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free read Justice Creed Brothers#1 106 ¾ Fate made us brothers loyalty made us familyA bond that runs deeper than the Mississippi my brothers and I might not have the same DNA but what we share is far powerful Our loyalty to one another and the man who made us a family is stronger than those bound by bloodThe most sought out sharp shooters in the countN For years I watched from afar swallowing up the rumors that surrounded him Until we shared a night of forbidden passion One that destroyed my heart and reshaped my soul and it sent me fleeing from the only town I’ve ever knownNow years later he's barged back into my life uncovering a secret I've worked so hard to keep and it's one that will change our lives forev. 4 I popped my KC Lynn CherryWow I wasn’t expecting such a hot book Are all KC Lynn books like this If so sign me up The thing that I liked about this book was that it had low angst but high intensity and interesting plotI was on the hunt for a single daddy mommy book and Justice took the edge off Is the cover butt ugly Yes the guy looks like a total A hole and the ciggy is 100% stupid but never judge a book by the coverThe book starts off with a bang and it sucked me into the story From the first chapter we understand why Justice and his brothers are the way they are and why they are so close Each book will be about the brotherThis is Justice and Ryanne’s story Justice is the bad boy in town and is known to be a man whore with his brothers Meaning they like to share women gasp Don’t worry the book isn’t too kinky it just skirts around the edges of itRyanne and Justice have one night of passion and boom she’s pregnant and running away It was hard for me to understand where Ryanne was coming from I really did hate she left but it was the plot rightSo it’s years later Justice finds out and there the story begins I love the little girl and I love the relationship that Justice has with her that is why I gobble up single parent books like crazy I love the sexual tension between Ryanne even though I hate her name and it made the book like wicked hotOverall this wasn’t a bad first book for me I do hate that in the author notes she doesn’t know when the next book will be written only because if she takes too long to write it I will forget a lot of the stuff and a lot of town stuff happens There’s a lot of characters to follow I will have to write notes or something I hope the author recaps a lot in the second book

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Fate made us brothers loyalty made us familyA bond that runs deeper than the Mississippi my brothers and I might not have the same DNA but what we share is far powerful Our loyalty to one another and the man who made us a family is stronger than those bound by bloodThe most sought out sharp shooters in the country our paths were certain before one woman changed my li. MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS JUSTICE Is the first full length contemporary romance book in KC Lynn’s ‘Creed Brothers’ Series This is Justice and Ryanne’s storyPASTFOURTEEN YEARS OLD This story surrounds three boys Braxten Justice and Knox who share a bond so strong they call themselves brothers To understand the concept of these three non blood brothers we have to go back go back to where they each had the others back and to do that we start at the group home these three boys were placed together inOne night Braxten had been taken from the room he shares with Justice they find him beaten to a pulp running away these three boys made a pact “We do this on our own No beatings no pain We watch out for one another take care of each other Like family” A year on the run had them stealing lying and doing whatever necessary to survive Until they found themselves on a farmer’s land in Mississippi seeking shelter out of the weather until the farmer found them and gave them a safe haven and raised the three boys as his own PRESENT Ryanne’s out celebrating her eighteenth birthday at the local watering hole that accepts people under the age of twenty one She’s always had a thing for Justice she noticed him as soon as he rolled into town when she was twelve years old His bad boy side appealed to her even though her parents warned her to stay away from them She comes from an affluent family and he’s the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks being raised by an outcastThe night of her birthday he gives her a beautiful present but she begs him to give her something else One night and only one night Nothing Most girls get candlelight and roses for their first time I get Justice Creed and I love every second of it But people in this town aren't who they appear to be one such run in has her fleeing the town and vowing she will never step foot in it againYears go by six years to be exact and Justice has traced her down Secrets revealed love rekindled A corrupt town gets its comeuppance revenge retribution soul mates Justice has been served Wow just Wow A gut wrenching uniue beautiful intoxicating love story at its best There's alpha and then there's Justice he's on a whole new level He's going to have your knickers all twisted up he's a badass gun shooting guy that asks uestions later get up in his grill and he'll take you out no uestions asked Intimidate or hurt his family and you're gone The feels the swooning the angst these bad boys are going to be the death of you Broody alphas hot dirty raw just epic      

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Justice Creed Brothers#1Fe and altered the relationship I have with my brothers Ryanne Lockwood disappeared without a trace but her memory never faded torturing me on the darkest nights Until a twist of fate leads me back to her sending our worlds to collide once and this time there will be no escaping meJustice Creed’s bad boy appeal caught my attention from the moment he rolled into tow. 35 Justice StarsJust finished this bad boy And let me tell you how amazing he wasJustice was a possessive alpha male And I spell that with HUGE ASS LETTERSΙ really enjoyed this book And all the characters were pretty great I like this author a lot and I've read a few of her books and re read it a few times too Her writing style and story line kept me at my toes There are so many things going on in this book you just can't wait to finish it and see what will happen Unfortunately we only get a few information here and there and mostly Justice and Ryanne's story and later Thacher's too It's been a while for me to read a really good hero being all possessive alpha male with his woman and this one satisfied that need pretty well I must say They couldn't keep their hands to each other and their sex scenes were damn hotTheir little girl Hannah was the best kid The cutest and kindest and they all adored herBraxten and Knox were another layer of this story that I wanted to unfold and micro analyze They have me intrigued and I just can't wait to get my hands on them But I'm a patient womanI CAN do this And I WILL Watch me ;pp Well it's not like I have another choice you peopleNow my only issue with this book even though I understand the Creed brothers' bond and not knowing the whole story behind the things they did but stopped when Justice started being with the Ryanne it still kind of bothered me since Justice was possessive to the bone how he did some things Although some people might find it hot and arousing I on the other hand was a little thrown off view spoilerSo I didn't like that during Justice and Ryanne's sex scenes he talked to her about stuff his brothers would do to her if they were present I know he was all you're mine and no one is aloud to touch you but still it bothered me because she was actually turned on by that And then I didn't like when Braxten and Knox were aloud to watch them having sex and masturbated even though they didn't touch her and it was going to be a one time thing It was an important moment for them and the secrets the brothers shared but come on Is it just me that I think this was too much Comment below please ;p hide spoiler