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read Dreamhunter doc ✓ Hardcover Ó elizabeth knox ß Laura comes from a world similar to our own except for one difference it is next to the Place an unfathomable land that fosters dreams of every kind and is inaccessible to all but a select few the Dreamhunters These are individuals with special gifts the ability toFrom all around to experience the benefits of the hunters' uniue visions Now fifteen year old Laura and her cousin Rose daughters of Dreamhunters are eligible to test themselves at the Place and find out whether they ualify for the passage But nothing can prepare them for what they are about to discover For within the Place lies a horrific secret kept hidden by corrupt members of the In general I am the kind of person who reads a book once which does nothing to change the fact that I must own every book I ever fell in love with but there are a few books I have to pull out now and again to re read Dreamhunter is one of these books It was a books that I stumbled upon with no prior recommendation and couldn't put down On the cover it says it is Book one of the Dreamhunter duet Duet Best thing to call a series of two books everThe book follows fifteen year old Laura Hame and her family in a world similar to ours where special people called dreamhunters enter the Place in order to catch dreams and play them back for audiences in dream theaters These dreams can have both healing and damaging effects depending on the dream Laura's father was the first to discover the Place and is the most renowned of the dreamhunters When Laura follows in his footsteps she finds herself deeply entwined in old family secrets political scandal and the mysterious origins of the PlaceKnox weaves the story through this book and it's seuel Dreamuake with elegant ease Within pages the reader feels as if they are walking alongside Laura The complicated relationships of the family never fail to ring true even in the most trying circumstances they find themselves in Laura is a captivating character to follow as she tries to figure out the Place's secrets and begins to carry the burden of those secrets on her own young shoulders Knox manages to make Laura both strong and vulnerable in turn with eual honesty Even as she makes a decision that will have terrible conseuences for hundreds of people you are rooting for her because you know she is doing what is right no matter what it might cost her From beginning to end Dreamhunter reads like a true glimpse into history Knox manages to build a completely fantastical world that rings true with every word In my mind that is something that only the best writers can accomplish

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Government And when Laura's father the man who discovered the Place disappears she realizes that this secret has the power to destroy everyone she loves In the midst of a fascinating landscape Laura's dreamy childhood is ending and a nightmare beginning This rich novel filled with beauty danger politics and intrigue comes to a powerful crescendo leaving readers clamoring for Book Two “Dreamhunter” is an enjoyable and easy read And its strength is the fantastic underlying premise A mysterious lifeless land that only a handful people can enter to catch dreams and share with others – what an incredible concept So kudos to Knox for running with her imagination Admittedly I had a harder time accepting some of her other creations such as the character Nown – essentially a man conjured out of sand or whatever materials are around but I trusted Knox enough to just go with it The plot is a bit slow at first but speeds up toward the end The ending itself is exciting and concludes the book nicely on a big event while leaving plenty of anticipation for the next book Thank goodness I hate when the first books in a series don’t offer a single answer and just end in the middle of the action And the nightmare she describes at the end is truly terrifying It is relatively simple and short description but it sure gave me chills I even read it out aloud to my husbandIf you are on the fence like I was about continuing to the next book “Dreamuake” I’d say go for it I would even say the second book is better It has action and will answer most of your burning uestions about the Place

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DreamhunterLaura comes from a world similar to our own except for one difference it is next to the Place an unfathomable land that fosters dreams of every kind and is inaccessible to all but a select few the Dreamhunters These are individuals with special gifts the ability to catch larger than life dreams and relay them to audiences in the magnificent dream palace the Rainbow Opera People travel Laura and Rose are cousins and best friends They also happen to be daughters of the most prestigious famous family in Founderston—because Laura’s father Tziga and Rose’s mother Grace are two of the most celebrated dreamhunters Not only that but Tziga Hame was the one who discovered the Place in the first place—a mysterious landscape that only a few can enter where those with the dreamhunter ability can “catch” vivid powerful dreams bring them back to the rest of the world and share them with other peopleThe discovery of the Place changed the way the people of Founderston lived Now Rose and Laura are fifteen and they are finally old enough to Try—to find out if they are capable of entering the place and bringing back dreams But what is meant to be a happy occasion turns sour when Tziga goes missing and Laura and Rose discover a hidden government conspiracy beyond their worst nightmaresIt’s hard to describe this book properly When I read the description I assumed it would be another generic fantasy novel and honestly if the seuel hadn’t won the Prinz Honor I’m not sure I would have bothered But I am so glad I did This book is gorgeous The world they live in is vivid fully realized and detailed and those details come out in bits and pieces here and there until you have a full picture of what it’s like The family relationships are wonderful and healthy—Rose and Laura’s friendship is strong and very real even when things between them change Emotions are real and raw and the adventure and discovery is fascinating and compellingI really can’t wait to read Dreamuake It’s waiting for me at my local NYPL and I am so excited to pick it up It’s just so very good