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PDF ñ BOOK Cat Chase the Moon FREE ↠ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD Û Feline P I Joe Grey and his friends pounce on three investigations that may connect to one larger mystery—including one case that is very personal—in this hair raising installment in Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s beloved award winning seriesJoe GrHe clever feline worries his human colleagues may have missed a vital clue Joe is also concerned about a family of newcomers whose domestic battles are disturbing the town’s tranuility Loud and abrasive the Luthers’ angry arguing shouting and swearing in the early hours of the night have neighbors on edge and the cops’ on alert One of the couple’s late night shouting matches masked the sounds of a burglary and now a criminal is on the looseThough the crimes are as crisscrossed as the strands of a ball of yarn Joe Grey’s cat senses tell him they may somehow be linked It’s up to the fleet footed feline and his crime solving coterie to untangle the mysteries before it’s too late Originally published at Reading RealityThere is a sadness that permeates this tale from the very beginning While in the end good triumphs and evil gets its just desserts the ending is bittersweet and something about that feels like it’s woven throughout the entire storyIt’s that all of the mysteries – which do of course get solved in the end – all have their roots in something not merely awful but also heartbreaking – and they all connect up at the end into one giant ball of wrong that brings a whole lot of grief in its wake – as well as the beginning of healing And adventureThe story begins when a wandering Joe Grey discovers a half dead woman half buried in a shallow grave He breaks into a nearby cottage and the Molena Point PD receives a phone call from their favorite “snitch” letting them know where to get the body before it becomes a dead bodyAs bad as that sounds we don’t yet know and neither does Joe Grey just how that poor woman’s story is going to tangle into the othersThe family that has moved in across the street from Joe Grey’s humans Clyde and Ryan does not put the fun in dysfunctional It’s like the Luther family is one spark away from taking their regular domestic arguments over the line into the kind of domestic situation that gives police officers everywhere nightmaresThere’s plenty of sadness to be found in that mess as the adults are at best neglectful and at worst borderline abusive of the pre teen girl that they have dragged away from her beloved grandfather and eually cherished horse leaving all three the girl the horse and the grandfather in emotional distressA grandfather who not only misses his granddaughter but one who has put the puzzle pieces together to figure out that his sons and his daughter in law are the ones behind the rash of robberies currently in progress in and around Molena PointHis family is causing no end of trouble for everyone in town but they are still his family And he fears rightly or wrongly that getting them all locked up will see his granddaughter lost to him in the bowels of family services hellJust as it seems that nothing in town is going right tragedy strikes directly at the heart of Joe Grey’s family when his daughter the beautiful if occasionally silly half grown kit Courtney is kidnapped catnapped? by someone who promises her a life at the center of worshipful crowds IF she is willing to live that pampered life in a gilded cageJoe is frantic at the loss of Courtney heartsore at the plight of Mindy and worried at the situation of the woman he rescued When it all comes together it also falls apart With deadly resultsEscape Rating B With a cozy series like Joe Grey’s the reader comes to expect a lighthearted tone to even some of the darkest investigations And much of this series is pretty light and fluffy – as fluffy as the cats’ furBut this entry isn’t the least bit fluffy It also ends on of a fantasy note than has been seen in this series in a while in spite of the series origins in the author’s contemporary fantasy novel The Catswold Portal The speaking cats all have their origins in that realm beyond the portal and it’s time again for one of them to make the journey into that NetherworldBut not before we all work our way through everything currently wrong in Molena PointSo much is wrapped up in the dysfunction of the Luther family Zebulon doesn’t seem like a bad sort so one has to wonder what warped all of his kids – but his progeny are all seriously bad That he doesn’t want to turn in his own kids while still needing to turn in his own kids is a dilemma that no parent wants to face no matter how criminal those kids turn out to be as adults That he turns his depression over his granddaughter being forced to move out into a determination to discover just how wrong his sons have gone leads to nowhere but grief for all concernedIt’s a sad situation that permeates the story Readers will find themselves wondering why when every adult for miles around knows that young Mindy is being neglected if not abused no one can manage to rescue her In the end she has to rescue herself and her grandfather And she’s not even a teenager yetThe situation with Courtney felt a bit odd It seemed like a very weird tangent of the main case because her kidnappers have catnapped her not because they know she can talk but because she resembles a lot of historical portraits of magical cats and they think they can wrap an expensive traveling exhibit around her and the art works This seems fantastical to me than the speaking cats YMMVThere are also a couple of serious notes among Joe Grey’s circle that add to the atmosphere Joe Grey himself with his feline instincts and human intelligence seems to have and deeper uestions about who and what he is and what it all means as the series goes on His attitude is maturing in ways that make him uestion the meaning of it all – and that scare him if he would admit to being scared – out of at least a couple of his nine livesThe other thing I’m wondering about as a reader is the dilemma faced by Charlie Harper the police chief’s wife Charlie knows about the cats her husband does not in spite of the number of incredibly excellent tips the police have received from their elusive snitches Max is suspicious of Joe Grey in particular and Charlie is lying to her spouse That’s a situation I expect to come to a nasty head in some future book in the seriesBut speaking of future books I love this series and always look forward to my next trip to Molena Point for adventures with Joe Grey Dulcie and their clowder of speaking cats This particular book was a bit darker than I expected but I still enjoyed checking in with the gang and finding out how everyone is doingI’ll be back again next year to see how they’re all getting on and whether the MPPD has figured out the identity of their favorite snitches yet

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Enjoying her first solo adventure When she first met Ulrich Seaver the shop’s owner Courtney was frightened But the human has coddled and pampered her winning her trust Sheltered by her parents her brothers and her kind human companions the innocent Courtney is unaware of how deceptive strangers can be She doesn’t know that Ulrich is hiding a dangerous secret that could threaten her and everyone in this charming California coastal villageWith his focus on finding Courtney Joe Grey has neglected his detective work with the Molina Point Police Department Before his daughter disappeared Joe found a viciously beaten woman lying near the beach Now the police investigation has stalled and t Cat Chase the Moon by Shirley Rousseau Murphy is the 21st book in her fun Joe Grey series I have read every book in this series and it is one of my favorite go to books when I want a fun relaxing story to read Refresher Joe Grey series is always sweet lighthearted mysteries with a group of wonderful talking cats and their humans These are magical sentient cats that live in Molena Point California but only their humans close to them know they can talk and the cats are the real ones who solve the crimes I am still amazed that into the 21sth book Murphy can still win us over each and every time I adore our cats Joe Dulcie Kit Pan the kittens They are awesome sweet daring and clever The humans who are a major part of this series are Clyde and Ryan; Wilma Charlie who is married to the police chief and he does not know about the cats They are all an awesome group that makes this series so much fun and excitingIn Cat Chase the Moon there is another mystery starting with a women found badly beaten which will lead to a family involved in stolen goods as well as being very abrasive and loud The town of Molena Point does not take well to the Luthers who also do not take good care of their young daughterMindy who runs away to find her grandpa The police and Joe Grey keep a close eye on the Luthers especially trying to discover about the stolen goods While this is going on Courtney Joe and Dulcie’s daughter suddenly goes missing This will bring everyone cats and family humans desperately trying to find her When they finally find her locked up in a antiue store and apartment Courtney wants to say to find out information to help find why they kidnapped her and what are their plans for her Currently they are treating her nice but Joe and Dulcie worry What follows is an exciting mystery trying to help the beaten woman hide from those who are trying to harm her from revealing information about them; as well as trying to get Courtney out of the house she is locked in The police bring the women to a hiding place to protect her and in time when Courtney is rescued she will be put there too There are trying times for Joe and Dulcie who know their sweet little girl is in danger and perhaps moving on with her life away from them I loved how Charlie Ryan Wilma Clyde all work closely with our wonderful smart talking cats to solve the crimes Even 21 books later the Molena Point police like the snitches who give them info but they are still stumped who they are Of course would they believe it is the cats that are snitches? lolCat Chase Moon was a good exciting mystery with some very bad villains; who have to deal with Joe Grey on the job and his little group of friends This is a fun series exciting mysteries and fantastic characters including cats and humans Do not let that fact that these cats can talk deter you into reading this series It is a fun and awesome series and so well written my Shirley Rousseau Murphy Give yourself a chance to read this enjoyable seriesBarbThe Reading Cafe

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Cat Chase the Moon Joe Grey #21 Feline P I Joe Grey and his friends pounce on three investigations that may connect to one larger mystery including one case that is very personal in this hair raising installment in Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s beloved award winning seriesJoe Grey and his partner Dulcie are frantic when Courtney their pretty teen kitten goes missing Aided by their two and four legged friends they hit the streets of Molina Point in search of their calico girl Has Joe Grey and Dulcie’s only daughter been lured away by someone and stolen? Is she lying somewhere hurt or worse?Courtney has no idea that everyone is desperately looking for her Locked in an upstairs apartment above the local antiues shop she’s I have read all the books in the Joe Grey series and the 21st book was a reunion with old friends and some new ones If I have a problem with reading a Joe Grey book helps me to start reading other books The paranormal aspects don't bother me For a light fun and reading book this greatJoe and Dulcie's family are growing and getting their own personalities Buffin and Striker are living with Firettii and Buffin seem to help an ill person get better by cuddling up This book is focused on Courtney as she is catnap and all points bulletin is issued to help find her It not long before Dulice find where she is being held The cats find a way into the area Courtney refuses to leave wanting to know what were the plans for her Molina Point is having problems with robberies occur when a person leaves the bank or is coming to the bank Joe is intrigued by this crime He discovers a woman being buried alive and ma aged to stop it The Luther's become neighbors and Joe becomes friends with a youngster Mindy MPPD has a substitute Reception The person does like cats and is a problem for the cats handle very well The several points are neatly brought together for a tale I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES