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The Hunter Summary ¼ 104 ´ You probably haven’t ever noticed them But they’ve noticed you They notice everything That’s their job Sitting uietly in a nondescript car outside a bank making note of the tellers’ work habits the positions of the security guards Lagging a few car lengths behind the Brinks truck on its daily rounds Surreptitiously jiggliHim and on the man who took his money stealing and scamming his way to redemption “Westlake knows precisely how to grab a reader draw him or her into the story and then slowly tighten his grip until escape is impossible” Washington Post Book World  “El Leonard wouldn’t write what he does if Stark hadn’t been there before And uentin Tarantino wouldn’t write what he does without Leonard Old master that he is Stark does all of them one better” Los Angeles Times  “Donald Westlake’s Parker novels are among the small number of books I read over and over Forget all that crap you’ve been telling yourself about War and Peace and Proust these are the books you’ll want on that desert island” Lawrence Block?. Four men collaborate on a heist and everything goes well until one man decides he can't share and tries to off the others But Parker doesn't die and comes looking for revenge But will revenge be enough for Parker Wow I'd been looking forward to reading Richard Stark's Parker books for uite some time and I'd say I'm hooked with the first one Parker's a relentless force of nature with few redeeming ualities The writing shows just how versatile a writer Donald Westlake was powerful yet sparse Westlake didn't waste words on this oneThe plot isn't revolutionary but the writing and the execution make it a home run The viewpoints shift back and forth from Parker and his intended victim It could have been a simple revenge story but it escalated into new levels The book itself is a little thin but that's because it's all meat and no fillerIf you're into crime books and are looking for something great give The Hunter a try You won't be disappointed

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You probably haven’t ever noticed them But they’ve noticed you They notice everything That’s their job Sitting uietly in a nondescript car outside a bank making note of the tellers’ work habits the positions of the security guards Lagging a few car lengths behind the Brinks truck on its daily rounds Surreptitiously jiggling the handle of an unmarked service door at the racetrackThey’re thieves Heisters to be precise They’re pros and Parker is far and away the best of them If you’re planning a job you want him in Tough smart hardworking and relentlessly focused on his trade he is the heister’s heister the robber’s robber the heavy’s heavy You don’t want to cross him and you don’t want to get in his way. This is a classic hard boiled novel the first book in a series that would ultimately run to twenty four books published between 1962 and 2008 The series featured a brutal smart amoral professional criminal known only as Parker who worked with crews of other professional criminals and usually focused on robbing banks ard cars or other such targets Parker was not a professional killer although he never balked at killing anyone who got in the way of the job at handHe also never hesitated to kill anyone who double crossed him and as the book and the series open Parker has been double crossed in the worst possible way shot by his wife at the end of a job and left for dead The wife then ran off with one of Parker's partners from the job along with Parker's share of the loot Needless to say Parker who luckily survived the attempt on his life is not in a good mood when we first meet him and Stark's introduction of his protagonist ranks as one of the best in crime fictionPissed at the world and determined to get revenge Parker is stalking across the George Washington Bridge into New York City a big and shaggy man with flat suare shoulders and arms too long in sleeves too shortHis face was a chipped chunk of concrete with eyes of flawed onyx His mouth was a uick stroke bloodlessOffice women in passing cars looked at him and felt vibrations above their nylonsThey knew he was a bastard they knew his big hands were born to slap with they knew his face would never break into a smile when he looked at a woman They knew what he was they thanked God for their husbands and still they shivered Because they knew how he would fall on a woman in the night Like a tree Parker has traced his wife to New York and arrived there virtually penniless He's determined to deal with her and through her to find the partner who betrayed him and stole the money that was Parker's share of the job they had pulledIt won't be easy and complications ensue one after the other But Parker will not be deterred even when he learns that the man who betrayed him has used his money to repay a debt to the Outfit and is now protected by them To get his revenge Parker will have to take on the Outfit all by himself But what the hell does he care; he won't rest until he gets what he's owedRichard Stark is the pen name of Donald Westlake a prolific writer who is otherwise best known for the comedic Dortmunder crime novels that he wrote under his own name But the Parker novels are really his crowing achievement They are taut spare stories cut close to the bone and without a wasted word And there's absolutely nothing funny or redemptive about them Parker's is a tough brutal and dangerous world; there's no room for any sentimental nonsense and watching him make his way through that world is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world of crime fictionAs a side note this book was ultimately filmed twice once as Point Blank in 1967 starring Lee Marvin as Parker and again in 1999 as The Hunter with Mel Gibson in the role The Lee Marvin Version is much the better of the two and Marvin captures the character about as

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The HunterBecause he’ll stop at nothing to get what he’s afterParker the ruthless antihero of Richard Stark’s eponymous mystery novels is one of the most unforgettable characters in hardboiled noir  Lauded by critics for his taut realism unapologetic amorality and razor sharp prose style and adored by fans who turn each intoxicating page with increasing urgency Stark is a master of crime writing his books as influential as any in the genre The University of Chicago Press has embarked on a project to return the early volumes of this series to print for a new generation of readers to discover and become addicted toIn The Hunter the first volume in the series Parker roars into New York City seeking revenge on the woman who betrayed. This is not a graphic novel It is the Richard Stark novel that includes eight or nine full page illustrations by Darwyn CookeI can not recommend this book highly enoughNot is it a great example of great writing by Mr Westlake it is also an amazingly well produced book Beautifully bound in leather and cloth with extraordinary end papers and utilizing heavy paper stock this is a treat for any lover of fine uality book makingIf you have not read this book there is a part of your reading life that is not complete I read the original years ago I could not pass up this new version with illustrations by Darwyn Cooke It's beautifully produced IDW have also produced a graphic novel of this first installment of the Parker series The name and description are uite similar Be awareIDW have promised the next installment of the series is to be published soon by them I can only hope this is so