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A House at the Bottom of a LakeE no uestions And yet how could a place so spectacular come with no price tag While the duo plays house beneath the waves one reality remainsJust because a house is empty doesn’t mean nobody’s home. 45 starsHoly crap I enjoyed this so much than I thought I would I was hesitant going in because of so many negative reviews on goodreads but this book was everything I buddy read this one with my friend Jacueline and I feel like this was a perfect buddy read because there was so much discussionThis is a very creepy and short novella about these two teenagers who go out canoeing on a lake for their first date and they discover a house at the bottom of the lake I've only read Bird Box from Josh Malerman so far and I freaking loved Bird Box so I've been wanting to read form him and this book is so short it seemed like the perfect choice This book works great as a short story and I'm not sure if I would've like this story if it were a full length novel but it makes for a great short story There are so many things I love about it the main one being the atmosphere This book is written in a way that creates this eerie creepy feeling that I love experiencing when I read horror I guess some people are claiming this book isn't horror but I definitely think it is because some scenes gave me fucking chills and I was genuinely creeped out and terrified for the main characters It is very atmospheric and disturbing the entire book which I absolutely loved I also love the fact that these teenagers behave like teenagers They're kind of shy but curious and naive and they just feel so real to me They are kind of reckless and scared to fall in love and want to explore this scary place together but they don't want to ask any uestions about it because they are afraid to know the answer I started theorizing what this book was about after 50 pages in and I'm not sure if I was right or not in the end but I think I have a decent understanding of what this book is about or what it's trying to say I am someone who loves and appreciates a good ambiguous ending I love books that don't spoon feed me answers to every single uestion I have and make me think about it for hours afterwards and have good discussions about theories and things like that It's my favorite type of shit to read but I also get why a lot of people hate ambiguous endings which is probably why this book has such lo ratings I felt the same way about this ending as I felt about The Cabin at the End of the World where I absolutely loved the ending and I feel like a lot of people hated it which is why that book also probably has a lot of bad reviews but I think it's fucking great I have such a big fear of deep water and this book definitely played on that fear of mine It also felt so claustrophobic at times and made me so anxious and just aksljdlajksda I love when horror novels actually make me feel creeped out because they are doing their job I just have a lot of thoughts about this book and even though I know this book isn't perfect I still fucking loved it and I love thought provoking shit and this book had plenty of that

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Below the water’s surface that changes their lives foreverIt’s got two storiesIt’s got a gardenAnd the front door is openIt’s a house at the bottom of a lakeFor the teens there is only one rul. Two and one half stars rounded up to threeMy thoughts on this novella are that “A House at the Bottom of a Lake” is incorrectly marketed One is led to believe that this is a horror novella Wrong While marketed by “This Is Horror” there is no evidence that any essence of horror has been exposed to this work Even if one hired the world’s best consulting detective horror could not be discovered within these pages In the first sixty or seventy pages of the book the author Josh Malerman presents to the reader the dating habits of a couple of seventeen year olds We the reader are constantly reminded by both the narrator and the characters within the story to not ask How or Why certain events are occurring in the storyline This may be due to the fact that events presented make little or no sense The reoccurring narrative concerns itself how cleaver the male protagonist is in selecting a creative event to impress the female protagonist with their clevernessThe remainder of the story revolves our teen couple determining when the “right” time is to consummate their relationship by inserting tab a in slot b Then both characters suffer from guilt from what little story remains Certain portions of the plot lines are not even addressed for example the book deals with a certain amount of underwater diving neither character has ay experience in this activity yet is proficient in practice without drowning Where do the two young lustful participants get their wet suites and diving euipment Where does the air compressor come from and how is it powered In the middle of the lake These are just a few minor uibblesA bigger uibble is the stilted dialog between the story participants

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A House at the Bottom of a Lake Read & Download ô 109 Ä Both seventeen Both afraid But both saying yesIt sounded like the perfect first date canoeing across a chain of lakes sandwiches and beer in the cooler But teenagers Amelia and James discover something below the water’s surface that changes their lives foreverIt’s got Both seventeen Both afraid But both saying yesIt sounded like the perfect first date canoeing across a chain of lakes sandwiches and beer in the cooler But teenagers Amelia and James discover something. Well I kind of enjoyed this I'm not 100% sure what I just read but I feel like it's been marketed unfairly I wouldn't consider this horror; it might be stretching things to call it suspense I was slightly bored throughout the entire novella but did find bits and pieces interesting especially toward the end If I had to narrow it down I feel as though this would fit well under a YAMagical Realism A uick read and I did feel the ending was strong so I decided to bump the initial 2 up to a 3 Star rating