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Text Ø Caine Cousins Ð Nicole Edwards Wolfe Caine and his cousin Lynx know the small town of Embers Ridge like the backs of their hands They grew up here started than their fair share of trouble on these back roads They’ve been called wi This cover is pretty good Nice representation of the characters found within Good composition and title work The brown is a little drab but otherwise it's a pretty well done cover No time for a fancy schmancy review with this book Suffice it to say I enjoyed it for the most part I would have preferred that the first sexual encounter had included all three of them and not just the two guys as that felt a bit like cheating to me Obviously it wasn't but the heroine wasn't ready to have sex with them yet and I just felt it would have been respectful and special to have had them wait until ALL parties were ready to take it to the next level I also wasn't a huge fan of the cliffy mostly because I have no interest in reading about the couple featured in book two Unfortunately the whole baddie situation from book one was left hanging so now I am going to have to uiz my #bestie Barb to find out what the hell happens But as I said I enjoyed it for the most part so two thumbs up from yours truly

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Hard to Hold Doc ¼ ½ Wolfe Caine and his cousin Lynx know the small town of Embers Ridge like the backs of their hands They grew up here started than their fair share of trouble on these back roads They’ve been called wild untamable even crazy at times And they’re okay with that Settling down has never been in Wolfe’s plan but that was before they caug Ld untamable even crazy at times And they’re okay with that Settling down has never been in Wolfe’s plan but that was before they caught his eye As far as Wolfe’s concerned the two of them togeth 40 StarsWellhell For most of this book I thought I'd found that elusive Unicorn MMF story that had plot characterization and hot sex And damn it it was Despite the odd self pimpage of having your FMC mention the kinky sex she's read about in your own books as well as mentioning you by name and then having some of those characters turn up near the end to help with bringing down the man responsible for hurting said FMCI was totally on boardThese characters were not 2 dimensional stereotypes; each had their own burdens and flaws and somehow were just broken enough that their jagged edges fit together to form something solid and wonderful The guys were rough on each other in the most delicious of ways but until she was ready for were complete gentlemen toward their woman There was wooing WOOOING Sweet dates and kissing and some making out that gradually progressed into And the plot Where Amy is hiding from her past scared and jumping at shadows She also gradually comes out of that shell; she doesn't want Wolfe or Rhys solve all her problems won't let them fix her or come to her rescue Instead she's ready to face it head on All it took was a family not just the guys but their families their town to have her back Oh and some familiar faces who have the means and knowledge to helpGah I was so happy with this bookAnd thenwell then it was done No not done done The book had come to a close but not the story That was left on the mother of all cliffhangers and I am so effing angry about that Because the next one is an MF story that I really had no intention of reading but now feel compelled to in order to see how this turns out for our Triad The contrarian in me is ready to write it off as though it had never been resolvedSee this book was well on its way to being a 45 star read that I was ready to pimp to my friends who are also looking for a well written engaging interesting and hot as hell MMF story And now I can't in good conscience rec it to themdespite it being almost as good even with the pimpage and ending as my favorite MMF story Beyond Eden without the BDSM found in that one that a lot of people aren't interested in reading Yes it really was that good with a similar emotional content conflict and connection simmering between all the MCs But unless you're willing to write off the ending or move on to an MF story for the conclusion then even as much as I liked it I wouldn't rec it to my MMF loving friends And that kind of breaks my heart and pisses me off at the same timeI'm terribly conflicted in case you can't tellDamn itI still couldn't give it less than 4 stars

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Hard to Hold Caine Cousins #1Er that’s his greatest temptation Getting close to either of them is difficult But when Wolfe gets them both in his grasp he’s determined he’s going to hold on no matter how hard that proves to b Yay This was REALLY good But to write this review I'm going to have to divide it into two parts 5 STARS for the portrayal of a serious menage relationship So many books in this genre are just throw away smut romps This one was not It was well thought out and had some real intelligence to it I loved the way the relationship between Wolfe Amy and Rhys developed; it felt real and so so intimate and the chemistry between them was SCORCHING especially between Rhys and Wolfe Who doesn't love the idea of two tall dark and handsome cowboys who are just as hot for each other as they are for Amy And the way they treated her Amazing The care and patience they showed her was wonderful Which brings us to the second part 3 stars for Amy's backstory For the first half of the book the reader knows that Amy has gotten out of an abusive relationship and is constantly looking over her shoulder It was very well done and really added to the story Then the completely over the top details of her past emerge and start poking holes in the plot First for the level of trauma Amy endured she was way too well adjusted and open to a relationship with two men Second why would she buy a house when she may have to go on the run Third I very much doubt it's possible to be hospitalized as a Jane Doe in a small town and have no one know what had happened to her when she settles there Rhys is the sheriff wouldn't he have interviewed her Then considering the extent of her injuries I feel that Amy would have needed physical therapy and would have suffered residual pain and ill effects that were never once mentioned If the author had resisted the urge to sensationalize the abuse Amy endured this book would have made my all time top 15Having said that though I know that I'm a lot pickier than most readers If menage is your thing you'll almost certainly love this book