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Ulation of image that creates poetry rich with surprise and revelation definitely not to be missed There are poems about the ‘ultra deep field’ of the universe about garbage trucks fake orchids and what it’s like t. I didn't know the work of Ace Boggess or even know his name until this past summer After his name worked its way into my consciousness I realized I had seen his individual poems published in various literary journals I re read those poems and responded to his honesty and the freshness of his images so I pre ordered his new book Ultra Deep Field and was not disappointed I admire much about this collection but nothing than the ragged truth of his own experience as he confronts the world the conseuences of choices and his search for meaning in simple things One of my favorites Home Confinement speaks of a visit from an officer a spider spilling down the mortar gray shoulder of his uniform and the indifference of the officer both to the spider and his subject the speaker whose life means nothing to the man at his door Another of my favorites A Religious Discussion pits the wistfulness of a well meaning chaplain to the hard core reality of a speaker whose relationship to God is brutally frank and true I admire this collection and will most certainly be reading it again and again If you do not know Boggess' work I encourage you to get this collection and savor it well It's worth your time

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Ultra Deep FieldO have a one night stand with a good poem No one night stand with these poems though the danger here is long term” Marc Harshman poet laureate of West Virginia author of Believe What You Can and Green Silver and Silen. This is my first time reading Ace Boggess I like his style The book is broken into three sections Being Nothingness Being Time Being There I liked Being There best though there were poems to admire throughout I found it interesting that he avoids commas and writes all poems at least in this book in couplets but not always self contained often utilizing the techniue of enjambment His outlook is realistic and sometimes a bit gloomy but never outright despair; hope lingers on the lines Some of my favorite poems were The New Journalism staff a newspaper with artists dreamers I would be the editor in chief Things You Don't Know You'll Miss there's the feel of your keys in a pocket pressed like needful hands against your thigh The Good Poem I don't know what it meant but felt it kick me in a tender spot then rub my shoulders gently kiss my neck The English Language how it twists shifts undulates splatters like a paint can smashed against a concrete wall Thanks for Ending Your Poems—rejection letter with typo you went on forever about the acorns we didn't think you'd shut up about those fing acorns and in its entirety Infamythey will say of meI carved my poems with a kitchen knifemy iambs became I wantsmy rhythm staccato as a broken faucetthey will say I should spend my lifewriting in the language of remorse

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FREE READ Ä Ultra Deep Field Ï In these poems Ace Boggess pursues the tough uestions about what makes us tick what makes us keep going what makes us say enough is enough With Boggess the pursuit is made with an abnormally brutal honesty and deft manipulation of image that creates poetry rich with surprise and revelation—definitely not to be missed ThIn these poems Ace Boggess pursues the tough uestions about what makes us tick what makes us keep going what makes us say enough is enough With Boggess the pursuit is made with an abnormally brutal honesty and deft manip. In his 2014 collection The Prisoners Ace Boggess used poetry to communicate the complex emotions that prisoners go through when they are locked up This collection is billed as his follow up to that one and it consists largely of poems written during the first two years after his own release from prison The Ultra Deep Field of the title is a highly detailed image of a very small section of space captured by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2003 Boggess is using this extremely close up view of galaxies far far away as a metaphor for the mysteries of the human heart and mind how better to seek out the Infinite than exploring farthest bubble edges of the finiteIt took me several readings of The Prisoners to realize how little the poet himself appears in that collection of poems He is merely a presence guiding us through the world of the prison and explaining to us what we find there This collection is much different Once released into a world of wide open spaces where he can be alone with his thoughts Boggess turns his camera inward and examines the universe inside himself This tone is set from the very first poem one of my favorites Ask Away ask me what I did to deserve this what I did not do when the corner choir sang its shadows Boggess writes ask also about softness how easy it is to name those better times Boggess is known for his uestion poems in which he answers found uestions in highly uniue ways Here he is inviting the reader to ask personal uestions and hear the answers an interesting choice when there is actually not a single uestion poem included in this collectionThis collection isn't as tightly focused as The Prisoners We skip around from subject to subject and time period to time period much like Dorothy skipping down the Yellow Brick Road in another favorite of mine Watching the Wizard of Oz in Prison This means that the reader is never bored but the poems don't build up to the same level of intensity as in the earlier collection Instead we are drifting through space marveling at the comets and asteroids as they go by but never lingering too long in one place And as we travel we share an infinite serenity an instant of wellness in this unwell worldfrom Nor'Easter