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CHARACTERS ê Out of Bounds ✓ The first rule of football don't screw with a streakMy career is finally looking up and I'm leading a new pro team down the field every Sunday No way will I mess with that But when I meet the most stunning and captivating woman I've ever seen I tell myself one night will have to be enough But it's not And now I can't get heThe first rule of football don't screw with a streakMy career is finally looking up and I'm leading a new pro team down the field every Sunday No way will I mess with that But when I meet the most stunning and captivating woman I've ever seen I tell myself one. Why can't life be like a Lauren Blakely book Is it too much to ask for to run into a sexy half naked pro athlete on a beach We sadly can’t all be as fortunate as the heroine in the author’s new novella Out of Bounds but we can be satisfied with reading about the scorching hot romance between protagonists Dani Paige and Drew Erickson I’m always on the lookout for a book that will make me smile and swoon which is exactly what Lauren Blakely delivers with Out of Bounds What’s better than a hero who’s funny charming and always armed with a sarcastic uip How about a no nonsense whip smart heroine who can go toe to toe with him In Out of Bounds we have Drew – a professional uarterback looking for his big break with a new team – and Dani – a hardworking lawyer who spends her free time surfing which is how she meets Drew The two instantly connect the attraction between them uickly growing from a spark to a raging inferno Their relationship is a whirlwind with only a few snags along the way courtesy of some workplace drama What makes the couple so engaging and kept me glued to my Kindle from beginning to end is the easygoing playful dynamic between them Drew and Dani’s romance is sexy dreamy and oh so naughty – a combination that will have you sighing in contentment one moment and fanning your face the next And can I just talk about Drew for a second He's the best of both worlds with a clean cut good guy persona yet downright filthy in bed or in the car or on the phone etc Drew is the ultimate fantasy and a worthy addition to Lauren Blakely’s long line of swoon worthy book boyfriends I'm typically not a big reader of novellas because I'm greedy and always want When it comes to Lauren Blakely however I'll take what I can get With Out of Bounds the author gives readers a sports romance with a forbidden element light on the drama and heavy on the romance Throw in some explosive chemistry and light hearted banter and you have all the makings of a fun flirty and entertaining readcomplimentary copy provided by author for an honest review

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Night will have to be enough But it's not And now I can't get her out of my mind Even when I'm playing Even when I need to focus Even when I’m on the hottest streak of my life And it turns out she's not just some random woman I met She works for the team My. ARC Provided by the AuthorLauren Blakely really is perfect She writes a story that is engaging with characters that you enjoy and want to get to know This was a shorter novel and I was impressed with how much depth of character and development of the story arc that was present as it was closer to a novella in length That right there makes it worth of 5 stars as usually novellas leave me feeling a little unfulfilled like I wanted Ok so I want of Drew and Danibut not because their story wasn't over but because Lauren BlakelyWrote A Book About a Football PlayerLet that sink in A Lauren Blakely sports romanceIt's as good as it soundsDrew is hot Really hot Dani is sexy They have the best time in traffic And in other places The writing as always was spot on The pacing of the story perfect the meet cute hilarious in a perfect sort of way As I mentioned already I was impressed by how much was able to be put into this story I highly recommend this and I can't wait to read Blakely's next sports novel HINT

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Out of BoundsTeamI only have one goal this season do my part as the team's lawyer to keep them out of trouble Help rebuild their reputation on and off the field There's no room for error and certainly no room for a secret tryst with a player even if he's the uarterbackRig. 45 Making It Work So Good Stars So when I think of the next book to read I ask myself What Do I Wantand if there is a new Lauren Blakely out there I will than likely jump at the chance to consume it immediately There is no doubt for meI will be totally entertained totally wanting all the action to be happening to me personally and loving all the heart care and humor that goes with it It is a done dealOut of Bounds is a perfect example of this theory it is so Blakely great guy smart gal and uber sexy It is a novella full of content It gives everything you could want within this format It brought these two characters together; instantaneously establishing the rhythm of banter smarts respect for each personand the understanding of what the scenario was We have Drew Erickson up and coming star in the professional football league he is taking a timeout of being onenjoying the beach and trying his hand at surfing He is built duh he is the uarterback staggeringly handsome and totally committed to mastering these waves on a long board The Venice Beach has all sorts doing their thing in the ocean and unfortunately for Drewa surfer does the unthinkable for surfing etiuettedrops into Drew's wave and then his board goes flying in the direction of Drew's headNow Dani Paige has been tracking this fine Specimen of Manyes she has been enjoying the display of his athletic ability and limbshis way of never giving up when smacked down by the waves and when he is in the surfing groove riding a winner it is a thing of beautySo when she sees the lunkhead cut into her ManVisionand the idiot's board is heading for her Eye Candythis guy new to surfing Dani yells out Heads Up in hopes to alert him of what is aiming his waybut the orange board hits its target and Drew's head gets smacked hard Dani paddles from her spot to where the Big Fella went underand as he pops upeven after this whack he is something to behold Dani approaches him and asks if he is alright and this is the start Both of them exchange this extremely witty banter she first seeing sincerely if he is ok and him becoming intrigued with this wonder surfer angelsmart uick and who was nice enough to care and try to alert him of the board Her also being in a bikini looking amazing and most importantly comfortable in her own skin doesn't hurt eitherThere is one other thing he is noticing big timeShe has NO IDEA of who he isHe is just a guy to herand that has been so rare for himSo when the introductions are madeHe gives her his full first name Andrewas all know him as Drew in the Sports worldWhat Drew doesn't know is Dani is involved in his world big time She is one of the Los Angeles Knights team lawyers She also has been weaned on football since she was a baby; her father a high school football coach shared his love for the sport with his daughter freelyHe would encourage her to talk of plays to understand why things happened as they did and when she thought he needed to make some changes on the fieldhe listened Football was part of Dani and she was thrilled to be in a position to work with the Knights When she realizes Drew wants to keep his identity a secret she goes with it She has a bit of understanding how it could be hard to live in the public eye 247 This allows the two of them to just be she does not reveal she works for the Knights and he doesn't say he is the up and coming uarterback for the Anaheim Devil SharksThese two experience an afternoon of perfection Dani checks to see if his head is actually fine from the hitold Lifeguard reflexesand Drew is taken with her not knowing anything about him and still trying to help him out They go for a drinkflirtbanter some and Dani has decided she would be open to having a night with his amazing fellaIt looks good for the both of them a kiss at Dani's door leads to an intensity which demands and then Drew's phone goes off Numbers are punched into phones and both hope to hear from each other Of Course Neither Receives a Text or CallBoth are disappointedWhich leads to Dani and Drew meeting under different circumstancesand we are off to a fantastic readWe get POV's from both Drew and Dani We have the dance of figuring out how to have it all because there are obstacles to overcome but there is an undeniable passion and appreciation for the person they each met on the beach Both of these people are ripe to give this relationship a tryyet there are legit reasons not toand that is the uandary This novella had all the substance you could want in a uick read not too short but was fully formed and enough I will not give anything awaybut will share Drew and Dani had a very uniue way of passing time on the freeway during a Los Angeles traffic jamVery Hands On We had secondary characters of a manager and sister who add flavor and counter balance We also have Drew's teammates who could be a possible next taleOverall I would say this was low in angst high in sexy banter actions and fun with just the right amount of heart TOUCHDOWN Before Reading Leave it to Lauren Blakely to bring usA Hot Focused Pro Football Player with a winning teamWanting to Keep the wins happeningOnly he now is distracted by HerOne time was not enoughShe has invaded his mind while on the fieldToo bad she is always aroundHired to make sure the Team maintains a clean positive imageCan these two uphold that ideaWell Maybe if they can keep their hands off each other Out of Bounds November 22nd 2016 A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways