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REVIEW Beautiful î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Une Britanniue incontrôlable Un homme écrasé par la responsabilitéMais aussi une Chloé étrangement adorable un Bennett perturbé une Sara sur les nerfs un Max juste comme vous l'aimez une Hanna devenue tour opérateur un Will en chef cuisinier une Ruby ivre un Niall content de lui et Une Sara sur les nerfs un Max juste comme vous l'aimez une Hanna devenue tour opérateur un Will en chef cuisinier une Ruby ivre un Nia. Sniff Awwwww How sweet This was such a sweet and funny story and Pippa and Jensen were perfect for each other They will however have a whopper of a story to tell their kids and grandkids should they ever have to retell their first meet and the road that led them to each other They may very well be my 2nd favourite couple HannaZiggy and Will are my ATF SighMeanwhile we get sucked back into the lives of the ensemble cast of the Beautiful series and it felt like a homecoming of sorts They felt so real the group chemistry and dynamic made me want to be their friend; importantly we were given a court side view into their road trip and that was a gift from these authors who gave us a last hurrah before pulling the curtain on such a Beautiful series Thanks so much Christina LaurenI absolutely loved this book It was so mature without needless drama or angst Just two people who were reluctant at first to open their hearts to finding true love I'd like to think it wasn't proximity that made them fall I'd like to think it was a perfect aligning of the universe notwithstanding that for many years they'd had the same circle of friends Ultimately the timing was perfect and everything clicked Am I rambling That's cos I got really sentimental with this book and truly have a new appreciation for these author duo who have written yet another perfectly beautiful love story

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Ll content de lui et George oh George transformé en van de location et vraiment beaucoup de vinLe dernier roman de la série Beautiful. There may be some Minor spoilers aheadWowBeautiful is the 5th book in the funny sexy uirky witty Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren I am pretty sad that this series ends with the last couple Jensen Bergstrom Es Hanna’s brother from Beautiful Player and Pippa Bay Cox Ruby’s friend from Beautiful SecretSo what's the plot here A road trip with friendshe needs to loosen upshe's getting away from a gone bad relationship I leaned my head back sighing happily “This is so much better than going through my flat to figure out what the Wanker left when he moved out”Jensen startled beside me “Sorry what” he asked pulling out an earbud“Mark” I clarified “The Wanker Didn’t I tell you”Looking amused as he let his eyes scan my face—deciding I was drunk no doubt but I didn’t bloody care—he said gently “You hadn’t mentioned it no”“Last week” I told him “I came home to find my boyfriend shagging an unnameable twat” Jensen professional workaholic stand offish Ruby out going bohemian eccentric original “It can be” I said “It’s often short for Phillipa but in my case I’m just Pippa Pippa Bay Cox My mum Coco is American—Colleen Bay where I get my middle name—and she always loved the name Pippa just like that When my mum Lele got pregnant from Coco’s brother Coco made her promise if it was a girl they would name her Pippa”He laughed “Sorry Your mother was impregnated by your other mother’s brother”Oh dear I always forget how to delicately lead into this story “No no not directly They used an actual turkey baster” I explained laughing too What a mental picture I was painting “People weren’t always as open to two women having a baby together back then as they are now” Two total opposites but somehow they just bring out the best in each otherespecially Pippa getting Jensen's sexy and fun side outThis has to be my favourite book in this series From the beginningChapter 1I was totally hooked by these two lovable charactersTheir first meeting at Heathrow Airport and on the plane was an absolute laugh a minute “Oh champagne” I said clapping “That seems a fitting way to begin a holiday”I bent digging into my purse “How much”The man stopped me with a hand on my arm and abemused smile “It’s free” When Pippa discovers the identity of her travelling companionand he's going on the road trip with the group It was so hilarious And believe methere is a lot of humour and funny moments in this storyThe gang's wine road trip was amazing I loved reading about the wine farms and the area and there are some lol moments I loved the endingthe short epilogues from of the couples I have come to love and enjoyBennett Chloe Max Sara with baby Will the kitchen god and Hanna the trip planner Niall and Ruby so in love and even George finds his true HEA How cool was thatWhat a great series What a fabulous cast of characters It's so depressingno of my favourite gang If you haven't read this serieslet me sayI highly recommend you do It's not a Pulitzer prize winning seriesbut it's a damn feel good series

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BeautifulUne Britanniue incontrôlable Un homme écrasé par la responsabilitéMais aussi une Chloé étrangement adorable un Bennett perturbé. 45 STARSARC Generously Provided by PublisherThis wasn’t what a fling should be He wasn’t casual forgettable He wasn’t flaky or flippant He was attentive he was considerate and—holy fuck—he seemed committed in spending time with me than he was to sleeping to eating even to finding closure with Becky It was almost as if this was what he wantedBut only temporarily Christina Lauren has delivered the PERFECT ending to one of my most beloved series of all time They gave me a new couple to adore and brought back all of the characters that I have grown to love over the past several years It’s kind of bittersweet as well because although I really loved this story I know that this is the end of the line for the BEAUTIFUL BASTARD series and I don’t know that I am truly ready to say goodbye to it It was easy to fall for every single Hero but my #1 guy will always and forever be Will Sumner and we get a hefty dose of Will in this last installment But ladies get ready to fall for Hanna’s older brother Jensen BergstromPippa Cox finds herself at a crossroads in her life at the ripe old age of twenty three She’s just kicked her boyfriend out of her apartment after having caught him in the act with another woman and for uite some time her job hasn’t been all that fulfilling to her So her best pal Ruby Stella – Niall’s wife convinces her to come out to Boston and join her and some friends on a road trip across the East Coast where they will stop at a few wineries before ending up in a luxurious cabin in Vermont On her plane ride over to Boston she finds herself seated next to an extremely gorgeous American but ends up getting plastered during the flight and doesn’t leave the best impression on him Little do they know that they have friends in common and that they’re actually being set up on a blind date since Jensen’s little sister Hanna invites him to come along on the road trip with them as wellJensen’s life has been all about work for far too long His divorce from than six years ago left him disillusioned since his wife just up and left without a real explanation as to why she wanted out So Jensen has given up on the idea of love and gets his needs satisfied about once or twice a month with a casual friend who is like minded as him and isn’t looking for a serious commitment Hanna and Will constantly worry about Jensen They’re hoping that Pippa will be the woman to rescue Jensen from a solitary and empty lifeAwkwardness soon turns into an easy friendship between Pippa and Jensen as their trip across beautiful New England embarks The trip starts off being loads of fun for the three couples until halfway through their itinerary they run into an old acuaintance that isn’t all that welcome but this only ends up pushing Jensen and Pippa closer to one another Soon enough they are giving in to their smoldering attraction for each other and these scenes made me feel like the pages were burning right there within my hands They agree to enjoy the rest of the trip as lovers but with the understanding that at the end they will go their separate ways But what happens when something that starts out as fun might actually end up being that one and only soul deep love that everyone dreams of finding Will Pippa and Jensen be able to get over their individual hang ups and can they even try their hand at a long distance romanceI don’t know if there is anyone out ther