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Betrayal The 1000 Revolution #1 ePub  214 pages ↠ Pippa DaCosta ↠ WARNING Rated R Restricted Contains space battles killer AI intergalactic ass kicking Read at own riskShe is programmed to killHe’ll do anything to survive Ex con Captain Caleb Shepperd believes being good is overrated All he wants isKed inside her code could bring Shepperd and the entire nine systems to its kneesCaptain Shepperd and the oppressive corporations are about to learn that you can't hide from the sins of your past especially when that past has orders to killWARNING 18 only Contains adult content including sex drug use violence and swearing Older cover editions of this ASIN can be found here here I JUST FINISHED THIS AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT Thank you book for being made of KICK ASS and AWESOME 3 I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEUEL I NEED IT NOWReview to come OMG SEX DRUGS AND VIOLENCE I WANT THEM ALL GIVE 'EM TO ME PLEASE BE AWESOME BOOK I BEG OF YOU

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H that plan The priceless synthetic stowaway on his ship is a distraction he doesn't needTorn between selling her and tossing her out the airlock Shepperd fails to realize the synth is a killer and he's the one locked in her sightsIn a world where only one thousand synthetics were built synthetic number One Thousand and One should not exist She is no ordinary synth Memories loc 19 November 2015 099 on KindleI feel awkward reviewing this because it's not an entire story It's the beginning of the story It does have a nice arc for which I'm thankful but it's so clearly just the start that I almost want to wait until I've read the next 2 books which should finish it out I hope before I review and grade it The ending can make a huge difference in how I feel about the earlier sections However this part of the story still made a really big impression on me and I have to talk about itOne of my best friends recommended this book to me in all CAPS and we usually are on the same exact page when it comes to awesome books So I immediately bought this one and the second one from Sidenote 299 for under 200 pages? Not cool I'm going to end up paying around 12 for a full length novel Ugh Do not like AnywayI flew through it Read most of it on my lunch and then did some sneak reading because I just couldn't stop The world is interesting but a fairly light background to the story and characters It's a prop for them to play in front of And I'm okay with that here I would like to see it further explored and see the implications of the characters' actions dig deep into that world but that's for the second third and fourth parts to live up to I thinkWhat really shines here are the characters which is kind of ironic because none of the characters are what you would consider good people Caleb I love this name I hate when it's shortened to Cale is our hero And I use that term incredibly loosely He's a womanizer smuggler asshole He thinks with his dick and has little regard for conseuences He also has a TON of guilt and self recrimination justly and rightly so Fran Caleb's second in command and only crewmate so the title confused me a bit fascinated me She's Caleb in a female body Everything I hate about him I hate about her They have little regard for anyone including themselves They're destructive and assholes ButI love them They're the kind of characters that I want to see not redeemed exactly but whole I want to see them have the contentment they deserve whatever that may entail I want to see them stop hating themselves #1001 was a mystery for most of the book though I began to guess about a third of the way in so I don't want to spoil too much Suffice it to say that I'm most interested in her She has a hell of a story and I'm really really really looking forward to seeing how Pippa DaCosta brings it all togetherThe plot doesn't seem like much of anything until you get near the end which is why I say that this is a starter story It doesn't finish much of anything What it does do is pull you in sit you down tie you up and demand that you finish It builds beautifully and upon finishing I immediately grabbed part two I'm already lamenting the fact that the third part isn't available until December 2015 with the fourth and final to follow in Spring 2016

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Betrayal The 1000 Revolution #1WARNING Rated R Restricted Contains space battles killer AI intergalactic ass kicking Read at own riskShe is programmed to killHe’ll do anything to survive Ex con Captain Caleb Shepperd believes being good is overrated All he wants is to smuggle illegal cargo through the nine systems and live a prosperous likely short life on the wrong side of the lawBut there's a problem wit TOO GOOD TO REVIEW NEED NEXT NOW