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E only way Elena’s going to graduate is on the back of a dragon of her ownTeenage girls don’t believe in fairy tales Now it’s time for Elena to believe – in herse. Disclaimer This book was sent to me by a fellow book reviewer Laura at LaLaBookReviews with permission from the publisher Fire uill Publishing for an honest reviewOpinion I am honestly wondering if I was reading the same book as everyone else was who has reviewed this on and Goodreads I have seen a TON of really great reviews for this book with multiple readers praising everything about the story from the plot to the characters I can agree that the idea for this story is fantastic but not much of anything else is Elena Watkins has grown up having an almost normal life apart from her father moving her every 3 months in the hopes that they won’t be foundbut only if Elena knew what they were running from One night as her father rushes her out of yet another house Elena soon discovers what her father has been so fearful about her entire life dragons Suddenly the fantastical bedtime stories that her father told her as a child becomes real and they are attacked by threatening dragons that kill her father Taken into Paegeia to keep her safe Elena now finds herself in a world she thought was make believe Elena soon discovers that her new home and school are filled with dragons and that they aren’t all as threatening as the ones she first encountered Elena must now acclimate to her new life that is full of magic as well as helping her new peers fight off an evil that is threatening their existence I have not written a fairly bad review in a long time and it’s hurting me to have to do this right now I try to keep all of my reviews positive with constructive criticism in them and backing up every negative I have with a few positives I’m really not sure if I can do that with this review because I truthfully hated this book In all fairness my distaste for this book has NOTHING to do with the idea behind the book and the overall plot I loved the world of dragons that the author created and the direction the author was going with the story I enjoyed the turmoil that many of the characters were trapped in towards the end and that this fantasy story turned into an adventure tale Apart from the overall idea I just felt that the execution was severely lacking My main issue with this story is the writing I think we can all agree that if the writing in a story is just NOT working it makes for a very difficult and cringeworthy read When it came to dialogue characters interacting and the scene moving through the day as we followed Elena; the writing was driving me crazy The author writes in short paragraphs that feel like bullet points and these short paragraphs will literally jump into different times of the day without any warning or give the reader a vague explanation of a character feeling I was constantly coming across sentences like “the pop uiz after was hard” or “I went straight to my room” When I see sentences written like this and given in a way that feels like notes I get the feeling that the author has trouble with dialogue and filling up the empty spaces of a story When the author has characters go into detail about past events in Paegeia or explain facts the author does a great job in being creative and descriptive I know that if I were to write a book I would have the same problem Creative writing comes easy to me but filling a story up with that unnecessary “fluff” is tedious and sometimes strays away from the nostalgia of the book So I get that I really do The charactersoy vey I couldn’t connect with any of them and they felt underdeveloped and boring Elena is extremely irritating and immature Her character whines and complains about everything I just wanted her to get it together and stop being such a baby about everything and suddenly she just does It literally goes from her acting like a child to having no fear and being a pro How did that happen The relationship between Elena and Lucian didn’t exist and wasn’t building into anything but then in one page they all of sudden are together and are all googly eyed for each other I have never witnessed such a rushed romance in my life and I just found it completely strange The author has also overused the use of exclamation points in dialogue between characters I cannot express to you how many times you see “Becky” or “Sammy” or “Elena” being said by one of the characters All I can really say is that I feel like this story was poorly executed and written It makes me sad because I really liked the plot for this series and it has great potential to be SO much BETTER This is of course just my own opinion it seems that plenty of other readers are absolutely in love with The Dragonian Series and really enjoyed the writing It just wasn’t for me and with that I will not be continuing this series

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Firebolt The Dragonian #1Dragons Right Teenage girls don’t believe in fairy tales and sixteen year old Elena Watkins was no differentUntil the night a fairy tale killed her fatherNow Elena’s. 15This was really just a bad case of Good Premise Poor ExecutionFirebolt started out pretty decent It got me hooked from the get go For the first couple of chapters it was going to be at least a 4 star book for me but then the second Elena got to Dragonia Academy it crashed and burnedThe settingI feel we don't get an idea about what Paegeia part of the world were dragons roam free really is or why it even existsThen there was the writingI don't usually nitpick about the grammatical errors because I feel I could just overlook those but oh Dear Lord there were moments where I just had to reread something several times because I just wasn't able to grasp what the author wanted to get across I would have to go back a couple of pages just to make sure the pages weren't messed up or somethingThere was also the kissing scenes where they're just explained as it was a long kiss it was a passionate kiss or I kissed him for a long timeThen there was that info dumpingPages and pages of it where you're left off worse than when you beganThen there was that romanceWhich I still don't know where the heck that came from I mean we see Lucian a couple of times during breakfast where he'll just ask Elena how she is and then out of nowhere the're making out and in love and I'm just like Then there was that mean girls dramaBasically all the girls were glaring at Elena Everyone was jealous of Elena Everyone wanted to be Elena Elena ElenaElenaThen there was the plotI can't say anything that went on in the book really added to the plot That would be a flat out lie This felt like a second book in a series where nothing really happens just so you can be prepared for the third book where everything is wrapped up and solved None of our uestions are answered and we're just left in a mess of what is happening Then there were the characters Cardboard cutouts One dimensional bunch of clichesThen there was the crying Oh Dear God Elena was ready to cry at the drop of a hatSomeone glared at hershe criedShe didn't understand Latinshe criedShe saw a dragonshe criedSomeone was meanshe criedLucian was a princeshe criedLucian loved hershe criedThe dragons were uglyshe criedThe dragons were pretty she criedThe sky is blueshe cried lol ok maybe I'm exaggerating on that one but really she cried like her life depended on itThen there was For the love of blueberries35 times Then there was the SHRIEKING Yes even this was a problem in the story I'm not even kidding Tires screeched at the same time I shriekedI shrieked and everyone outside fell into an utter silenceSammy shriekedI nodded and let out a tiny shriek as the carriage lifted from the groundShe shrieked and jumped from her pillowI shrieked when he emerged right in front of me sending water flying everywhereBecky shrieked and fell onto her armsI shriekedBecky shriekedI jumped and shrieked every timeI shrieked alarmedI shrieked disgustedArriana shriekedAnd the list GOES ONSeriously this could have been a great book it has dragons Dragons are the shit but it just focused on such trivial matters with overused cliches and unnecessary drama Such a bummer

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Firebolt The Dragonian #1 Download ð 102 é Dragons Right Teenage girls don’t believe in fairy tales and sixteen year old Elena Watkins was no differentUntil the night a fairy tale killed her fatherNow Elena’s in a new world and a new school The cutest guy around may be an evil dragon a Prince wants Elena’s heart and a long dead sorcerIn a new world and a new school The cutest guy around may be an evil dragon a Prince wants Elena’s heart and a long dead sorcerer may be waking up to kill her Oh And th. Arc provided by NetGalley for an honest review Even as I read this disliked it giggled at it etc I was always very aware that regardless of how utterly silly I found it Adrienne Woods has still written books and I absolutely have not So no matter what I say she is the real winner here The story follows 16 year old Elena Her dad moves them from place to place every 3 months due to a danger unknown During one of these escapes their car is attacked by a dragon and Elena watches with horror as her father transforms into a dragon fights them and is killed for the trouble Elena is rescued by her father's allies and begins a new life in Pageia where dragons roam about in human form and attend a fancy school There are many Harry Potter Hogwarts parallels here but in the grand scheme of things these are not issues There are plenty of other problems here to gorge yourself on1 Elena Oh my Lord Elena must be one of the worst heroines I have ever read in any book Her dad turns into a dragon and is killed for unknown reasons Elena's response Cry about it get a boyfriend Not once does she uestion WHY he was killed or whom by Why did her father make sure they moved every 3 months Who is Matt the ally he was trying to get her too All these uestions in Elena's head are not important Hell she probably didn't even think to ask All Elena does is whine and complain I can allow that she is sad I cannot allow her whining When she starts Dragonia Academy she is helped out by two girls Becky and Sammy These poor girls don't know who they've been saddled with Elena complains because she is behind in class and doesn't understand anything she just wants to go home She complains because she can't stop thinking about some hot guy She complains because some girls glare at her She complains because others try to help her catch up in class but it's too hard She complains because she might have to leave the school since she can't catch up Also she stares wide eyed and silent She is confused all the time She has not an ounce of agency until towards the end of the book when utterly out of the blue she decides to take herself on a suicide mission Let it be noted she still sucks at everything at school Her friends find out What's wrong with you Elena Have you really lost your marbles What are we supposed to do if you don't come back Sammy chirped her eyes sparkling with tears What are you afraid of I yelled at both of them shaking my head in disbelief Elena Your friends are expressing concern Do not yell at them Also they just told you what they're afraid of Open your fucking ears girl Anyway Sammy relents and agrees to join her because of reasons and sensible Becky responds as a normal person should ie disbelief and objection pointing out that Elena is almost completely untrained and they're all going to die Elena is furious What're you so afraid of You of all people should be backing me up Becky I could feel my nostrils flare I was furious that she wouldn't even consider my plan Why should Becky be backing you up Elena She's afraid of going on a suicide mission Also let it be known that Elena doesn't actually have a plan She's winging it Obviously When everyone has been bullied or guilt tripped into going with her on the suicide mission with no plan Elena is scared to fly on a dragon but then proceeds to enter a magical cave alone and pass some tests that only 5 people have managed to do previously Christ knows how only 5 people managed since Elena mostly falls over and luckily misses getting her head chopped off as a result stumbling out at the end dazed stupid and wondering why her friends are shocked she managed it Later when shit has hit the fan one of her friends dies Back at the school she's ALLOWED TO PASS ALL OF HER TESTS because of his death In her words it's a miracle Someone praises her for inspiring her friends to go with her But for your friends to follow you all the way on this mission that seemed crazy that's what makes kings and ueens Elena accepts this praise conveniently forgetting that she threw a sulky fit at her friends when they asked what the plan was and she didn't know In short Elena can suck my dick 2 Insta romance Lucian is a hot prince at school Elena is whiny and stupid He falls in love with her in about 12 and a half minutes I'm not really sure why they are attracted to each other possibly because they're both so bland and boring that they saw each other and thought Phew Someone as depressingly flat as myself They won't know how tedious I am because they're so tedious tooPerhaps I am being unfair since Elena seems to like Lucian for his lean muscle and ripped abs shining in the moonlight That's at least a reason Fuck knows what Lucian sees in Elena He mentions once or twice that she's funny What was your favourite subject back homeArt the drawing typeYou're really funny I love that part of you What What was the joke WhatAlso I must share their first kiss because it made me laugh so much His mouth felt as if it were made to fit mine There wasn't a nose or chin in the way and our tongues danced in perfect rhythm Excuse me Where did your noses and chins go Are you Voldemort3 The writingThe language in this novel was just downright odd I had to reread sentences over and over to understand what was happening sometimes as it was all worded so awkwardly There are random skips from scene to scene without explanation There are almost no descriptions I have no idea what Elena or Becky look like or what Dragonia looks like Even when describing an exciting fight scene the writing is brief and vague such as when Elena is navigating a difficult obstacle course The crasher came next I decided to dive for it If I lost a leg I could somehow still manage to finish and get the reward As I dusted myself off I couldn't believe it Nope I didn't miss anything out I swear One minute she's decided to jump and then she's done it No descriptions of how her feelings her fears no tension This is mirrored later when Elena gets stabbed Woods actually describes the stabbing but all Elena thinks is my whole body felt as if it was on fire That's all Ow The dialogue too sounds awkward and robotic and nothing like real teenagers They say things like 'for the love of blueberries' and 'biatch' Plus everyone says things in an tone Idiot Becky said in a singsong tone I said in a sarcastic tone Elena he said in a surprised tone No I said in a nervous toneHowever I was tempted to push my rating up to two stars because it truly did bring me joy sometimes It's very much like watching a terrible horror movie and howling at it with friends and wine My absolute favourite line in this entire book was regarding a young man who wants a cigarette He lifted up the left side of his butt and took out his packet of smokesWHERE is he keeping those smokes IN THE CREASE WHERE THIGH MEETS BUTT CHEEKAnother of my favourites was The belly of a huge blue beast on four legs the size of tree stumps stood in front of the pickupTree stumps are very different from tree trunks Thus I imagined a great huge dragon with fat stumpy legs and had to do a double take Never mind I thought Maybe it was a typo But low and behold another description of a dragon later whose tail resembled a big tree stumpThese dragons are very stumpy and cute The uality of writing is just poor I understand that these books are designed for a younger audience but there are heaps of books for kids and teens that are written well if simplistically with far better characters I couldn't even add this to my 'student friendly' shelf in good conscience TL;DRI realise this is the longest review I've ever written but it was so easy to just let the rant flow wild and free once I'd started Despite everything I've said however it did make me laugh even if it was unintentional but I don't think that's a bad thing necessarily Plus I don't think the premise is bad I love dragons and I love boarding school set fantasies and there were some nice ideas here They were just all executed so poorly