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Free read ↠ Hey Nostradamus ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ã Pregnant and secretly married Cheryl Anway scribbles what becomes her last will and testament on a school binder shortly before a rampaging trio of misfit classmates gun her down in a high school cafeteria Overrun with paranoia teenage angst and religiousIll marooned ten years later by his loss; Heather the woman trying to love the shattered Jason; and Jason's father Reg whose rigid religiosity has separated him from nearly everyone he loves Hey Nostradamus is an unforgettable portrait of people wrestling with spirituality and with sorrow and its acceptan. It’s 1988 On a morning unlike any other at a suburban high school in Vancouver 3 teens attempt to achieve the highest kill count in the history of school shootings Flash forward 11 years into the future; the incident has or less been forgotten by most but remains ingrained in the memories of a select few closest to the tragedyI was really enjoying this book; I could go so far as to say I was loving it However right up to about the halfway point something so insane occurred that it took me completely out of the story and nearly ruined the entire novel for me Coupland spends a decent amount of time building a world in which I bought in to characters that I truly felt sorry for He then throws this ridiculously unnecessary event that wasn’t even needed I’ll tag a spoiler at the end so I can complain about itThat being said I really did like the characters in this novel Well aside from Reg but you're not supposed to like him anyway I have this thing with overly self righteous parent figures that can drive me up the wall I think it comes from having a few in my family however I'm not going to subject you to thatIn terms of writing it had its fair share of memorable uotes and passages I can complain all I want about that one problem but Coupland proved he has some serious writing chops It has been drilled into us that to feel fear is to not fully trust God Whoever made that one up has never been beneath a cafeteria table with a tiny thread of someone else’s blood trickling onto their leg Trust me you spend a much larger part of your life being old not young Rules change along the way The first things to go are those things you thought were eternalThose two especially the latter really connected with me Hey I'm not exactly old 27 years old here but I'm starting to get that outlook I understand exactly where he's coming from As iffy as I felt after reading this novel I’m really excited to try something else of Coupland's I thoroughly enjoyed his style I hope that he's bound to impress me There was enough within these pages to draw me back for another roundview spoilerOkay so I can believe that Jason needed Barb to marry him before he fathered her children What I have a hard time believing is what followed For starters that Barb actually agreed to it and flew to Vegas with Jason to fulfill his wishes And second the worst part is that totally unnecessary murder I actually said out loud “What” when it occurred I was so distracted by how ridiculous it was that it nearly ruined the whole thing I’m still mad about it It took what could have been a 45 to 5 star experience right down to a solid 3 hide spoiler

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Eighborhood declares its saints brands its demons and moves on But for a handful of people still reeling from that horrific day life remains permanently derailed Four dramatically different characters tell their stories Cheryl who calmly narrates her own death; Jason the boy no one knew was her husband st. I had no idea what this book was when I started reading it so I can't say I was expecting great things I wasn't expecting anything really I didn't enjoy this book Even though it was written from different points of view which is my fav format I didn't like any of the characters or their opinions or what they did I hated Jason He simply annoyed me the mostAnd I enjoyed Part 3 with Heather chasing up Allison That was interesting than the entire book in general Easy read didn't take me long but wished I used the time for something else

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Hey NostradamusPregnant and secretly married Cheryl Anway scribbles what becomes her last will and testament on a school binder shortly before a rampaging trio of misfit classmates gun her down in a high school cafeteria Overrun with paranoia teenage angst and religious zeal in the massacre's wake this sleepy suburban n. The heart of a man is like deep waterOh wow what a novel It's really no accident when novels become international bestsellersI'm at risk of sounding like a clichéd critic but screw it Hey Nostradamus is at times wickedly hilarious stunningly poignant and utterly tragic And I don't use those words lightly I don't say something is hilarious unless I've laughed and I often laughed aloud while reading this If you enjoy a witty and sarcastic sometimes dark humour then you'd enjoy this book On being poignant and tragic I shed a few tears especially at the end Books rarely draw tears out of meCoupland was inspired to write this in part due to the tragedy that was Columbine I think he wrote this brilliantly and in no way compromised the memory of the real massacre that happened in that school And today as regular mass shootings happen this book is as relevant as everThis book is fantastic literature But for anyone who is intimidated by literature this book should be a must read Coupland is a great writer and his style is smooth This novel reads like a thriller at times; there are twists and one big surprise in there that kept the pages turningI think Coupland also really tapped into a nerve here He really understands the human condition In all of these characters he shows that every person has varying degrees of cynicism I enjoyed the honesty I enjoyed that Coupland showed humans don't always have that happy redeeming uality we like to think exists but that sometimes there are plights that are unbearable and which we never truly overcome The mind is fragile and sometimes when it breaks into a million pieces it's impossible to put back together wholly He explores the role of religion in our lives especially in the aftermath of tragedy I'm personally not religious but I can well understand how it might be comforting to turn to outside comfort during unbearable situations or even in everyday life I can also understand turning against religion when it seems not to provide the right answers Coupland shows both angles here I liked this because you never get the impression that the author has a particular agenda I've got only one criticism This book was written in first person which is fine Coupland does this brilliantly which few can do I feel What I think Coupland might have benefited from would have been changing the tone and vocabulary of the individual characters The book is split into the narratives of four different people yet they all sounded the same In particular Reg's voice could have been altered a bit Reg himself admits that he doesn't have a large vocab but he sounds as intelligent and verbose as the others Oh well this is really a minor thing It's easy enough to overlook if you are reading without the intention of reviewing afterwards 5 stars Great literature thrilling read As good a fictional account of the human condition as you'll ever read I'd recommend this to you I'm also looking forward to reading another Coupland novel