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Back to Us (Phlox Beauty, #2) Read & Download · 4 ✓ Book 2 in Julia Gabriel’s Phlox Beauty series A new contemporary romance about reunited lovers being the right person at the wrong time and what it means to be home The daughter of an actress Zee Malisewski grew up on movie sets and in boarding schools As an adult she’s builAtest boyfriend tampers with her company’s new product and nearly destroys everything she and her business partner have spent years working for Now Zee wants a home of her own and she’s done waiting for Prince Charming to show up and share it with her Adventure journalist Colt Buchanan grabbed his own bootstraps and yanked hard leaving the poverty of his rural hometown behind for a scholarship to a fancy east coast college and then the bright lights of the big city. uick and fun read The story line reminds me somewhat of What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty It's interesting to think about how we would view our lives if we were just discovering them for the first time And while Colt finally remembered how he screwed up I'm not satisfied with his newfound memory The unexplained holes or lapses are still thatholes Maybe that's what amnesia is like I don't know So a trip to the doctor would have helped firm that up for the reader

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Book 2 in Julia Gabriel’s Phlox Beauty series A new contemporary romance about reunited lovers being the right person at the wrong time and what it means to be home The daughter of an actress Zee Malisewski grew up on movie sets and in boarding schools As an adult she’s built a life away from all that and a successful cosmetics business with her best friend in New York City Men They’ve come and gone Mostly gone She’s sworn off the male species anyway after her l. Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review“Back to Us” by author Julia Gabriel Serif Books is a sweet second chance romance story featuring an amnesiac yet smitten hero afflicted by the anxiety and despair of lost memories after a traumatic captivity but with a solid sureness of his deep love for the heroineAfter reading the phenomenal Two of Hearts and This Reminds Me of Us another hit in my opinion “Back to Us” felt a bit anticlimactic with a wounded hero not enough developed for me to really connect with his amnesia and trauma issues and a heroine who seemed somehow to embody the little “poor rich girl” syndrome she wanted so much to fightNevertheless I liked the depiction of the amnesia trauma the way the author describes how Colt’s damaged mind is working and failing the anxiety and despair the memory loss provokes the nightmares and mental issues But perhaps the resolution was too easyBeing a journalist with wanderlust and avidity for life were also interesting traits for our hero who pins unabashedly for the heroine On a personal basis the celebrityrich people and cosmetic industry universes aren’t my favorite fictional worlds and somehow I found the heroine’s and her best friend names irritating and the repetition of how “tiny” Zee’s body was annoying

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Back to Us Phlox Beauty #2But when an assignment in the Middle East leaves his interview subject dead and Colt’s memory riddled with holes you can drive a bus through he comes back to the only place that’s ever felt like home the Manhattan apartment of a pretty Hollywood princess he never had any business wanting You can never forget true love even when you want to Back to Us is the second book in the Phlox Beauty series It is a standalone book although reading Next to You first is recommend. This heartrending romance was almost too painful to read Colt returns home with his memory in shreds but with the one constant that he has held onto all the months he was incarcerated by the Taliban namely Zee Memories of his love for Zee gave him something to hold onto when he wanted to give up and left him with a sliver of sanity Returning home he finds that his memories have lied to him and that he and Zee haven't been together for four years Reconciling his memories with reality compounded by nightmares amnesia and PTSD leave him broken and exhausted Zee has had her own demons to deal with and Colt's unannounced presence in her bed leave her floundering as well However Zee is faced with the realisation that on his own Colt is never going to make it and that he needs all the help she can give him as a friend As Colt grapples with the past trying to piece together the holes in his memory Zee's past also intrudes bringing unwanted surprises that cut her off at the knees Colt and Zee find that the magic that drew them together in the first place still exists but Zee has to learn to trust again before it is possible for healing to take place Although this book is part of a series it is nevertheless a standalone It is well written and kept me engrossed from the opening chapter to the delightfully romantic epilogue The story moves from distant past to present bringing up memories both good and bad as Colt works his way through the dark labyrinth of his mind which left me feeling heart sore and sad for the dreadful experience he has endured However it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good and through the experience Colt begins to realise what is important in his life and to appreciate those who are most dear to him I received this book for free from eBook Discovery I voluntarily post this review This is my honest review