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Equal RitesTo display the sort of ignorance which happily and wilfully flies in the face of the facts In this case the birth of a baby girl born a wizard by mistake Everybod. If I was not already a Terry Pratchet fan I would be after reading this exceptional book as we are formally introduced to Granny Weatherwax witchEual Rites Sir Terry’s third installment in the Discworld series is a peach of practical magic Telling the story of a young girl’s conflicting talents for wizardry and or witcheryIn the Discworld men are wizards and women are witches – at least that is how it has been up to the point when young Eskarina Smith sort of becomes – both Pratchett spins a deliciously tangled web about the age old contest between the men and the ladies “I’m not a lady I’m a witch” said Granny Eskarina may be the protagonist but there is no doubt that Granny Weatherwax stole the show Filling the witch role in the small village of Bad Ass and always appearing in serviceable black Granny kicks ass and takes names throughout the fun narrative I am very pleased to learn that my favorite witch will make many appearances in Pratchett’s series – nine to be sureA good witching time atop Great A'Tuin Eual Rites is one of his best This would be a great introduction for new Discworld readers

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They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing but it is not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance There are some situations where the correct response is. Owning of both gender and fantasy stereotypes by the notorious badass and witty witches„Men have to be wizards and women have to be witches no debate about that it´s the unwritten rule of doing it so since What stop asking stupid troublemaker uestions about small girls being wizards that´s impossible as women lack theer physiology to cast spells because one needs sperm yes and body hair muscles you know musk smell the epic stink to show the magic who is boss and dominance yes violent alpha male predator stuff no sissy girly unicorn rainbow witching around So go home cook some lovely potions leave the evil complicated over your pink small brain complex mathematical calculations and magic physics to the strong gender avoid the nasty monsters and demons you would immediately faint when just hearing them coming closer we protect you from that if you would be conscious it would make you scream even than the little girl you are if you saw them haha Take some condescending belittling patting yes that´s a good witch“Pratchett was a feminist and there is no better way than the contrast between the first novels around the incompetent and to a certain extent evil Rincewind and the selfless and clever witches to show and demonstrate mens´ hairy deficits and how he is rolling Whenever the power hungry manipulative conservative lazy aggressive males wizards emperors soldiers merchants do something chaos destruction and madness are a logical result while on the other hand anything blessed with witches help runs smoothly and peaceful This motive is repeated throughout the whole series be it in the witch novels Tiffany Aching or the other sub series it´s the most realistic part of this fantasy world the reflection of the real world aberrations ruling for millennia since matriarchy was abolished by all the monuments of patriarch idiocy called human history I do completely agree with Pratchett and using N world privilegehttpstvtropesorgpmwikipmwikiph I can just confirm that the ratio of idiots between men and women is as amazing as it´s ashaming something regarding genetics epigenetics inferiority complex went terribly wrong and made men just the ridiculous way they are See something funny stupid irritating Bet it´s part of a mans´ world that´s just how we seem to function Giggle I am just thinking about getting some six packs self distilled booze I hope I don´t get temporarily blind again the guns and the boys to shoot at whatever we find out in the woods who cares about yolo So I´m back from the drunk cell the pretrial is in 3 weeks damned criminal records heck what a hangover the brawl might be a reason too but back to sophisticated literary criticism beginning with laughing about the dirty old woman running gag and hoping to live long enough to become a dirty old man too Would be fun Granny Weatherwax is in the house only female lecturer of the Unseen library now first time entering the stage so watch out all of you misogynic wanna be Harry Potter wizard bit Try to analyze how her character changes over the novels one of the few greater evolutions of a main character in the Pratchettiverse The cool thing is that in many of the appearances even the dialogues between the witches and the other protagonists are full of wisdom and benevolence while the male conversations are often an exhibition of malice stupidity or both Don´t get me wrong I instrumentalize anything to fit my agenda and continually misuse and wantonly misinterpret the code of objective reviewing you should have already get used to it if this is not my first review drivel you read but I at least don´t breed new prejudices I am only saying just like Pratchett that all human problems are related to power hungry already wealthy males that just can´t get enough Tropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres uniue one is added to all Pratchettian reviews The idea of the dissected motifs rocks highlighting the main real world inspirational elements of fiction and satire is something usually done with so called higher literature but a much interesting field in readable literature as it offers the joy of reading subtle criticism and feeling smart all together

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Summary ✓ Equal Rites È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing but it is not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance There are some situations where the correct response is to display the sort of ignorance which happily and wilfully flies in the Y knows that there's no such thing as a female wizard But now it's gone and happened there's nothing much anyone can do about it Let the battle of the sexes begin. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance”This was hilarious I enjoyed every single page of it If you saw me reading it chances are high that you will have caught me cackling and giggling throughout most of the book I never thought that I would pick up any Discworld novel but the I read of them the I'm inclined to pick up another Pratchett book They are light fast paced and highly entertainingI skipped The Light Fantastic because a friend of mine recommended I read the Witches series first He is uite the fan I cannot wait to read Wyrd Sisters the second instalment of the Witches series next I am also looking forward to reading Mort Any Discworld recommendations Let me knowFind of my books on Instagram