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Fighting for Love (The Elite, #3) review á 103 ¹ Brooke King has always dreamed of winning gold With the Rio Games finished and no gold hanging around her neck she’s determined than ever to do whatever is needed to win including going solo and moving to another country for a shot with a new diving coach The last person she expects tBrooke King has always dreamed of winning gold With the Rio Games finished and no gold hanging around her neck she’s determined than ever to do whatever is needed to win including going solo and moving to another country for a shot with a. For of my reviews check out my blog As The Book EndsI was given an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewMy Rating 45 StarsHave you ever had one of those moments where you finish reading a book or watching a movie and find yourself smiling like an idiot Fighting for Love left me with the goofiest grin on my face Thankfully I finished reading it in the privacy of my own home; I’m pretty sure I would have been on the receiving end of uite a few strange looks had I been in publicAs I said in my review of Fighting to Dream Flockton has a gift for writing characters that are lovable and easy to relate toOf the three couples in The Elite series these two were my favorite Brooke and Dane were adorable together – each unsure of the other’s feelings they kind of tip toe around one another while trying not to give in to their sizzling chemistry Not only were the characters easy to connect to the plot of Fighting For Love was perfect for the short novel While there were certainly challenges for both Brooke and Dane to overcome the book overall maintained a light and happy feel that had me flying through it I finished the book within an hour of starting itNow I’m sure you’re thinking “If this book was so amazing why did you give it 45 stars instead of 5” The answer is simple really I want MORE I loved these characters and this plot so much that I was sad to see the book end after 90 pages I would have loved to see some flashbacks to Brooke and Dean’s interactions during the Rio Olympics – at the very least it would have been nice to read about how they metMy Takeaway With Valentine’s day right around the corner Fighting to Love is being released at just the right time With lovable characters and a sugar sweet romance this book is sure to put a smile on your face

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New diving coach The last person she expects to see is her sexy Rio fling Dane ParklandDane is riding high after a successful Olympic Games Relocating to follow his longtime coach is a no brainer for him Settling into his new home he’s stu. This is the third book in this series a series set on the elite athletes that aim for gold at The Olympics and what they go through to get there This is American Diver Brooke King’s and Aussie Swimmer Dane Parkland’s story and one that I thoroughly enjoyedBrooke left Rio feeling disappointed at not getting a medal and now that her synchronized diving partner has retired Brooke has decided to go it alone but the coach that she now wants to train with lives in Australia and there is a chance that she may run into Dane whom she had an Olympic fling with in Rio and if she is honest with herself still has feelings for will fate work in her favourDane Parklands has moved from Melbourne to Sydney to be with his coach he did well in Rio and is looking forward to achievements to come he is single but has been through a not so good relationship but there was Brooke in Rio the girl he felt so alive with a girl he has not forgottenFate has bought Dane and Brooke back together and neither can deny the spark that shoots between them but their path to a HEA is a very rocky one but it shows the struggle that top athletes go through with their personal lives and the public one all in all a great romance steamy and sensual and moving thank you MS Flockton for a uick and romantic story set in my home town I do look forward to the next one

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Fighting for Love The Elite #3Nned when he finds Brooke living in the same complex The girl he hasn’t been able to forgetWill Brooke and Dane fight to turn short term fun into long term love Or will career ambitions past hurts and big decisions prove too much to overco. In this third book of the Elite Athletes Series we get to follow Brooke We find her changing coaches as often many athletes can tend to do to find someone that better fits with their style What happens when Brooke decides she needs a change and wants to go from synchronized diving to individual diving Where does she end up moving to for a six week trial Who is Susie Hamilton What does she have to do with all of this When Brooke goes to the pool to do a workout trying to keep herself awake until it becomes dark to help with jet lag who does she run into After the Rio olympics did she ever talk to Dane again One day after a diving practice with Susie and Susie tells her it is time for a physical like she gets for all her team members what does Brooke realize Does Brooke ever get a chance to talk to Dane again If so how What decisions need to be made by Brooke What does she decide Read and find out ECEIVED THIS BOOK AS A GIFT FOR A FAIRHONEST REVIEW and REVIEWER FOR Bloggin' With M Brennan