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review Deadpool the Duck 103 ì Deadpool the Duck is sent on a mission by SHIELD to capture a rogue alienCollecting Deadpool the Duck 1 5IenCollecting Deadpool the Duck 1 5. Howard the duck crosses paths with Deadpool Soon after Deadpool is bitten by a Rabies infected Rocket and Howard and Deadpool fuse together They take turns controlling Howards duck body in a Deadpool suit while trying to figure out how to get separated and also help Rocket feel better in the process In the end Deadpool discovers he has to eat his own commit to trigger the separation process Once everyone is back to normal Howard gets a job at the reception desk at SHIELDFunny and interesting

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Deadpool the Duck is sent on a miss. A Deadpool and Howard the Duck mashup had the potential to be amazing The story line was unimaginative The humor was not clever The addition of Rocket the Raccoon barely helped This was a big disappointment

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Deadpool the DuckIon by SHIELD to capture a rogue al. I honestly found this little series to be witty while not going overly violent as a typical Deadpool story would be In regards to this volume the art is outstanding and entertaining to see Howards facial expressions The overall bad guy to the whole story is pretty goofy but than again so is Howard and Wade Wilson