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And dangerous carnivals A mad cow like disease called Bent Head has killed off millions Those who remain worship the ruins of NASA's space shuttles and Cape Canaveral is their Mecca Medicine and science have been rejected in favor of magic prophecy and blood sacrificeWhen traveling marauders led by the bloodthirsty Mr Capulatio invade her camp a young gi. Added June 19 2019 Just bought a print copy of Wonderblood for my bookshelf and thought to myself what a great book it is I can even still remember what happens and many of the characters and scenarios I cannot say that for many books a year after I read them Re reading my review below I cannot figure out why I gave it only 4 stars So bumped to 5 and put on the favourites shelf as this one has stuck with me While the setting and dystopian features of Wonderblood may not sound different from the average dystopian book; it is certainly in the literary realm of Station Eleven and Cloud Atlas The story takes place in the continental USA when a disease has ravished the country and not only killed many but contaminated the actual soil of the earth The style and tone of Julia Whicker's writing is very literary One of the religions uses historical space shuttle names as a part of their lore Ironically there are no space excursions or futuristic elements to Wonderblood even though it is set in the future It has a little magic a little science a little horror; but a lot of beautiful and thought bending prose Writing StyleA huge portion of the experience reading Wonderblood is being immersed in the literary style that Whicker employs You could just as easily have been reading a historical account The setting is the future but it's a nomadic no technology world and so it feels different from the average sci fi novel The 'magic' in the book is rooted in scientific concepts but they are not explained or analyzed in the context of modern science Finally there is lots of blood but it's not described in a horrific way that feels like a horror story Wonderblood is at its core a literary book The mood of the writing is as much the story as the actual plot and characters themselves The use of descriptors woman girl man instead of names when we are experiencing the world from certain points of view reinforces that there is a theme to the way the story is told This tone and style affects how the story feels as you read it It's than just a story about people in tough times Yes it's awfulbut not like you thinkIt's very difficult to write a dystopian story without having a lot of blood and death It's just the nature we expect from dystopian books Whicker certainly doesn't shy away from the horrors of her futuristic societies we follow two different religioussocial groups; but she also doesn't emphasize them either From certain points of view the blood is horrific and from others it's just part of a ritual In some instances carrying a rotting head around is terrifying and disgusting; but for others it's comforting and a way of life Whicker has normalized some of the horror to a point where we start to understand why some of our characters don't comprehend that what they are doing is perhaps morally objectionableReligionI think using the names of space shuttles to form the basis for a religion is a cute nod towards the science fiction genre It’s easy to get caught up in the intricacies of each group’s religious practices that define their morals laws personal interactions rituals etc As with most religions there are important books or texts and being able to read and interpret them is of value The core elements of most religions exists here and yet these two religions are far from our own Whicker is I believe making a point about religion throughout the book She uses elements from our true past and skews them into these new religious groups The insinuation of course is that perhaps we don't interpret or understand the culture or context of the ideals we worship A bit of a jab at religion in general; which is ironic given the importance of the two competing religions to the book Characters PlotIf you're looking for an in depth character analysis or active intricate plot you've probably got the wrong book The core of Wonderblood is the analysis of what drives and motives humans to be a certain way There is no real plot except that a comet appears in the sky and our two religious groups react to this appearance For me that was enough plot to set up the reasons why things start to happen; but I could see how many may find this book to be too unsubstantial or lacking focus because there is no real purpose to the story other than to explore morals faith and human nature OverallI really enjoyed this book Upon finishing it I instantly wanted to read it again Wonderblood is a book that could easily be analyzed and studied in any classroom at any level It’s the kind of book people will love to hate as its literary style may be a bit challenging than your average read Therefore you have to put some effort into reading Wonderblood as it is riddled subtle and symbolic events and thoughts For me the effort was worth it I loved contemplating the intricacies Had I read this book as a teen I could see it having a profound impact on me assuming I read it all the way through As it was even as an adult I loved how much it made me think I will definitely be purchasing this book for my print library I cannot wait to read it again and revisit the morals concepts and ideals set up in this dystopian future Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review

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WonderbloodRl named Aurora is taken captive as his bride and forced to join his band on their journey to Cape Canaveral As war nears she must decide if she is willing to become her captor's ueen But then other ueens emerge some grotesue and others aggrieved and not all are pleased with the girl's ascent Politics and survival are at the centre of this ravishing novel. This was one weird and unusual read that I didn't see coming Prior to reading I thought this book may have been one part dystopian and one part space odyssey Man was I wrong on that account First before I get into my thoughts I have to say that although I'm giving it a 3 star rating it's a 25 star to me The struggle was real on deciding whether to round up or down but I have come to the conclusion that visually it's a 3 star but in reality it's 25 stars Okay moving on Again I have to emphasize that this was a weird unusual and odd novel It starts off with the first chapter involving beheading people and using the head as an almost trophy of protection Weird Yes It continued to be that weird throughout Part of me is envisioning The Walking Dead except these peopleweren't dead One of the main things that I had a hard part with for this novel is the alternating points of view between characters Alternating points of view is hard to get right for any novel and unfortunately this book did not seem to get it right I felt that we barely grazed the surface of each character in both their histories and actually getting to know them Also what can happen with a lot of multiple point of view novels is that I become interested in one character's story and the rest I am disinterested That also happened within this novel with me becoming interested in Aurora's story Another issue that I had with this novel was the pacing It really isn't that long of a novel but for some reason it read really slow for me I had a tough time getting through it It could be because I felt myself losing interest repeatedly but overall the novel was incredibly slow and was like trudging through sand to get through Now with all that being said I do have to identify some things that I felt the novel had going for it First the illustrations were beautiful and were the perfect addition to the novel Secondly there were periods of time while I was reading that I was reminded of the writings of Brandon Sanderson He's an incredibly popular author and I remember at moments having difficulty with some of his novels So maybe it's a personal issue There is potential that many will enjoy this book even though I didn't particularly I think it was a good debut and it was imaginative but I'm hoping for for this writer in the futureThank you to Penguin Random House Canada for sending me a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review

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Wonderblood Read & Download à eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF É It's 500 years in the future and a mad cow like disease called Bent Head has killed off most of the US population Those remaining turn to magic and sacrifice to cleanse the Earth Wonderblood is Julia Whicker's fascinating literary debut set in a barren United States anIt's 500 years in the future and a mad cow like disease called Bent Head has killed off most of the US population Those remaining turn to magic and sacrifice to cleanse the Earth Wonderblood is Julia Whicker's fascinating literary debut set in a barren United States an apocalyptic wasteland where warring factions compete for control of the land in strange. What a huge heaping pile of horse shit I had to crawl through just to reach the end of this dreadful story First off heads Head's everywhere Axed off Cut off Sawed off Staked Bagged Hanging from walls tents around waists Ugh I am completely skeeved out by beheadings Still I kept reading Surely it can only get better Hurrump No character building The characters are all complete idjits Finally there was no ending None At no time did I ever get lost in this book The Cape the carnival and its people not once became real to me but I did at least expect some resolution I'll not recommend or read anything from this author