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MOBI ó DOC Eliza and Her Monsters 9780062290137 FREE ð FRANCESCA ZAPPIA ´ Her story is a phenomenon Her life is a disasterIn the real world Eliza Mirk is shy weird and friendless Online she’s LadyConstellation the anonymous creator of the wildly popular webcomic Monstrous Sea Eliza can’t imagThe real world as much as she loves the online one and she has no desire to tryThen Wallace Warland Monstrous Sea’s biggest fanfiction writer transfers to her school Wallace thinks Eliza is just another fan and as he draws her out of in a friendly reminder that i've sht on all your faves i posted this review find it here preferably before unfollowing me out of righteous fury is 2020I now understand having read this book what I did not grasp previously that maybe I shouldn’t have expected to like this For one thing I full on hate Francesca Zappia’s other book with everything that I am which in retrospect is seeming like a important factor than it did at the timeI also really really hate my big secret was revealed and now everyone in high school knows and my life is ruined in a very uintessentially high school way plotlines They are so stressfulBut I like contemporaries And I like the Internet And I like illustrations And I like mental illness rep And I like books people like That first and last one are blatantly false but stillI had hope is what I’m sayingThis book crushed every last BIT of thatAs I just ranted about except not actually because it’ll probably take me a million years to post this even after it took me a million years to write it even after it took me a million years to read the book in my review of Everything All at Once I am sick to death of the shtty family tropeBut I didn’t realize just how sick of it I could be just how hard that trope could scrape against the bottom of the entertainment barrel just how low we could get until I read this bookTHIS BOOK HAS PERHAPS THE WORST FAMILY DYNAMIC OF ANY BOOK I’VE EVER READ Because not only is it grueling and dramatic and boring and done it’s also completely nonsensicalEliza has two little brothers who are so flat and annoying they actually go well past the bounds of the very definitions of the words “flat” and “annoying” She does not get along well with said brothers and is in fact uite mean to them despite being many years older and one would suppose incorrectly mature So that’s awesomeBut we don’t get to the very limits of terrible until we talk about Eliza’s parents That statement along with every single statement made in this book may lead you to assume that Eliza’s parents are the problem However every single cell in my entire body vehemently disagrees with that assumptionEliza’s parents are just two people trying their best Their daughter never talks to them and spends her whole life in her room on the Internet and they don’t know what to do about it which is not exactly shocking considering Eliza never talks to them They’re just trying to parentI think this book may have been designed to appeal to the children of technology Here is a girl who has it all in terms of what the online world can offer she has anxiety but she’s unbelievably famous has swarms of online friends creates amazing art gets a boyfriend What goes along with that is the inevitable disapproving parental figure is actually gasp wrong Maybe that’s another reason I was destined not to like this book I firmly believe you can’t be on the internet all the time Not even if your friends are on there not even if your job is on there not even if like a goddamn opportunity to hook up with Zac Efron is on there Which I guess it is technically speaking REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES the real world matters too is what I’m

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Her story is a phenomenon Her life is a disasterIn the real world Eliza Mirk is shy weird and friendless Online she’s LadyConstellation the anonymous creator of the wildly popular webcomic Monstrous Sea Eliza can’t imagine enjoying She drew so many monsters that she became a monster herself 4 12 stars The only reason it's not 5 is that it took a little while for me to get into it But when I did it completely blew me away I liked this even than Zappia's Made You UpI'm not going to lie to you a huge part of my love for this book is because I related so much to Eliza So freaking much Well except for the part where she's a talented webcomic artist and I'm not but shhh Some of you know this but others don't I have long suffered with anxiety particularly social anxiety I get worked up about sending emails angsting over it when replies don't come straight away oh god did I say something wrong? I literally used to drink alcohol before the mandatory presentations in college not showing up only worked for so long and I still feel panic rising inside me whenever I have to make a phone call to someone I don't know well Over the years I've come to handle it better; to talk myself down from the panic But it's still thereIt's been part of who I am my whole life From my very first school years when I almost always played alone to later bullying because I was that weird and socially clueless class member who didn't get how to behave And the way I coped? To put it simply The Internet The Internet provided a place for me to explore the world find others like me whilst also providing a barrier I was invisible free and not alone in the way I was often alone in the real world I spent hours every night on my computer until my parents got frustrated that I spent so much time alone and not in the real world What they didn't get and what Eliza's parents don't get in this book is that I wasn't alone I was making friends from all over the world And they were better friends than any I'd had in real life at that point And as Eliza says It’s stupid because that’s what I like about the internet—that it gives you time to think about what you want to say before you say it It's always so wonderful to find a book that gets you A book that puts into words feelings you've always had but have struggled to voice Eliza and Her Monsters did just thatFrom my perspective it's a very realistic portrayal of anxiety and of someone who escapes into Internet forums Eliza's most valued friendships are online and of course her well meaning parents fail to understand or consider them realIt's a much darker book than I was first expecting While there is lots of geeky fandom fanfiction fanart cosplay the story of Eliza's anxiety relationships with those around her and even suicidal thoughts gives the novel a serious and emotional edge I appreciate books like this though If you're looking for a geeky fandom book that is lighter and fluffier I recommend ueens of Geek There is a small monster in my brain that controls my doubtThe doubt itself is a stupid thing without sense or feeling blind and straining at the end of a long chain The monster though is smart It’s always watching and when I am completely sure of myself it unchains the doubt and lets it run wild Even when I know it’s coming I can’t stop it There's another layer to this book too which I found really interesting As well as being about Eliza's anxiety it's also a

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Eliza and Her MonstersHer shell she begins to wonder if a life offline might be worthwhileBut when Eliza’s secret is accidentally shared with the world everything she’s built her story her relationship with Wallace and even her sanity begins to fall apar 385 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ “You found me in a constellation” ― Francesca Zappia Eliza and Her Monsters This book was an adeuate distraction from my real life right now Which is exams pressure exams kill me exams fuck my life death I enjoyed reading 50 pages of this every day before I went to sleep after a stressful and straining day We start off with Eliza an unsociable shy and introverted high school girl who is experiencing anxiety and depression and is closed off to the virtual world of the Internet She is also the Anonymous creator of the most popular web comic Monstrous Sea which is read by millions and millions of people all over the world Then she meets Wallace the most popular fan fiction writer of her comic who is transferred to her school and then everything changes This book didn't give me feels This book didn't make me cling to my seat to read what happens next These characters didn't pull me as much as I would have hoped This feeling probably comes to me when I read a book in two or three sittings and probably this book didn't give me this intense feeling of desperation to finish it because I was reading it during a tough time But it was probably just the book This was a book with a great anxiety representation amazing artwork throughout done by the author and a very interesting storyline But that's about itThe only characters I liked were Eliza and Wallace All the others just didn't exist to me They felt flat than fucking flat Earthers think the Earth is Her parents her brothers Wallace's friends his family didn't do it for me Eliza didn't pay much attention to people especially in the beginning and that's why I think her POV story didn't make me relate to these characters on no level at all The romance was very cute and fluffy I really enjoyed how awkwardly they started off and how they were writing everything in little notes but after it became canon it got lost to me It's one of those ships that you're dying to happen but when it does you're totally uninterested by it But they shared a deep relationship and I'm so glad they found each other We all closed off people who love books tv shows movie etc too much need people like this in our livesI hate the everything is turning out amazing and nothing is wrong and everything was shit as fuck throughout the book and then after a while everything solves itself trope And it happened here in some way I don't want my characters to struggle but I'm a realist And I enjoy realistic endings and situations in books And I don't enjoy when literally everything is upside down and glum and sad and depressing and then it all just poof Gone And I'm not talking about financial problems which can be solved with a good new job or anything but emotional ones This book didn't leave this taste entirely to me but it did in certain aspects And I didn't enjoy thatThis novel was very much like Fangirl plot wise but also not much They were written in the same format both the protagonists were young white straight girls who were popular on the Internet both of them had anxiety each chapter we got a snippet from their work etc This might be an unpopular opinion I don't know I enjoyed Fangirl It had its fl