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The Fire DragonEanwhile from the north come the savage Horsekin slavers ancient foe of the Westfolk now bent on the domination of Cerr Cawnen They are awaited by the sorceress Raena their self sworn high priestess and the votary of an evil goddess Now as Rhodry and Raena renew their timeless enmity the fate of the city and every soul within it hangs in the balance and on an act of self sacrifice dangerous beyond imagini. We see how RaenaMerodda and NiffaLilli's histories intersect Lilli's Maryn's and Bellyra's deaths were awful The ending of that narrative was a tragedy I'm not yet sure how their timelines work out Lilli doesn't meet Maryn again in present day and the present day BellyraMaryn worked out well enough they did their duty It's nice to see that present day BellyraCarra retains so much of her personalitylove for historyI realise that there are so many synonyms for laughing in battle which almost every character does Is it deliberate on the part of the author Like is laughing in battle the only socially acceptable manner of showing emotion Or a socially praised one ie to feel that lust for battle meaning that only people who laugh in battle get recorded But it does get a little boring to read aboutI did not see Rhodry becoming a dragon Is that the end of his narrative That resolution was satisfying though we see Evander tying up lose ends in the Bright Court and I liked that the mysterious old man turned out to be Aderyn I thought it would be Nevyn Dallendra appears to tie herself to the material world again to look after Eliss I liked the Cerr Cawnen resolution At least there's another city although there's going to be a long way to travel for itI liked the resolution of the Salamander arc with him heading back to Deverry It was awful that he forgot to bid farewell to his children though It's a good ending place for the series but the knowledge that there's is going to drive me to finish this series

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Passion for the young dweomer apprentice Lilli threatens to revive a curse that only she at her own peril can liftIt is a drama that will be played out centuries later in the city of Cerr Cawnen Among the many who take refuge in the lakeside citadel nestled in a volcano's shadow are a Westfolk band guided by the elven enchantress Dallandra and protected by Rhodry Maelwaedd and his fiery guardian dragon M. The author spends about a third of this book in what we have came to think of as the past the end of the Civil Wars and the other two thirds in the present with Dallandra Rhodry Jahdo Niffa Evandar Raena and Arzosah Several long running plot threads come together a fitting end to this arc in the Deverry Cycle One 4 book arc remains to follow Rhodry to his Wyrd and discover how the Westfolk fare after momentous discoveries rock their worldKerr is not afraid to write bittersweet episodes and they typically involve love shared fulfilled offered unreuited spurned doomed The world building and race building are imaginative but the strength of the story telling is in the individual characters and the intricacies of the various strands of this centuries spanning tapestry

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Read ´ The Fire Dragon ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ë Katharine Kerr has enchanted readers with her magical Deverry and Westlands cycle and now she brings to a breathtaking conclusion the epic saga begun with The Red Wyvern and The Black RavenThe final chapter begins in the holy city as it rises from the ashes of DeveKatharine Kerr has enchanted readers with her magical Deverry and Westlands cycle and now she brings to a breathtaking conclusion the epic saga begun with The Red Wyvern and The Black RavenThe final chapter begins in the holy city as it rises from the ashes of Deverry's long wars Prince Maryn prepares to claim the high kingship but still the rebel Boar clan stands fast against him And at court his illicit. This book just became my favorite so far of the series I'm serious folks For a long time I've had an idolized vision of Prince Maryn completely forgetting all the crappy things he did I realized that while he was the right king at the right time he was a pretty crappy human being at least to his women I've loved Bellyra and Lillorigga fiercly but never as much as this time through and with clarity on their situations than I had before And while I mourned over the losses of Jill and Nevyn in earlier books the last few pages before the book moves to Bardek at the very end really had my heart feeling like it was going to fall out of my chest Other readers have said they felt tired and dragging through the last few books and while there may have been some slow bits I've never found that to be a fault But this one it felt like new life had been breathed into the series for me While I was dreading only slightly and only for emotional reasons getting to the end of the series in a few books I feel motivated now as well