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Moloka'i mobi ë Paperback ↠ reflectionslisburnltd ☆ This richly imagined novel set in Hawai'i than a century ago is an extraordinary epic of a little known time and place and a deeply moving testament to the resiliency of the human spiritRachel Kalama a spirited seven year old Hawaiian girl dreams of visiting far offA spirited seven year old Hawaiian girl dreams of visiting far off lands like her father a merchant seaman Then one day a rose colored mark appears on her skin and those dreams are stolen from her Tak One of my favorite books The Book Thief by Markus Zusak delves into the crazy idea that people don’t have to be miserable when the world around them is Moloka’i is another such book The message life isn’t over until it’s overSeparated from everything dear to her the heroine of this book Rachel learns at a young age that life can still provide her with simple joys—and profound fulfillment And though she spends many moments peeking into the abyss of despair she also spends moments rescuing others from the black chasm of regretShe encounters those who choose to allow their circumstances to define them bitterness festering into hatred until they are a shell of a human She meets those who allow bitterness to overcome them despite the blessings and freedom she has longed so desperately for This novel highlights that the human race is endowed with the ability to choose happinessor to choose despair“God didn’t give man wings; He gave him the brain and the spirit to give himself wings” counsels Rachel’s friend “Just as He gave us the capacity to laugh when we hurt or to struggle on when we feel like giving up I’ve come to believe that how we choose to live with pain or injustice or deathis the true measure of the Divine within us Some choose to do harm to themselves and others Others bear up under their pain and help others to bear it”This historical novel chronicles the lives of those who lived on the island of Moloka’i a colony of “lepers” who are outcast from their families friends and the lives that were once commonplace At times the colony is attended to and kept clean and up to date At times it is in ruins and neglected by the various governments who fly their flags on it’s shore And mirroring the settlement are people who can choose whether they have come there to watch their life fall into ruin—or whether they have gone there to discover a new if unexpected lifeWhen Rachel first lands on the shores as a young child she turns away sickened from the people who greet her with smiles Later she learns to accept and love these people She also learns to accept herself and the trials that have been handed to her “Friends called out to her; the surf beckoned to her; her horse on seeing her happily nuzzled her neck This was life and if some things were kapu or forbidden others weren’t; she had to stop regretting the ones that were and start enjoying the ones that were not”This novel is also threaded with themes of religion culture family life and politics Each piece flows together seamlessly making this a novel that I would heartily recommend to othersFirst words Later when memory was all she had to sustain her she would come to cherish it Old Honolulu as it was then as it would never be againNote because of several graphic scenes I would not recommend this book for a young audience Although frankly most books I read are not geared toward a young audience

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En from her home and family Rachel is sent to Kalaupapa the uarantined leprosy settlement on the island of Moloka'i Here her life is supposed to end but instead she discovers it is only just beginning Update I never wrote a full review of this book I read it before I joined Goodreads Its 'still' a favorite If you've never read about the ways the community reacted to leprosy during its day this book gives you the experience pretty sad A young girl is removed from her family sent to the uarantined leprosy settlement on the island of Moloka' We meet many vibrant characters on the island and watch Rachel grow up I laughed and cried This story has stayed with me for approx 13 years Wonderful scenessurf boardingbefore surf boards? etc Reading Molokai is a readers gift I Just looked at my old little review wishing for Alan to come visit us in the Bay AreaHe did Great time I've been on his personal e mail list with his updates ever since He has a new novel coming out next year He returns to his favorite island Hawaii I loved this book I gave it as a gift to at least 4 of 5 friends A beautiful storyOur Goodreads woman's group has voted to read Molokai for next month May my birthday monthI look forward to our engaging discussionsIt would be 'very cool' if Alan Brennert could join us I'm hoping to hear him speak next year in the Bay Area when he introduces his new book in 2013 He put a reuest in to 'speak' in our area Hope so GREAT man who loves 'The Islands'

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Moloka'iThis richly imagined novel set in Hawai'i than a century ago is an extraordinary epic of a little known time and place and a deeply moving testament to the resiliency of the human spiritRachel Kalama St Martin's Press recently offered me the book Daughter of Moloka'i for review which I accepted However when I read its synopsis it hearkened back to its preceding tome Moloka'i which was a huge bestseller originally published in 2003 As of this writing the original book is on sale for kindle at 299 on so I decided to purchase it and read it prior to reading its seuel I expected this to be a uality book because of its rave reviews and I wasn't disappointed I don't usually gravitate towards books that take place in island settings but the richness of the story enveloped me regardless This story is about a little girl named Rachel Kalama who lived in Honolulu in the late 1800s She was just seven years old the favorite daughter of her father Henry Henry was a sailor who would go on expeditions lasting for months and would always bring Rachel back a special doll to add to her collection Rachel's idyllic life takes a violent turn when the Health Inspector who visits schools discovers that Rachel has leprosy During this time anyone found to have contracted leprosy is removed from the island and thus their family They are taken to a special settlement on another Hawaiian island designated for leprosy patients Franciscan nuns run a home for the children where they are lovingly cared for Often times a person would live the rest of their life at this settlement There is a church general store and rations of food meted out to the settlement's occupants People are provided homes to live in The nuns clean wounds and change bandages but there are also doctors on the settlement who try valiantly to come up with treatments to stave off the advancement of leprosy At first glance one could be startled and even horrified to witness some of the facial deformities but after living amongst these people for awhile they just became people you were comfortable being aroundthe new normal There were varied forms and intensities of this disease; for some people their sores were hidden in discreet places like on a thigh or an ankle; in others their faces and digits on their hands and feet would be ravaged by the disease One physician had a theory he explored of surgically removing any sores that would appear However it would take decades before a sulfa based antibiotic was produced that halted the disease in its tracks much like the cocktail of meds AIDS patients take today that return their lives to a modicum of normalcy The story of Rachel is an epic one; it follows her from her childhood home and school to her abrupt and frightening transfer to the leprosy colony at Kalawao and the many milestones her life advances through until her death It is a story of love strength bravery and family I never knew the nuts and bolts of the medical history of leprosy and this made for a very interesting educational topic throughout the story I am very glad I read this as a precursor to reading the upcoming Daughter of Moloka'i Often times you can read a follow up book as a standalone but having read the original story Moloka'i I will approach the next installment with even anticipation