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Download ´ Dues of Blood í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB É In the arena a fight can only ever end one way with blood on the sand “You are rattling the wrong cage he said his tone cold I laid those ghosts in my first year of the arena – I was eighteen and I killed the three men I thought of as my best friends in as manyUnforgiving climate As the action on Temsevar moves to the end game those caught up in events find themselves polarised and choosing sides unsure of where the dagger of betrayal may hide But offworld influences are reaching into the planets affairs and Temsevar itself could fall under threat from the CoalitionDues of Blood is the third volume in the Transgressor Trilogy which began with The Fated Sky and Times of Change It follows events up to the final crisis on Temsevar as the Warlord abal Vyazin seeks to secure his grip over the last pockets of resistance and the true secret of Harkera is finally uncovere. Loved Book 3Loved the entire series and look forward to the follow on books This book was a good ending to the series but I would like to know what happens next

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In the arena a fight can only ever end one way with blood on the sand “You are rattling the wrong cage he said his tone cold I laid those ghosts in my first year of the arena – I was eighteen and I killed the three men I thought of as my best friends in as many moons You are the one with a problem about it not me” The Sabre is the most famous of the gladiatorial fighters in the Arena of Alfor He knows how to face any opponent on the sand and has defeated them all in the blood games patronised by the wealthy elite of medieval Temsevar But the Warlord abal Vyazin has decreed the arena is to become a mean. On the whole a satisfying ending to a really good series I recommend all three

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Dues of BloodS of political execution and even the Sabre will have to struggle to survive Temsevar is an insignificant Periphery world on the very fringes of galactic civilisation Settled long before the rise of faster than light technologies and left isolated for hundreds of years its population has degenerated into the barbarism of a medieval culture This primitive world has nothing the wealthy planets of the Coalition could want until it becomes unwitting host to one of their most dangerous enemies Avilon Revid But Temsevar has its own struggles which are being played out against the backdrop of its harsh society and. This is the third book I have read in this trilogy which means I've started the series in order and now am at the epic conclusion So how did I feel about this book and the way it endedAgain that wordplay and doublespeak dominates this book like it did for the other two I do delight in that kind of writing style repertoire hidden meanings and nuances but like the other two volumes it is an awful lot and can wear down after a while I think my favourite character is now Durban Chola who comes across here much stronger than he has in the other two books Finally he comes fully on his own and he pretty much carries this story on his wits alone For this reason I am giving this book four stars as I revel every time he opens his mouth and releases his incredible oratory Otherwise due to my wishy washy ness with the other characters except for Avilon Revid who is a compelling hero as usual I would have docked a star I felt a little off put about much of the book taking place in gladiator like housing or rather should we say prison complex It is a difficult setting to choose for a book because of the sheer hopelessness and futility of such a place the only way to get out is to die during the bloodthirsty performances or otherwise if one wins he simply continues to live to fight on nothing But the author managed to pull it off because there's actually little fighting it's where the political intrigue back slapping and glad handling continues as the trapped warriors speak and reason just as intelligently as their masters Not a situation I would expect to occur in real life but on this world everyone thinks three steps ahead and speaks like seasoned verbalists Another drawback for this book was the ending that occurs after well the ending I thought would conclude this book The extra ending finished off with a huge burst of science fiction that I hadn't seen to such extent in the previous two volumes and it left me saying whoa in a confused way After hearing about Durban Chola during this seemingly dream like surrealistic science fiction ending almost like it was tacked on by a fan fiction contributor I was left with a what the heck moment I also think the author got a little tired after the climax of the book and wanted to finish this extra ending But now that I've reflected on the main story I'm satisfied with the gist and am relieved that some main characters are on the way out so that I can stop knowing what happened to the main characters thus indulging myself in the completion of the story arcs Overall I think the second book is the best Both the first and third books in this trilogy had some pacing issues with sudden shifts in pacing and introduction of new characters or concepts I didn't favour the amount of ink given to the travelling troupe in the first book but am pleased with the amount of attention here which seems modest and well suited to the plot Also I am much pleased with the role of Durban Chola in this book as he's far consistent than he was in either the first two volumes Smooth I think I would definitely read another book with Durban Chola as the lead Not sure about his science fiction portrayal but I'll keep an open mind He could be the new Niccolo Machiavelli of literature