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READ & DOWNLOAD Family Dont End with Blood ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó How a Show and the Support of Its Fandom Changed—and Saved—LivesMay 2017 marks the end of the twelfth season of the CW hit Supernatural a television show about two demon hunting brothers and an angel that is at the center of a fan community Attitudes in Reverse whose mission is to educate young people about mental health and suicide preventionContributors from Supernatural’s cast includeJared Padelecki “Sam Winchester”Jim Beaver “Bobby Singer”Ruth Connell “Rowena MacLeod”Osric Chau “Kevin Tran”Rob Benedict “Chuck Shurley aka God”Kim Rhodes “Sheriff Jody Mills”Briana Buckmaster “Sheriff Donna Hanscum”Matt Cohen “Young John Winchester”Gil McKinney “Henry Winchester”Rachel Miner “Meg Masters”Edited by Lynn S Zubernis a clinical psychologist professor and passionate Supernatural fangirl Family Don’t End with Blood provides an insightful and often uplifting look into the way international fan communities become powerful positive forces in the lives of so many. I actually got a written letter in the mail this summer from one of the actors from this show who played the role of Death one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Supernatural has always interested me because it never takes itself too seriously and it always has a good mix of serioushumorous This book captures the fans of the show and why it means so much to each of them personally

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How a Show and the Support of Its Fandom Changed and Saved LivesMay 2017 marks the end of the twelfth season of the CW hit Supernatural a television show about two demon hunting brothers and an angel that is at the center of a fan community as tight knit as family a virtual support system that spans the globe The three time People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite Sci FiFantasy TV Show and Tumblr’s 2015 Most Reblogged “Live Action TV” show has made a name for itself by supporting and encouraging its fans to “always keep fighting” a main theme echoed in the show and demonstrating the inspiring truth to a memorable line from early in the show’s run “Family don’t end with blood”In twenty powerful chapters written by Supernatural’s actors and. 'Family Don't End With Blood' is a book about the Supernatural fandom or as we like to refer to it the SPN Family The book is a compilation of letters stories and photos from fans cast and crew of the TV show Supernatural about how the show has impacted their lives It's edited by Lynn Zubernis who I've been talking to recently and who I'm happy to say will be appearing on my YouTube channel on Friday May 26 to talk about the bookReading stories from the cast and from fellow fans like me made me feel incredibly proud to be a part of this fandom My whole life I've felt nervous to tell people how much TV shows books movies and fandoms mean to me because I'm afraid they won't get it I'm afraid they'll think it's childish or silly or stupid That fear is based on past experiences with peers my age and older adults who looked down on the content I enjoy This book showed me that I have nothing to be ashamed of My love for this TV show about two brothers fighting evil is just as valid as someone else's love for classic literatureThe stories in FDEWB were relatable to a point where I cried because I felt so lucky to have found a fandom that gets it and a cast that cares so much about the people who support them Jared Padalecki's essay about his struggle with mental illness and how the fandom has helped him through it made me look at myself differently and touched me in a way that I can't fully explainI can't describe how happy I am that this book exists The Supernatural family truly is incredible and I'm so glad that I found them and that they have found me in return

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Family Dont End with BloodFans including series lead Jared Padalecki Family Don’t End with Blood How Supernatural Has Changed Lives examines the far reach of the show’s impact over the last eleven years Supernatural has encouraged fans to change their lives from getting “sober for Sam” to escaping a cult to pursuing lifelong dreams But fans aren’t the only ones who have been changed The actors who bring the show to life have also found in the show and its community inspiration courage and the strength to keep going when life seemed too hardIn keeping with the show’s message to “always keep fighting” and to support the important work of combatting stigma and encouraging those who are struggling to speak out a portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to charity. As a fan of Supernatural this is a must read