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Bad Boy Valetti Crime Family #5They thoug. “You’ll learn to obey me kitten and you’ll fcking love it when you do”Wowza I have been clamoring to read Willow Winters for a while so when an opportunity arose to receive an Advance Reviewers Copy of BAD BOY in exchange for an honest review I was giddy with anticipationAnd this gem of a book exceeded even my wildest imaginings In this dark and twisty 5th installment in the Valetti Crime Family series Anthony a contract killer has an attack of conscience when he is ordered to take out Catherine a bewitching beauty in the Witness Protection Program who crossed the wrong men in the Cassano family He is deeply infatuated and feels inexplicably possessive of his mark so he cleverly comes up with a tantalizing compromise He'll claim her as his love slave and spare her life in the process Deeply aroused at the prospect of training her to fulfill their most decadent fantasies he uickly sets his plan in motion He stalks drugs and kidnaps the stunning young women brings her to his abode and when she wakes up petrified in a cold damp basement he coldly offers her a dealeither agree to be his sweet submissive or die at his merciless hand At first she is defiant and tries everything to get her formidable captor to set her free But Anthony is transfixed with his feisty prisoner and is not about to let her slip out of his grasp And try as she might she is irresistibly drawn to Anthony He is a man of many contradictions and sets her traitorous heart aflame Before long she is a wiling captive and desperate to be a good girl for her commanding yet exuisitely tender Dom who metes out a uniue brand of firm discipline when she disobeys but also lavishes her with breathtaking tenderness and caters to her every whim when she does his bidding Against all odds they find themselves falling headfirst into love but the hunky hitman is harboring a dark secret that once revealed will put them both on a collision course with danger mayhem and utter heartbreakOhhhhhow I relished this book Where to begin Well for starters BAD BOY hit my sweet spot because nothing scintillates me then a deliciously depraved emotionally driven Mafia romance that is heavy on feels passion excitement and leaves me tingling in all the right places The chemisty between Anthony and his soft naughty kitten was ELECTRIFYING and my heart throbbed for them both I loved the fierce battle of wills that soon paved the way to sweet submission The severe abuse that Catherine suffered at the hands of her former master's cruel punishing hand was gutwrenching and Anthony's backstory was eually poignant This was a couple to root for and each and every moment in this book i was riveted There was also the perfect balance of danger discord and desire Speaking of steam the power exchange between Anthony and Catherine was panty melting hot I loved how even when he was strictly enforcing lessons in obedience it was never about physical cruelty but gentle tender loving dominance The story moved at a steady pace and the pulse pounding ending gave me shivers and uivers and ultimately left me shedding cathartic tears of joy Bottom line A spectacular mafia romance with a swoonalicious HEA that gave me warm fuzzies and whetted my appetite for the next Bad Boy romance from the wondrously talented Ms Winters

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Ht I would. I've been taken and he wants to keep me 375 stars A good dark Mafia Romance read I don't really like reading books with authors or bloggers or anything close to home it takes the fantasy part away for me That being said it was gritty edgy and hot When Anthony gets a hit reuest for Catherine after a month of watching her every move he goes against the reuest and decides to keep her Catherines choice is submit or die With a Dom submissive theme Bad boy is a hot read with intense moments told in dual pov's and flows really well Would I read from this author Yes I was curious about the other characters and the mafia family feel Arc received for review Bbbf sizzlereads bestbookboyfriends LABB

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