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Climate of Hope Free download ↠ 5 ☆ NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFrom Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former head of the Sierra Club Carl Pope comes a manifesto on how the benefits of taking action on climate change are concrete immediate and immense They explore climate change solutions that will make the world healthier and prosperous aiming to beginReat and their book proves that victory is possible and imperative” Leonardo DiCaprioIf Trump is looking for a blueprint he could not do better than to read a smart new book Climate of Hope Thomas Friedman in The New York TimesThe 2016 election left many people who are concerned about the environment fearful that progress on climate change would come screeching to a halt But not Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope Bloomberg an entrepreneur and former mayor of New York City and Pope a lifelong environmental leader approach climate change from different perspectives yet they arrive at similar conclusions Without agreeing on every point they share a belief that cities businesses and citizens can lead and win the. Pope points to climate victories achieved through the judiciary which here means litigation which is unusual in my experience reading these primers Many writers focus on protests market solutions research and innovation or some mix of the EPA performance standards and international agreements Here the wins come from Sierra Club lawyers making trouble for the coal industry behind closed doors These victories are not cheap and yet it occurs to me that billionaires wanting to move the needle for the better on greenhouse gas emissions might do well to fund strategic litigation sort of like Peter Thiel did to Gawker see Ryan Holiday’s Conspiracy Then again these victories may be difficult to achieve now at the end of 2019 that the GOP has stocked the judiciary and weakened environmental guidelines Tangentially I was also interested to read about how complacent the coal industry was when the Sierra Club began pressing them It was almost as though the idea that scientists might engineer alternate sources of energy was just code for “don’t bother me while we conduct business as usual”Bloomberg encourages readers to care about cities rather than individual national or international action David Roberts Voxcom has written that voting in governments that are friendly or less hostile to the environment helps In the United States this has meant at the state and national level voting for Democrats Bloomberg argues that at the city level party loyalty is less powerful I'm not so sure but it does seem clear that governments have a lot of influence over how the nation or community will interact with the environment even if climate is not their top priority Too often climate content suggests that people should act internationally agreements nationally legislation or individually buy an EV or become a flexitarian People who don't feel empowered to respond to international or national politics are not wasting their time if they instead focus on state city or county politics Pope and Bloomberg are optimistic rather than concerned serious solemn excited or awestruck They're almost bragging So tonally it is something of an outlier Although I really appreciate David Wallace Wells' The Uninhabitable Earth I don't know that I'd recommend it as an entry level text on this content I wonder if this model has begun to spread as I see the optimism here in Saul Griffith's How to Decarbonize as well as in Rutger Bregman's Utopia for RealistsRandom notes Bloomberg and Pope like natural gas than I do and I think also than almost everyone else who is green or green leaning In fact it seems like the science on fracking becomes alarming every day Methane is a much powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and a lot of it leaks into the atmosphere during fracking We often read about CO2 levels which are around 410 ppm last I checked But although global CO2 emissions has slowed levelled off the last few years but rose again in 2019 methane levels are now rising Even if natural gas production was cleaned up there isn't enough room in the atmosphere to keep taking in greenhouse gases while countries ever so gradually change their infrastructure The rhetorical appeals are fascinating and I'm not sure I've read another climate change primer that appeals to burger eating conservatives as much as Climate of Hope Not only is Bloomberg a Republican or a lapsed one but they appeal to American optimism about economic growth independence of communities and of America against foreign powers and to patriotic pride in constantly suggesting that the Chinese are getting ahead at one point writing “Cities can lead the way—just as China is Their insistence that cities can lead the way where the federal government has stalled appeals to that small government local community ethic that one associates with the right ex

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFrom Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former head of the Sierra Club Carl Pope comes a manifesto on how the benefits of taking action on climate change are concrete immediate and immense They explore climate change solutions that will make the world healthier and prosperous aiming to begin a new type of conversation on the issue that will spur bolder action by cities businesses and citizens and even someday by Washington Climate of Hope is an inspiring must read Former Vice President Al Gore Chairman of The Climate Reality Project“Climate change threatens to reshape the future of our world's population centers Bloomberg and Pope have been leaders on fortifying our cities against this th. Remarkable Anyone involved in climate change work has a right to be cynical jaded angry and despairing especially after Trump was elected president of the US But this book swims strongly against that flow and makes a case for a better future for humanity if we act decisively – and profitably – on climate change The federal government of the US now controlled by climate change deniers and henchmen of the fossil fuel industry – the most profitable and STILL most heavily subsidized industry ever – is not the argument goes the only or even the most significant player when it comes to implementing climate change solutions The book is full of real world problems that are being solved right now as well as pointers to impediments and how those might be removedThis is the most helpful hopeful practical book on climate I have read Whereas Bill McKibben's Eaarth made me so despairing that I couldn't finish it – and don't be too comforted our situation thanks to decades of stalling by my generation is dire – this book makes me want to dust myself off and get to work Adlai Stevenson once said In classical times when Cicero had finished speaking the people said 'How well he spoke' but when Demosthenes had finished speaking they said 'Let us march' Bloomberg former mayor of New York and Pope former president of the Sierra Club are Demosthenes in this comparisonYou will likely disagree with some things said by one or the other authors For liberal environmentalists taking hope from someone who is pro GMO pro nuclear power pro pipeline and who voted for George W Bush seems unlikely if not unpalatable if not something akin to heretical Yet this is the man who partnered with Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign and retired 251 dirty coal plants since 2010 For coal miners this sounds like the war on coal and very bad news Bloomberg and Pope ask you to consider yourselves not coal miners but energy workers and encourage government entities to make it possible for you to leave your dying and deadly industry and be trained for other energy jobs or other workMy intention is to go back and revisit the many parts I highlighted in this book and offer to make it available to legislators in New Mexico who may see ways to help our failed state be both a leader in climate change action rise from the ashes of dependence on fossil fuels and find a way NOT to be the worst economy in the countryHope it's a great catalyst

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Climate of HopeBattle against climate change no matter which way the political winds in Washington may shift In Climate of Hope Bloomberg and Pope offer an optimistic look at the challenge of climate change the solutions they believe hold the greatest promise and the practical steps that are necessary to achieve them Writing from their own experiences and sharing their own stories from government business and advocacy Bloomberg and Pope provide a road map for tackling the most complicated challenge the world has ever faced Along the way they turn the usual way of thinking about climate change on its head from top down to bottom up from partisan to pragmatic from costs to benefits from tomorrow to today and from fear to hop. This was a really down to earth no nonsense well told primer on what those who are passionate about our planet can do to look at the issue of climate change from a broad inclusive fiscally conservative economically sound point of view The chapters alternate between facts about how climate change actually works and is being coped with by cities all around the world and the financial sense behind different proposals We can't really afford the luxury of allowing our policy makers to stand around any longer debating whether or not we can or should do something while our citizens are already coping with the aftermath of our changing planet This book describes some truly sound ideas and my only concern is this how do we get enough critical mass of the people who need to read this the most from all walks of life political points of view to actually read discuss it