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READ Ë Fearless (Pier 70, #2) ✓ He’s the one who walked awayDare Davis one of the four owners of Pier 70 Marina has been living the past fifteen years of his life not taking risks He considers himself fearless because he refuses to let anyone close enough to hurt him He’s had his heart broken before he’s not looking for it to happen againHe’An of the Austin Fire Department finds himself being roped into a favor by his mischievous stepsister When Milly invites him to come along on a cruise to the Caribbean he finds himself giving in What he doesn’t know is that Milly’s playing matchmaker However Milly’s surprise backfires when Noah finds himself front and center with the man who slipped through his fingers fifteen years agoSom. I am a huge Nicole Edwards fan and Ethan is one of my all time favorite mm books I have been unpatiently waiting for this book ever since I've read the previous book I was very curious about Dare and his story This book however almost drove me to drink The push and pull between the two MC's made me insane Dare is a partial owner of the marina he works at We were introduced to the marina and the guys who own it in book 1 Dare is a funny happy go lucky kinda guy who is always in for a joke and dare I saya dare see what I did there hehe What he isn't however is lucky in love He doesn't want to be either He's not some kind of manwhore but ever since walking away from the love of his life 15 years agohe isn't interested in relationships any When he was 19 he was deeply in love with 23 year old Noah They were together for 2 years but when Dare tried to bring up the subject of living together and having with Noah the man shut him dow Noah told Dare he was still a kid who was too young to make those kind of commitments Dare was extremely hurt by Noah's remarks and decided to leave Noah that same nightNoah has never forgotten about Dare He hasn't been in a real relationship ever since He also has some resentment towards Dare because his father died the same night Dare left him He knows it's not right to blame Dare for this but his father was on his way to comfort Noah because of Dare leaving him For this reason he never went after DareNow 15 years later these two men some face to face again Cam and Gannon book 1 are about to get married on a cruise ship Dare is invited because he's one of Cam's best friends Noah is Milly's stepbrother and since Milly is Gannon's best friend she invited her stepbrother alongShe also thinks it would be a good idea to set these to men up togethernot knowing they have a history together What will happen when these two men are forced to spend time and space togetherI enjoyed this book but there were some things that pissed me off and drove me a bit insane First of allMilly Damn but I really didn't like her in this book She made all kinds of decisions that were not hers to make I hated the fact that she seemed to think that everything should be the way she wanted What pissed me off even was that everyone just went along with that shit She could see with her own eyes that these men still had a lot of issues between them and yet she still had them share a room I would have told that bitch to mind her own bussiness and to go fuck herself But noooo these guys don't want to seem weak so they go along with her little sceme Which includes sharing a room and sharing all meals together at the same tableThen there was the push and pull between these two I want himno I don'tyes I do I should forget anout the pastno I can't forget about the past I love himno I don't I'm not supposed to love him Arrrggghhhh drove me insane Once they get together thoughthey were HOT It took some time but damn when they did Two hot versatile dirty talking men going at it What can I saydirty talk is my kryptonite makes me go al weak in the knees ;So eventhough half the book drove me insane I still very much enjoyed it I can't wait to read the next one because I'm very curious about Teague and Hudson I just hope Milly won't be in that one35 4 stars for this one I'm rounding up because of the dirty talking and because I really did like Dare he was very sweet and funny


He’s the one who walked awayDare Davis one of the four owners of Pier 70 Marina has been living the past fifteen years of his life not taking risks He considers himself fearless because he refuses to let anyone close enough to hurt him He’s had his heart broken before he’s not looking for it to happen againHe’s the one who let love slip through his fingersNoah Pearson thirteen year veter. 25 Stars We only regret the chances we didn't take And you know what For the majority of this book there wasn't anyone taking any chances or doing shit about anything Well except for me I was doing this Oh and Dare and Noah were doing this And after finishing this book I sit here like this This series is now two for two when it comes to a great idea but the author fumbling with the execution The plot here was seriously underdeveloped and had no sense of directionbecause I'm sorry to break it to you but running around in circles for chapters on end gets you nowhereexcept with a kink in your neck watching the MC's run those circles Fifteen years ago Dare 19 walked away from Noah 23 when he realized after two years of dating that Noah wasn't willing to move their relationship forward Dare was ready to move in with him and start their life together but Noah thought Dare was too young and wasn't ready for that type of commitment Heartbroken Dare sneaks out and leaves Noah in the middle of the night Now 15 years later the two find themselves face to face and stuck together on a cruise ship for Cam and Gannon's wedding And naturally all those old feelings have resurfacedanger resentment confusion yearninglove Neither man has had a serious relationship in the years they've been apart for fear of enduring the same heartbreak again But now not only are they stuck together on a cruise ship but in the same roomcould this be the beginning of a second chance at love or the opportunity to finally let the other man goAs mentioned earlier Dare and Noah spend the majority of this book going around in circleslet me refresh your memory of poor meThey're still incredibly attracted to each other and none of the love has dimmed over the years however neither man is willing to actually dredge up the past and talk about that night when things ended or the reasons behind their split There's A LOT of internal dialogue but no real communication Tons of push and pullbut not the fun and sexy kindthis was frustrating and annoying Dare and Noah buried all of their feelings and apprehension behind sexual innuendosand eventually sex trying to keep each other at arm's length Instead of evoking angst and years of yearning for what could have been their actions frustrated me and disconnected me from being invested in their relationship Once these two finally got on the same page and hashed things out it was full steam ahead with the accelerator pressed to the floor Unfortunately even by the end of the book they never TRULY have a discussion that fully addresses what went wrong all those years agoI closed my kindle and that night 15 years ago still felt unresolved Also as was the case with the first book I'm finding it hard to find a correlation between the title of these books and the story and charactersbecause I'm sorry but there wasn't anything fearless about either of these men The Bright Spots♥ Hudson and Teague♥ Cam and Gannon's wedding♥ Nicole Edwards writes good sexI'm eual parts excited and terrified of Hudson and Teague's book which is next They've been a carrot okay chocolate dangled in front of me since the first bookbut with how this series has panned out so far I'm worried I'll get another underdeveloped story I'm hoping that Nicole Edwards does them justice and gives them the story they deserve

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Fearless Pier 70 #2E people believe in second chancesThings heat up when the mischievous fun loving bad boy comes face to face with this smoking hot fire fighterNow that Dare and Noah find themselves sharing a room on a week long cruise can they find a way to keep the peace and ignore their past Or – thanks to the decisions they made long ago – will they come full circle picking right back up where they left o. MM This book would have been very close to 5 stars if it had just focused on the DareNoah relationship two guys who had desperately loved each other 15 years ago but parted on less than happy terms but now meet again on a wedding cruise for another gay couple I loved both Dare and Noah even though there was a lot of push and pull in the relationship and lots and lots of steamy sexWhat I didn't really care for was the focus on a lot of side characters that didn't interest me at all I found myself skipping through those snippets to get back to Dare and Noah I assume the other characters might have been from other past or future books but I think they really detracted from a good story