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DOWNLOAD Ý Collision Course (Body Shop Bad Boys, #4) ✓ Ace mechanic Lou Cortez has always had a way with the ladies so he can't understand why lovely florist Josephine Joey Reeves won't give him the time of dayJoey knows all about mistakes After getting pregnant at fifteen she's spent the past nine years building a life for heA choice keep things casual or reveal all to Lou and hope he accepts her and her son for who they areBody Shop Bad Boys Series Test Drive Book 1Roadside Assistance Book 2Zero to Sixty Book 3Collision Course Book. Collision Course was an entertaining new book in the Body Shop Bad Boys series This book had everything in it that I expected from this series steamy sex scenes tons of flirting and a lot of humor The main character Joey was such a strong woman I felt so bad for her because there were so many tough obstacles she had to overcome Tons of people in her life let her down in the past and I just wanted to give her a hug and make her feel loved Joey was such a dedicated and loving mother as well which was really sweet to see I do think she kept some secrets for too long from certain characters which was frustrating sometimes but I understood where she was coming from I thought the author did a great job at making Joey a very real and relatable woman Lou was the smooth talking ladies man of the book He knew exactly what to say to make a woman swoon and he sure did make me swoon with some of his words But I liked seeing that there was to Lou than his sexy and flirty side He had a lot of passions and emotions that I was not expecting However there were times when I was hoping for from him There were moments when he did make some remarks and judgments that really bothered me I understood how and why he had certain views that he did but I still didn't agree with them It was nice to see him eventually learn not to make those kinds of comments and judgments The romance between Joey and Lou was full of steam and passion The sexual chemistry between the two of them was off the charts Marie Harte knows how to make your e reader feel like it is melting in your hands There were a lot of trials and tribulations that they had to face so it added a lot of angst and intrigue to watch them overcome those issues together Overall this was a sexy and fun novel If you are looking for a book that is steamy and fast paced then you need to check this book out 3 5 Fangs This ebook was given to me in exchange for an honest review MrsLeif's Two Fangs About ItFacebookTwitter

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Ace mechanic Lou Cortez has always had a way with the ladies so he can't understand why lovely florist Josephine Joey Reeves won't give him the time of dayJoey knows all about mistakes After getting pregnant at. 45 StarsI don’t know how you can’t love these Bad Boys from Webster’s Garage Marie Harte created a group of guys that’s every good girls dream Tall built tatted and while they look like bad boys they have a heart of gold Lou is the smooth talking pretty boy of the group who draws women without even trying He’s from a big family mainly consisting of woman He loves his mama his grandmother his many sisters and he takes care of all of them If anyone knows women it’s Lou That’s why it’s so entertaining that he has to chase JoeyJoey has not had an easy life She’s the good girl that made the mistake of listening to her smooth talking boyfriend and got pregnant at 14 The boyfriend walked away the parents barely supported her and never let her live it down 9 years later after putting herself through school she’s finally seeing her hard work start to pay off Although she’s attracted to Lou she knows the smooth talkers are nothing but troubleI love to see when a guy has to work to get the woman he wants Especially when that guy has never had to work for it before I really enjoyed Lou’s pursuit Joey resists him but not for so long that it gets annoying When Joey decides to not mention her son I understood her reasoning but it also had me nervous for Lou’s reaction Especially when Lou later admits he doesn’t want kids I wasn’t thrilled with his reaction to dating a single mom but I also thought the author did a good job of explaining why he felt the way he did I love this series and I really hope Heller is next ARC provided by NetGalley

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Collision Course Body Shop Bad Boys #4Fifteen she's spent the past nine years building a life for her and her son This sexy mechanic is one misstep she's not going to make But the time she spends with Lou the hotter things get Soon Joey's left with. Whenever I get a new Marie Harte book I get excited so it wasn’t surprising behavior to read this book as soon as it came into my hands I’ve been waiting for Lou’s book and had high hopes for her his happily ever after I’m happy to note that I absolutely loved this story and I think Joey is the perfect heroine for himAs the fourth book in the Bad Boys Body Shop series I have already fallen in love with a lot of the heroes in this series However there is still room in my heart for Lou who seems to be the most charismatic out of all of them I love his charm and his sex appeal But what I loved the most is his healthy regard for women I’m over rough dominant and selfish heroes in Romance so Lou was a very refreshing character to read aboutSimilarly Joey is just as fun and uplifting I immediately fell in love with her gentle character and I thought she was a perfect match for Lou In addition to the romance there’s some great chemistry between all the other characters as well I believe that this is one of the things that Harte excels at Her banter and flirting always brings a smile to my face whether it’s between the hero and heroine or with all the guys togetherI’m not entirely sure what will come from this series next but I do hope that Harte continues to write in this world I absolutely love the blend of humor and heart and I hope she continues to write stories like these ones