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Refuge for Masterminds Reader ó 352 pages Í It’s 1814 Napoleon has escaped his imprisonment on Elba Britain is at war on four fronts And at Stranje House a School for Unusual Girls five young ladies are secretly being trained for a world of spies diplomacy and warNapoleon’s invasion of England is underway and someone at Stranje HouseIt’s 1814 Napoleon has escaped his imprisonment on Elba Britain is at war on four fronts And at Stranje House a School for Unusual Girls five young ladies are secretly being trained for a world of spies diplomacy and warNapoleon’s invasion of England is underway and someone a As a teacher of middle school students I’m always looking for books I can enthusiastically recommend to my students Particularly I keep an eye out for books with positive female role models characters who are uirky and confident and gifted Kathleen Baldwin’s Refuge for Masterminds gives me not just one girl for my students to look up to but several In addition Emma Stranje the headmistress of the school for unusual girls is a teacher who is brilliant and mysterious Who doesn’t love thatThis is the third book in the series and I read it without reading the first two I was not lost at all and felt as comfortable in Ms Baldwin’s world as if I had all the background the other two books provided And her world is a vibrant place of gowns and balls and pet wolves She must have done a good bit of research since I did not get pulled out of the reading by any anachronismsI loved the relationship among the girls and their teacher all of whom have uniue strengths and characteristics They function well within the confines of their society while still showing how they can be independent and influential Following Jane through this story was a delight The conflict is centrally focused on her and she works throughout it with creativity humor and poiseThe romance subplot was sweet and entirely age appropriate Alexander and Jane have a fun time playing off each other and it’s entertaining for the readers to witness the growth of their intellectual and romantic relationship I would have no ualms recommending this to my teenage readersI look forward to reading the other novels in this series and commend Ms Baldwin for giving me a book I will definitely get my students to read in the future

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She tends to grasp the facts of a situation uickly and by doing so she’s able to devise and implement a sensible course of action Is Jane enough of a mastermind to save the brash young American inventor Alexander Sinclair her friends at Stranje House and possibly England itsel Lady Jane Moore is considered a mastermind among her group of friends all students at Miss Stranje's School for unusual girls Jane doesn't consider herself a mastermind merely managing and bossy She wants to be like her hero Miss Stranje and give up everything to save England from Napoleon's evil clutches Everyone knows there is a traitor at Stranje House and Jane is determined to find out who it is and keep secrets from getting to the villains Only the girls of Stranje House know of the secret steam ship the American Alexander Sinclair has built with Jane's help It is now ready to show the Admiralty but not if Napoleon's henchmen find out about it Jane must help come up with an alternate plan to get the ship to London If that wasn't enough to weigh down her mind Miss Stranje announces the girls will be going to London to participate in the Season Jane flat out refuses to go If she goes her secret will come out and her dreams will be ruined Mr Sinclair is determined to get Jane to London and to learn to dance so they can dance together Nonsense Jane knows Alexander probably finds her bossy but perhaps considers her a friend at best She wouldn't wish for or expect anything else A romantic entanglement with a teasing American would get in the way of all Jane's plans Can she use her extraordinary brain to solve all her problemsI found this was the least interesting of the Stranje House novels so far The action starts and stops a lot I was able to put it down I uestion how the author can sustain the suspense for two novels The big dramatic moment here seemed so obvious and though I was on the edge of my bed wondering HOW things would turn out I pretty much knew the outcome I wasn't surprised by the identity of the traitor because I too figured it out by process of elimination Also Jane's talent is perfectly normal so there isn't really an underlying paranormal story the way there is with Tess I figured out what Jane's secret must be and I didn't see why she was so dramatic about it I think she misjudged her hero a bit I wondered why an American would be helping the British fight Napoleon and how when our countries were at war with one another he could even get safely to England and back home again Don't get me wrong I really liked Jane I can relate a lot to her I would be too intelligent for the time and too bossy I could easily see myself reacting the way she did especially with Alexander I found her relationship with Alexander was too repetitive and slow It continues from where they left off in Exile for Dreamers I do understand why Jane put up walls around her heart and why she would be reluctant to love Her story is kind of sad but not all that unusual for the world created by Regency romance novelists At that time they didn't know anything about addiction and wouldn't have counselors available anyway Jane got off relatively fine compared to some of her friends Her brothers are over the top caricatures Alexander is a cute hero He's very different from Heyer's archetypal heroes More like Austen's Henry Tilney Alexander knows how to push Jane's buttons He's brilliant but I think she may be even intelligent intellectually speaking Alexander is wiser in matters of the heart He isn't a swoony hero but he's good for Jane He helps her lighten up and not take herself so seriously My favorite character is still Tess I absolutely love her with Lord Ravencross My mom thinks I have a thing for dark brooding heroes I also loved the scenes with the wolves My heart broke when Tess wanted to do the right thing according to nature I agree with her but my heart agrees with Jane My new favorite characters are the patronesses of Almacks Yes Georgette Heyer's Regency world comes colliding with the fantasy world of Stranje House Lady Jersey provided some comic relief I did find it incredulous the ladies knew Miss Stranje and how they knew her That seemed a little false given Lady Jersey's nickname Lord Harston was a huge surprise I didn't really care for the introduction of him too create conflict He seems to have a personality transplant or is Jane an unreliable narrator Does she remember the events correctly or is his version of that day closer to the truth We only have his word for it Daneska is getting and evil as the stories go on She's truly a selfish cold hearted cruel woman She suits Ghost perfectly because he apparently doesn't have a conscience at all Sera and Maya's stories start to get fleshed out Maya's love interest is introduced Maya seems to have some paranormal abilities that none of the other girls have I'm really curious about her life in India and exactly what she learned from her family and whether her love interest knows what he is doing to her I can't wait to read her bookI recommend this series to teen girls young adults and those who like alternate history and girl power stories Though the book is part of a series and previous events alluded to it can be read as a stand alone

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Refuge for MastermindsT Stranje House is sneaking information to his spies Lady Jane Moore is determined to find out who it is If anyone can discover the traitor it is Jane for according to headmistress Emma Stranje Lady Jane is a mastermindJane doesn’t consider herself a mastermind It’s just that I love these girls I Need Moreeee