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The Second Mrs Adams review Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¸ An accident AmnesiaA chance to fall in love all over againDavid Adams is going to have to let his wife back into his life He'd been about to divorce Joanna when she had the accident True sheer undergone a complete personality change since then and has turned back into Ced that what he feels for Joanna right now is lust But he must resist their reborn attractionbecause once Joanna's memory has returned this pretense of a real marriage must surely be over. I like amnesia stories because they can give a couple a reset in a dramatic way This story delivers that in spades as the heroine is told of the false person she had become at the promptings from the OW and not liking her very much The hero is also forced to look at his behavior and how he allowed their relationship to drift into dangerous territory They were on the brink of a very unnecessary divorce so the angst is all for a good purpose There were some lovely scenes between the Hh getting reacuainted in Connecticut I like how they had both worked on that house and the H's vintage Jag The H wanting to find a part at a junk yard rather than ordering it from a vintage parts business rings so true The OW has a great comeuppance The hero is justifiably angry after she kept her knowledge of the heroine's whereabouts to herself for a week when the hero was out of his mind with worry And he tells her If you were a man I'd beat the crap out of you Then the housekeeper grabs her by the collar and forcibly removes her from the apartment happy sighThere's also a cute epilogue five years later Just a solid story all around

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An accident AmnesiaA chance to fall in love all over againDavid Adams is going to have to let his wife back into his life He'd been about to divorce Joanna when she had the accident True s. spoilers aheadAn amnesiac h waking up in the hospital to a husband she doesn’t remember having and over a husband who is sending mixed signals confusing her further At this point I was looking for conspiracies by the author like a twin swapping trope etc especially with a title like ‘The Second Mrs Adams’ Now as the H’s pov tells us the amnesia is uite inconvenient for him as they were on the verge of a divorce and the h had walked out And he is now obliged to look after a wife he doesn’t want As things unfold we get to know their's had been a happy marriage initially with both of them wildly in love with each other But slowly the wife started changing and became image conscious and materialistic From a carefree and wild ‘gypsy’ she became a woman who preferred NYC to their Connecticut home and was always off socializing and attending the bizzarest charity dos Basically someone he could not relate to any longer and so their private and sex life also suffered and they grew apart in 4 years of marriageAnd as the h is exposed to her previous personality and daily routine she is uite appalled and unable to accept that she is the same person so alluding to chances of a twin swap but the author had tricks up her sleeveI started enjoying the book only after the incident where she decides to gate crash a charity function for ‘Tico the chimp’ or something where the H goes off alone without her and her diary tells her she was invited too in fact had a big hand in organizing it tooOf course she goes dressed in a skimpy dress as opposed to her usual signature black gown And we get fireworksA third person is introduced here in the story The owpa makes her appearance complete with her povIt makes for a good story view spoilerbut also makes the hH especially the h look stupid and almost criminally gullible for letting a third person so completely brainwash her and ruin her marriage And let's not even go into the complete lack of communication at home In fact she doesn’t realize the ow’s treachery till the very last page hide spoiler

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The Second Mrs AdamsHeer undergone a complete personality change since then and has turned back into the lovely girl he married But does that mean he's going to fall right back in love with herDavid is convin. 35 starsColour me surprised I just finished visiting the Adams in HPlandia and I enjoyed their tangled story Joanna Adams was just shy of signing the paperwork to end her marriage to David when she was in an accident and lost her memory David wasn’t a cad but he would have been overjoyed if everything was over He wondered if he had ever loved his superficial wife Still he intended to see she received ‘ help’ and that either meant followup rehab at Bright Meadows Or at their home He was torn between the outer shell she presented in the past and the recent vulnerable Jo His Jo In turn she was confused with the stoic mystery man who claimed to be her husband Her gut told her their marriage was unhappy ”They were so polite like cautious acuaintances” At times you could slice the air between them with a knifeFrom start to finish their journey was only 186 pages but the dialogue and emotions were a step above most Harleuins And did anyone else notice view spoilerthe villainess Morgana was eerily similar to the sorceress Morgan le Fay of Arthurian fame hide spoiler