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Read & Download Wild Blood Cyborg Shifters #1 ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Dommik was a monster a Monster Hunter and an alpha Part of an elite group that dealt with the horrors of the universe At least that was what everyone at the spaceport was whispering as he walked by A Cyborg a hunter a beaH might just bring her back to life The Cyborg didn’t scare her So she followed him and left fate up to chance Warning mature readers only explicit sex scenes Book one of Cyborg Shifters same universe as Stranded in the Stars every book is a standalone that only subtly builds off of the othe. I uite liked this It's shocking because I love my OTT alpha's and tend to bore easily with other H types This book was not boring and the story was uniue and interesting The H is a shape shifting cyborg who shifts into a weird spider cyborg Yes you read that correctly It totally creeped me out Spiders aren't sexy imo I freaking hate them so for the author to write a story with a spider type H that interested me was unexpected I figured I'd read a bit of it out of curiosity but certainly not the whole thing Well the author lured me in HahaI consider this H of a beta H because in the beginning he tried to get the h to leave his ship a few times When she didn't leave he avoided her The reason he does this is because he didn't want the h to hate him once she saw his other form He feels he is a monster That seems beta ish to me So initially he resists the pull he feels towards the h It was past the 50% mark before they had sex Once they did she was his There are a few instances of him being jealous but unfortunately not a lotGiving this one 4 surprised stars

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Dommik was a monster a Monster Hunter and an alpha Part of an elite group that dealt with the horrors of the universe At least that was what everyone at the spaceport was whispering as he walked by A Cyborg a hunter a beast with eyes as dark as the pits of Hell and the stride of a predator Kat. If you love cyborg stories ANDIf you adore shifter stories ANDIf you are not disgusted by a few cockroaches ANDIf you are not afraid of big spidersThen most probably you will love this book tooThe world building is excellent I am looking forward learning about the Ghost City and its part cyborgspart shifters inhabitantsDommik is the perfect tortured hero cyborgspider shifter created not born who thinks that he is too much of a monster to be loved by anyoneKatalina is the perfect heroine who is too afraid to get attached to anybody because everyone that she had loved died and left her aloneOverall the book was a very enjoyable experience for me

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Wild Blood Cyborg Shifters #1Alina was a nobody who was intimate with death It clung to her like a shroud It followed her like the plague and infected her like a parasite When she overheard that the Monster Hunter needed an assistant she took the job And when the Cyborg’s eyes caught hers she knew getting closer to deat. Kat called after him “What’s your name”The Cyborg paused his back once again turned toward her “Monster” he said eventually “Since that’s what I am”biggest eye roll in the history of the worldfacepalm “Everyone I care about leaves me”new world record holder for biggest eye rollplaying world's tiniest most sarcastic violinIn addition to the joys I've shared above you've also got1 Giggling2 Mewling 3 An abundance of clichés4 The absence of logic Look I get that alien or cyborg romanceerotica is a niche category on Kindle I feel like anyone who wanders in knows not to expect great writing but is willing to compromise in order to fulfill their wants You want sex in space There's a cost for that As much as I wish seasoned or just plain decent writers would wander into sci fi romance it's just not happening All of this leads me with no choice but to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and wade through some shitty shit with a hopeful heart Surely somewhere what I'm looking for exists But wherever my dream novel lies it is far far away from here Covers can be deceiving especially on Unlimited These authors have other jobs; they have no money for professionalism or marketing Even if a book looks like this one like this dude dropped a bag of Skittles and can't uite make the connection between gravity and holes in candy bags I never try to judge I've found some gems that look atrocious Unfortunately in this case what you see is what you're going to get As I understood it the basic world building here is kind of cool In the future science has advanced enough to grace us with cyborgs that possess animal DNA If you can do that thing with your brain that allows you to board the Sure Why Not train you can accept that they've figured out a way to fuse man technology and spider to the point where someone can split his metal arms and legs in two and drip venom from his teeth Whatever it's cool I can jive Now say these shifter cyborgs have various odd jobs throughout the universe that capitalize on their strengths The main dude in this book is a spider mix and he's in kinda charge of finding and tagging dangerous creatures Scientists on Earth want to study an ice dragon He'll find it bring it back and set off again going where he's told I don't see what's so awful about that Sounds like an interesting inventive premise Crazy new alien animals Talk to me about this enhances scientific research Talk to me about the black market that's popped up around trading them the wild new circuses the new animal rights protests for said circuses I want it alllll The part about this book that makes me want to send it to bed without dinner is the girl She ain't a woman I won't waste much breath but she's too stupid to live I can buy the whole I am instantly attracted to this stranger business because who hasn't fallen in immediate nonsensical lust with a rando but I won't throw away my brain and abide a woman who doesn't bust a gut laughing when said attractive stranger says he wants to be called Monster Get out of here with your Hot Topic vintage band shirt over the top man pain No one wants you Everything is just turned to 11 in this book in an awful way The man pain of course and it's subseuent I must never form attachments because who could love me trope Instalust The clichés The plot holes The drama The stereotypical sex You know I get that this is erotica I hate erotica I really hate sex just for sex's sake not because I think sex is some dirty shameful thing that should be hidden but because I don't know an author who can do it without making me roll my eyes If I don't care about the characters I don't care what they get up to period sex or otherwise I can make do with a bare bones plot but it'd better be a compelling one and it'd better be written with a modicum of skill If the writing is bad nothing can save it for me and this book has bad hasty writing Anyway I lost count of my eye rolls I'm so happy I don't actually own this book