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READ & DOWNLOAD Crackpot A Novel New Canadian Library 107 à Hoda the protagonist of Crackpot is one of the most captivating characters in Canadian fiction Graduating from a tumultuous childhood to a life of prostitution she becomes a legend in her neighbourhood a canny and ingenious woman generous intuitive and exuding a wholesome luFeResonant with myth and superstition this radiant novel is a joyous celebration of life and the mystery that is at the heart of all experienc. Wow This is a challenging book both in terms of subject matter and writing style However it is really rewarding Honda is one of the most interesting characters in CanLit She is vulgar yet sensitive; coarse yet charming world wise yet incredibly naive As a child she is neglected and abused neglected by her parents because they try but don't know any better; by her teachers because they simply don't care And she is used by her schoolmates and neighbours for sexual favours All leads to an end that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming Through it all Hoda remains positive overcomes her self esteem issues and becomes an incredibly strong resourceful woman This is not a book to take lightly The writing style can be dense and difficult to penetrate This is not a fault it forces the reader to pay attention and think Numerous times I had to retread pages to ensure I knew what was being said It is a very good book that deserves a wider readership

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Hoda the protagonist of Crackpot is one of the most captivating characters in Canadian fiction Graduating from a tumultuous childhood to a lif. Oh Hoda how I will miss you I really will I'll be thinking of you for years to come You got right inside of me right into my heart and my head You opened up what I thought was already an open mind and stretched it just a little bit further You were uniue and uncomfortable and heartfelt You were incredible I am truly going to miss you and I can't say that that's happened very often for a fictional character Oh Adele Wiseman how sad I am that I'm only discovering you decades after your death and that we'll never get a new book from you Thank you for your incredible writing your command of language your creativity and the inspiration you've provided about the limitless way to use words and convey emotion This book is so uniue and so loving With just a few pages left I actually shed tears at the thought of leaving the main character Hoda behind What would happen to her How could I help her The ending was completely satisfying and really the only ending that could have worked There were some crazy scenes in this book I could never have guessed and could never have imagined and yet it all wrapped up intelligently and emotionally I LOVE this book One of the best ever Amazing how 43 years after its publication it's still so relevant

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Crackpot A Novel New Canadian LibraryE of prostitution she becomes a legend in her neighbourhood a canny and ingenious woman generous intuitive and exuding a wholesome lust for li. This is the disturbing and tragic story of Hoda the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants Hoda is a much loved child and she grows up listening to family stories proudly told by her blind father Danile who naively believes in his good luck in spite of poverty and misfortune Danile and his slightly hunchbacked wife Rahel were married in a graveyard during a cholera epidemic in the old country It appeared that the Jews were not uite as susceptible to the disease as gentiles and as the epidemic continued the threat of a pogrom frightened the Jewish community An old belief held that the marriage of the community’s poorest least able members in a cemetery would end the epidemic Danile and Rahel were chosen In return the community would provide a dowry a mud hut and look after them But as time went on people forgot the epidemic and their responsibility for the couple Eventually they were sponsored to immigrate to Canada by an uncle in Winnipeg who was unaware of Danile’s blindness and saw them only as a financial burden once they arrived They found a hovel in the north end of the city and Rahel went out to clean the houses of middleclass Jews Because of Danile’s blindness she had to take Hoda along and constantly fed her to keep the child uiet If life wasn’t already hard enough for this family Rahel began to feel the growth of an abdominal tumour but did not take it seriously enough and postponed the surgery until it was too late After her death Danile’s prosperous uncle harbouring dreams of becoming a community philanthropist promised generous donations to the Jewish Orphanage and to the old folk’s home thinking that he would be able to place his unwanted and dependent relatives there He was stunned and furious by Danile and Hoda’s refusal to be separated and washed his hands of them Danile had recently learned to weave baskets and the two scraped by on the sale of these and with scraps that Hoda was given by the butcher in return for sexual favours Hoda did not recognize until years later that her innocence had been abused At school she was an outcast due to her obesity her poverty and lack of cleanliness Soon she was to turn to the adolescent boys for acceptance for love and ultimately for money becoming a prostitute And yet she still optimistically believed that better days would come When the cold weather came she brought the boys to her home telling Danile that she was tutoring them He either naively or willfully blind seemed to accept this story and would retire to his room so as not to disturb them Ignorant and with no one to talk to about women’s concerns Hoda did not believe that she could become pregnant and thought she was becoming ill like her mother when she began to feel changes in her body Wiseman’s writing vividly describes the terrifying experience of giving birth at night alone and completely ignorant Hoda screaming soundlessly to avoid disturbing and frightening her father The realization of what had happened propelled her to action cleaning up all traces and walking in the middle of the night to the orphanage where she abandoned her son on the porch The note she left with him would cause much speculation in the community as to his origins Afterwards Hoda carried on with her prostitution but learned to protect herself She would also take cleaning jobs when they were available She and Danile carried on as before but Hoda now carried a sadness within her Years later Hoda met her adolescent son and this was truly tragic Wiseman has created a character that one can’t help but feel deeply for and yet feeling sorry for her one can’t help but admire the earthy Hoda’s resourcefulness her optimism her courage and her love I’m surprised that this well written novel with its strong characterisation and portrayal of Winnipeg's north end through the period of the World Wars and the Winnipeg General Strike isn’t better known Wiseman was a contemporary and good friend of Margaret Laurence