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characters Anthology of Amazing Women: Trailblazers Who Dared to Be Different é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ This beautifully illustrated collection tells the awe inspiring stories of 50 women who have pushed the boundaries of human excellence and endeavorFeaturing Ng familiar icons like Elizabeth I and Malala Yousafzai and introducing hidden figures like Chien Shiung Wu and Aud the Deep Minded kids will be fascinate. Do you know who Jeanne Baret was How about Harriet Chalmers Adams What about Stamata Revithi To be honest I really had no knowledge of these women all amazing all gifted and all mostly unrecognized for their achievements In Sandra Lawrence’s wonderful ANTHOLOGY OF AMAZING WOMEN these and many other feminine heroines receive their stars of recognition Lawrence covers women in sports science history medicine politics art and so much as she sweeps through their stories So again who was Stamata Revithi In 1896 although she had been banned from entering a marathon she ran it in a long skirt and it took her 55 hours Never heard of her Now you have Oh and did you know that Felix Mendelssohn had a very talented sister named Fanny Here’s another story you will loveThis totally delightful book has pages of these “trailblazing” women Some you will know like Maya Angelou Serena Williams Oprah Winfrey and JK Rowling But if you don’t recognize those names eitherthey are contemporary heroines who have persisted and achieved remarkable fame you can read about them in ANTHOLOGY OF AMAZING WOMEN None of these women have been fame seekers However they have all fought for the right to achieve in fields almost exclusive to menChapters are divided by areas of achievement along with descriptions the women's lives The author explains that most of these women have faced incredible adversity and heartache to attain their remarkable feats For example the great 16th century warrior Ana Nzinga who fought against slave traders and eventually became the king of her tribe she refused to be addressed as “ueen” Oh you didn’t know about this ian woman and her army of soldiers You’ve got to read her storyLawrence provides both an informative glossary and a wonderful epilogue at the end of her book In the epilogue she explains that her book is for young women today and all that they can and will achieve She urges that they “take advantage of opportunities they are given and create opportunities that don’t yet exist” page 125 She herself is the author of several other history oriented books such as the Grisley History and Twisted History book series A journalist and a woman of great curiosity Lawrence embraces and charges into her life like the remarkable women she writes about Hopefully she will pursue “Amazing Women” stories and another book will be in the future Along with Chelsea Clinton’s SHE PERSISTED or RAD WOMEN WORLDWIDE by Kate Schatz Lawrence’s book belongs in school and public libraries not to mention every young girl's collectionArtist Nathan Collins fantastic illustrations add another great dimension to this bookGet ready for a stimulating and informative time discovering these daring trailblazersReviewed by Sally Tibbetts

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D reading about these women's achievements in science sports the arts politics and history and it is sure to inspire a new generation of extraordinary gir. Genre Biography Collective BiographyGrades 3rd 6thAwards NoneA This anthology provides partial biographies of various women in diverse sectors highlighting their greatest achievements Some of the biographies are in depth than others; however most of them just hit the most important parts of each woman's life and encourage deeper research B This is an authentic biography because it does not have the narrative format that a fictionalized biography would include It maintains the traditional nonfiction text structure and format and delivers chronological facts about each woman C How has Malala Yousafzai inspired real change in her community and internationally Malala has inspired change by being a constant advocate for education across the globe She founded her own nonprofit and speaks at various events to promote education euality Most importantly however she inspires others by continuing her own education despite her fame What motivates JK Rolling to keep writingJK Rolling is passionate about storytelling and engaging readers in the art of imagination She continues to write and encourage readers to explore a world beyond reality

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Anthology of Amazing Women Trailblazers Who Dared to Be DifferentThis beautifully illustrated collection tells the awe inspiring stories of 50 women who have pushed the boundaries of human excellence and endeavorFeaturi. This was such an inspiring read Those women are truly extraordinary and amazing and I can't believe I had never heard of most of them before Also the illustrations in the book are so beautiful