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SUMMARY Ê eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Shannon McKenna Ethally hot Only Tamara can understand the strange intensity that drives him to win at all costs and only she can match itVal has one weak spot Imre the frail old man who befriended him when he was a scared hungry kid abandoned on the streets of Budapest But Daddy Novak. I had a hard time deciding what to rate this book Because while it's a very interesting story and an excellent addition to the McClouds Friends series by Shannon Mckenna it's a rather dreary dark and harsh tale that doesn't particularly leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy throughout Ultimate Weapon features one of McKenna's recurring characters Tamara Steele Tam was first introduced in one of the earlier books in the series where she was the consort of a not so good character I would have never expected her to become a heroine for a later book But she made appearances in other books and slowly her character built into a less devious one In the last book Extreme Danger Tam takes on the care of a battered and broken little girl Rachel And now Rachel is what her life is all about She'll do anything to help the child But suddenly her life and Rachel's are in danger because one man is obsessed with owning her and another who hates her because she killed his son has just found out she is really alive not dead as he was told Val Janos and agent for a less than kosher European agency is charged with retrieving Tam for one of his clients But from the start he is enthralled with the woman However his loyalties are torn because now his surrogate father is in danger if he doesn't do what he is told Now he must find a way to save the old man and not betray Tam Because she just might be the one person who can save his battered souland that's a very simplified summary of this book It's a rather complicated story with various off shoots that keep things hopping McKenna crafted a very interested tale that never once bored me throughoutTam and Val are interesting characters Both are pretty much anti heroes and heroines as both have done a lot of things in their lives that they aren't proud of But at heart both are good peoplethey've just gotten caught up in bad circumstances at one point or anotherThe chemistry between them is instantaneous and McKenna wrote it really well I could feel the tension between them And the sex was super hot as it always is in one of McKenna's books Though it's not really a complaint the one thing that made this book drag a little for me was how dark and morose this story was It didn't make the story bad or anything but the harshness was just rather unrelenting and I could never read too much of it at once because it wears you down a littleStill it was a good book I thought the story did justice to Tam's character and what McKenna had built her up to be I'm hoping that future books in this series will let us readers see her settling into a peaceful life with Val I can't wait for McKenna's next full length book which supposedly will be about the missing McCloud brother

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CHARACTERS ´ Ultimate Weapon (McClouds Friends #6) Ï Tamara’s a bad girl with a dangerous difference Enter a terrifying sexually charged world of thrilling suspense where love is the riskiest game of all THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPESTCovert operations are what Val Janos is all about The man is mysterious and sinister and lethally Knows about Imre and Imre’s head is on the block if Val doesn’t deliver Tam up to Novak’s tender mercies A white hot passion explodes when Tam and Val get too close They both have too much to be afraid of too much to hide And now for the first time too much to lose. Very suspenseful book with lots of action The heroine Tam was so mean and rude that I really did not like her Once I found out what made her that way I could understand her and excuse alot of her behavior While Val's childhood was not much better then Tam's he did show a soft side I just fell in love with

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Ultimate Weapon McClouds Friends #6Tamara’s a bad girl with a dangerous difference Enter a terrifying sexually charged world of thrilling suspense where love is the riskiest game of all THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPESTCovert operations are what Val Janos is all about The man is mysterious and sinister and l. Tamara was never a favorite character of mine since I met her in Behind Closed Doors the 1st book in this series She was too harsh sneaky and to be blunt an overall bitch Like many readers I was very skeptical when I heard that Ms McKenna was making her the heroine in Ultimate Weapon because there was no way I could see her worthy of it So I decided to skip this book period But a friend of mine just refused to accept that and kept harrassing me to give it a try Weak that I am I finally caved even though I half expected to dislike it and now I have to eat crow LOLAfter reading about Tamara's past I got to understand why she was like she was it was a matter of toughening herself up or dying but that didn't mean she became likable in my eyes She was pretty much still a harsh and sneaky woman not my favorite type of heroine but she wasn't a bitch any Seeing how she was with her daughter Rachel than seeing her with Val was key to make me care about her and root for her HEAAs for Val he was like a male version of Tamara harsh sneaky tortured and damaged Not what I had expected to see paired up with her since we usually have a dark herolight heroine or vice versa pairing in Romancelandia but who else would have been able to take Tamara and survive ; I really liked Val tough and all which once again proves that I have double standards when it comes to my heroes and heroines while I can take a badass hero I dislike the female version of it It isn't PC but what can I say That's how I feel about itI knew beforehand that this would be a difficult read for me and I wasn't wrong When you throw in three count them three tortured characters Val Tamara and her baby daughter Rachel two hideous and perverted villains and one revenge driven plot you know you're in for a nightmare But even so I found myself glued to the pages and I couldn't let this book down except for that one single moment when Val did something that shocked meview spoilerLet me be blunt again he basically raped Tamara the 1st time they had sex One can argue that she never said no but he had drugged her in order to lower her defenses and make his seduction easier In my book that's rapeBut and I still can't believe I'm going to say it I wasn't pissed with him I think Ms McKenna did a great job showing me how sorry Val felt about having to do it and that's why I found it hard to blame him He really didn't have a choice in the matter I found some consolation in the fact that had he had enough time to properly woo Tamara before having to have sex with her she would have fallen into his arms willingly Gah I hope this train of thought doesn't make me sound like an un PC idiot hide spoiler