror scenes for the reader Ok Back to the actual story 24690 is a slave in an impenetrable fortress No one has ever nor will ever escape A slave is there from Cradle to the White Room Grave That makes for the freedom by those who are Masters to do whatever they want with their slaves Nothing is taboo Think about it Then prepare yourself to be amazed as the author will blow you awayDo I really think this is an appropriate story or content to enjoy Hell no But It's fantasy and just as some people praise the works of Stephen King Bram Stoker and John Everson I'll take the AA Dark and Cari Silverwood's of this world any day So thank you for this wonderful twisted heart racing story that kept me on the edge of my seat and butt cheeks clenched The four star instead of five star which it deserves is simply because there was no mention of a cliffhanger I probably would have waited for the follow up if I had known so one star deducted The follow up which has no release time schedule as of yet by the way

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Ed with the death of my cruel yet caring owner My world shattered and I was taken back to the one place I had hoped to never see again the cells of Whitlock a subterranean fortress for slaves who await their new placement Now I have no rights I have no say My feelings and wellbeing are meaningless Escape is impossible but I have nothing left to lo. PrologueBramOnly in the darkest recesses of one’s mind will they ever find true freedom To push the limits of what they’re capable of—to have their character revealed when there is no restraints to restrict the desires within—that is what defines who they are But where there is a perpetrator there is a victim The actions and trials of both are not without conseuence To know fear in its purest form was to live and life was the greatest gift we were bestowed It took me falling in love with a slave for me to realize that Power money and status in society I’d been born with the world served to me on a silver platter I had also been born to carry the vilest secret that existed amongst the wealthy and sadistic—WhitlockThe subterranean fortress was like stepping into heaven and hell For those looking for pleasure evoked from pain and death the place was what dreams were made of But dreams weren’t always happy or one sided For the slaves who were trapped inside it was a nightmare so horrendous that most found ways to kill themselves to escape the torment withinSlave Vicolette had attempted taking her own life once The unsuccessful endeavor had fate casting her into my arms I was a young man then barely twenty three at the time and she was only fourteen Even then her beauty had woven a web around me I watched her grow and with her age came such a deep rooted obsession that no matter how hard I tried to convince myself I couldn’t deny my feelings—I loved herEmotions came in many forms and love appeared in mass shades Mine were as black as my heart and they just happened to develop where they didn’t belong What had festered over the years wasn’t pure Jealousy hate madness I loved her as much as I hated her No slave Vicolette could never be mine even if she were free of her Master My position allowed it but I refused and it wasn’t for her It was for me Whitlock was mine now passed on to me after my father’s death To be attached any than I already was would be condemning myself to a truth I also couldn’t deny I was my father’s son I harbored evil just like every man who walked through our doors Love may have taken residence in my heart but love killed I killed She was safer with the monsters than she was with the devil who hungrily tracked her every move I was always watching—waiting—secretly killing for who I knew I’d never escape—slave 24690

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24690 Author A.A. DaBuried deep below the everyday life of our society lives an underground world of nightmares of violence and murder no one dares speak about Contracts and laws weave the web of our culture together Our Masters walk amongst us They can be our friends or the ones to make us disappear forever Where I once had found peace within my existence it all end. 5 fucked up monsters within starsSlavery the hell of sexual deviance within thick walls of Whitlock a Fortress of horrid affairs twisted exibitions of sexual expoilt of slaved womenthe sex machinery for sexually wicked socially sick and emotionally deprivedit's an every day life for 24690 She used to be someone she used to be a daughter she used to have a name a name HE secretly worshiped BUT never could have acted upon his own deep desires and shaped emotions cause he owned this HELL displayed inside the walls of cursed depravity I was trapped with this curse and there was nothing I could do about it Nothing I would do about it Whitlock was here to stay Even if I did end this the men here wouldn't stopThey could possibly become out of control Here there was a system There were rules Keep the monsters in a cage and they couldn't bite the children They couldn't wreak havoc on society Bram the main Master who could never have her and yet she belonged to him to the very basic core of his existence and yet so out of reach God I loved her I love her than what was fathomable Even if he wasn't physically with her he was near her watching supervising tracking and orchestrating the motionshe kept her safe in his own tortured wicked way And the stirring events that come upon them all within these walls only strengthen the pull the burning pain the thin line between love and hate becomes blurred by the carnal desire that will ruin them bothcause the emotions are not simple minded they are layered with different shapes and forms You've never seen the side of me that I hide You have no idea how much I'd love to hurt youYou don't know what kind of fire you're playing with You'd be smart to stay hating me You're safe there BUT even the broken spirit finds the light in the dark 24690 claimed herself back her name was her lifeline – Everleigh Davenport – who she once was is again and Bram brought her back She feels what is like to have hope again And it matters not the danger the burn the hurt the unknownit was her breaking point towards the inevitable No matter how hard we had tried over the years we couldn't escapewe were doomed to this desire between us she felt alive once againin this horror of an enslaved life You should probably know that I love you and that i will never love anyone else Then Bram cavesinspite the devil within himselfhe caved in deep She had ruined the old me I was no longer bulletproof from emotion The day I kissed her and made her my own was the day I condemned myself to a future I couldn't run from But greed envy betrayal of the closest men partaking in the machinery takes them into another level of devious ploy setting course of action into an abyss of darkness the very pit of hell taking away every human emotion left when Everleigh is left alone enslaved then ever beaten shattered taken raptured and torn from the hands of another man a master wanna be known as West And the only thread she holds on to is the tiny shred of notion that she felt love alive even human for a little while as she reaches another breaking point of survival embodied in disdain of self worth and recollection as she sets the path of revenge and demolition clinging on „his“ lingering words I am watching I am there I absolutely loved this It was dark passionate erotic and almost painfully poetic at times filled with gore horror and intensity with complicated relations emotions desires struggles dubious and vile actions that encompassed me fully taking me into the unknown sphere of messed up turmoil and still made me want to come back to find out Impatiently waiting for the next installmentFor info and reviews visit