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Complicated Hearts Epub » 226 pages ☆ Reflectionslisburnltd Ò Breslin—I was in love with Asher Holden the moment I saw himand I knew nothing would ever be the same Then he hurt me He wrecked me He ruined me I spent three years putting myself together—fixing what he brokeI never thought I'd see him again Breslin I was in love with Asher Holden the moment I saw himand I knew nothing would ever be the same Then he hurt me He wrecked me He ruined me I spent three years putting myself together fixing what he brokeI never thought I'd see him again after that day I was counting on it Little did I know life had other plansand things were going to become a lot complicated Asher I finally know who I am I own it I embrace it There's an elephant in the room And it's balanced on a razor thin wireEither way it falls the grass gets trampledSuch is the dilemma of Asher Holden He's so young his life going places His career well on a golden path when Gods spit on him and his life upends on itself almost overnight His life is balanced on a thin line demarcating his heart and brain His balls are in a vice his heart is in a gripI'd just turned 18 and officially became a man but I didn't know who I was And it was honest to God the scariest thing I'd ever encountered in my lifeThere's Breslin and then there'sRead the story to find out about it It's an unusual story Something very complicated Like a sailor's knot The Asher tries to unravel his life the he gets snagged in Breslin a sweet girl Her heart taken by Asher And though it gets broken too hard she never gets a piece of it back The story goes at a very steady pace The characters esp Asher and Landon are mesmerising Never saw their story evolving Kyle I could seriously kill right now I'd have loved to hear about Kyle's story What happened when he reneged on his part of the dealyannoI thoroughly enjoyed the book The feels were really strong and I enjoyed reading hot AF scenes Never knew I would ;In the progression of the story Asher develops the most He is stuck between a rock and a hard place and he does his best to survive He's a bit of a rascal though a lovely heart capturing smirking rascal no doubtCannot wait for the next part now 5 Football stars#BookBistroBlogApprovedFollow us onFB

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I'm no longer afraid I live my life with no regrets now because I've learned my lesson the hard wayI thought I had it all figured out But then my past collides with my presentand things become complicatedTurns out I don't really know myself after all Landon My life was all mapped out I knew exactly what direction I was heading in I didn't have time for any roadblocks or obstaclesThen I meet her And him Now my hear I seriously enjoyed book 1 of the Complicated Hearts Duet Talk about flawed characters whom I loved Asher and Breslin were great together before it all went to hell Him struggling with his sexuality and his growing friendship with Landon were my highlights of this book Damn how I love Landon that sexy musician slash nerd How he also had to face his growing attraction to Asher was wonderfully written His relationship with Breslin was great too I have no idea how it will all go down in the seuel when the truth comes out between the three of themBook 1 lays the perfection foundation for this story and these complicated relationships This book was an awesome surprise4 BadAssDirtyJockNerdStars

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Complicated HeartsT is split right down the middle She controls the rhythm He controls the melody Complicated doesn't even begin to cover itand there's only one way this can end Warning This story is for mature readers only due to language and sexual themes This story contains explicit content featuring mf mm mfm Trigger Warning This story is strange and unconventional It's everything you hate That's the only warning I can offer you 5 Complicated HeartsI'm not a typical fan of mm mmf or mfm stories and when I first heard that Ashley Jade was writing one of these stories that possibly involves all three of these I was concerned to say the least Not that she shouldn't write something like that but that I might not enjoy it I shouldn't have doubted her for a second This is how the New Adult genre should be done Ashley Jade style And honestly she has really outdone herself Including this one I have read six of her books and Complicated Hearts is hands down her bestBreslin Asher and my boy Landon will own your heart from the moment you're introduced to them The complicated web Ashley weaves between these characters will have you reacting in so many ways One minute you hate a character cough cough Asher and the next your heart feels like it's going to explode when you feel everything the character has experienced And that's exactly what Ashley has done with this story She pulls you in She makes you feel To the point you have no idea whose team you should be on #TeamLandon #TeamBreslin or #TeamAsherI laughed I cried I yelled and I'm not gonna lie there were times that had me fanning myself off While I'm still not a fan of the above mentioned genres I am a fan of Complicated Hearts It's superbly written and the characters are flawed but somehow they're perfect And then when you think you can't take any of this story she hits you with that ending And wow what a ending it is Or is it the beginning? Bravo Ashley Jade I can't wait for book 2