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Download A Contrary Wind Ebook ☆ 371 pages ¼ Reflectionslisburnltd ´ An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereFanny Price an intelligent but timid girl from a poor family lives at Mansfield Park with her wealthy cousins But the cruelty of her Aunt Norris together with a broken heart compel FaAy and take a job as a governess Far away from everything she ever knew and the man she secretly loves will Fanny grow in strength and confidence Will a new suitor help her to forget her past Or will a reckless decision ruin her life and the live Ah even when you do wrong by your own admission you do no wrong Have you never succumbed and done what you 'know' to be wrong No I will tell you why It is not because you are virtuous than the rest of us though I know you think you are It is because nothing tempts you You are too frightened of everything to attempt anything uote from the bookWhat if a 'contrary wind' changed the course of events at 'Mansfield Park' What if Fanny Price finally had a enough of her cruel and domineering Aunt Norris and decided to sneak away in the early morning mist Despair had given her the courage to do what once had been truly unfathomable uote from the bookMs Manning has taken Jane Austen's timid and meek Fanny Price and set her on a course of self discovery that will test her to her very soul This is a Fanny I now admire for it is a gradual metamorphosis Not one where she becomes something she is not For she is still in essentials Fanny As for Edmund Bertram he is blinded by his infatuation with Mary Crawford and his own arrogance His journey is just as difficult and one that humbles him completely But let us not forget the protagonists Henry and Mary Crawford They are brilliant in their 'arts and allurements' their deceptions are subtle and their selfishness knows no bounds I literally wanted to throttle them both for the havoc they wreaked Do they get their comeuppance You will have to read this amazing rendering to find out She told herself that with her determination and ingenuity she could shape him into the man he deserved to be uote from the bookThis is a complex multi layered story that takes all the characters from Mansfield Park and sets them on a course based on their own actions that is believable There are new and delightful characters that you will meet and some you will come to loveMrs Butters and Mr Gibson to name a few There are references to other characters from Ms Austen's other works that are sprinkled throughout Where Jane Austen only slightly references the slave trade Ms Manning has used this as a strong plot point It is breathtaking in it's scope and I look forward to reading the seuel A Marriage of Attachment next I won this book in a giveaway with no expectation of a review

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S of those she holds most dearThis variation of Jane Austen’s novel includes all the familiar characters from Jane Austen's Mansfield Park and some new acuaintances as well There are some mature scenes and situations not suitable for all reader In this reimagining of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park Sir Thomas Bertram does not arrive home in time to call an early stop to play rehearsals And so the story heads off in a different direction The result is an excellent read masterful in its execution The storylines are fresh and entertaining and don't hurtle toward a predictable conclusion The characters both new and from the original are lovingly developed with plausibility and clarity There was one decision by Fanny Price that felt a little out of character but this was a minor bump for me on a thoroughly enjoyable journeyThe author apparently used a little bit of the original text Perhaps I'm just not expert enough but I could not tell where this happened in the Kindle version such was the uality of the writing It reads just like an Austen novel with a similarly structured ending take note those only interested in modern writing and endings A seuel would be than welcome

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A Contrary WindAn alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereFanny Price an intelligent but timid girl from a poor family lives at Mansfield Park with her wealthy cousins But the cruelty of her Aunt Norris together with a broken heart compel Fanny to run aw A meek frail heroine decides enough is enough as events back at Mansfield Park take shocking turns due to the machinations of others A stunning colorful and dramatic variation on Jane Austen's Mansfield Park that was emotional thoughtful and oft times evocative as it took the characters on a very different journey when Fanny Price asks what if she doesn't have to stay and put up with being downtrodden and dependent and also what if the fates send a contrary wind to keep Sir Thomas at sea long enough not to prevent the outcome of the Mansfield theatricals What indeedA Contrary Wind is a uniue variation story because it tackles a book that for one gets few variations written about it and is also generally the least popular of Jane Austen's novels The themes of the book and the characters can chafe on modern readers I for one have never been inclined to dislike the story and was plenty excited when I saw A Contrary Wind released even though my late reading of the book may suggest differently I was only a few pages in when I knew that my early excitement was going to pale against my actual feelings while reading the book I didn't want to stop reading The variations began right away since the book had a uick intro and then dove into the place in the original story after most of the characters are introduced and the spicy Lover's Vows play has been in full swing at Mansfield The author was attentive to writing style historical background and infusing authentic historical elements so though the story took a different path and some of the characters were exaggerated versions it smacked of Austen and Regency era I appreciated the way the author grappled with the plantation and slavery issue right out in the open and also addressed the character flaws in all of them the same way Some characters faced their crises and grew while others didn't The author didn't paint a rosy romantic story but rather one of likely possibility dominated by cause and effect from choices yet there were surprises of the unexpected too There is a lot of movement as several characters get to narrate from their point of view and this helped the reader know their motives and personalities betterFanny is at the heart of it all and of a catalyst than she ever dreamed she could be or that others could either It was interesting to explore what would happen among the denizens of Mansfield and it's close relations when the two most steadying influences were absent Sir Thomas and Fanny and the others could run unchecked Fanny starts off as a staunch and over sensitive person who learns to know herself and how she was as flawed as the rest even if her excesses went in a less destructive vein I loved seeing her experience something new and be influenced by new people to find balance and how strong she really can be While I thought the Crawfords were uite vile I found the story bracing and colorful with them working their wiles on the others I was startled by what comes for Tom's and even Julia's characters in the end but not displeased William Price was a ray or shining light as a heroic and sunny tempered sailor Like most variations what is varied in the characters is as intriguing as what is done with the plotI'm glad I knew going in that the resolve was long and far off because it ended somewhat open ended I definitely wish to pursue these characters even the ones bent on greed and their own disastrous path A less dense and dramatic version of the original that I think will find vast appeal for those who love flawed characters and some gothic in their historical romance or fiction plots